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by Shane Petrus, Editor


Hello my fellow CKIer’s I hope you have been doing well! I am very happy I got to meet some of you at the Pacific Leadership Academy in Mt. Hood, OR! I wanted to give thanks to all the members, Kiwanians, and Patrick Hall for joining the District Board. I also wanted to thank Gloria Guizar, PNWLA Chair, Shane Petrus, Bulletin Editor, and their team that put this event together. They worked really hard to make it a memorable weekend for the attendees. If you were not able to attend PNWLA, no worries! Our Annual District Convention will be soon! This year, 2018-19, we will be hosting District Convention on February 8-10, 2019 in Hood River, OR at the Best Western Plus Hotel. Please join me and CKI’ers from throughout the district during this weekend to learn, grow, and interact. I also want to take some time and encourage you to run for a District Executive Position. If you are interested, even if you just want to know more about any position, please contact me. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Friendly reminder, that dues need to be paid by December 1, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact me or Josh Kim, District Treasurer. Happy Thanksgiving, and I wish you all the best on your exams!

Esmeralda Hernandez esmeralda hernandez

letter from the governor


pnwla 18 recap

From October 19 - 21, CKI’ers from all over the PNW came together for the Pacific Northwest Leadership academy, held in Mt. Hood, OR! A weekend full of adventure, leadership building, and new friendships best describe this “sky-high” event. From the ropes course, to the service projects, to the toasty campfire smores; this was a weekend that all of our members will never forget. For more information on this event, visit:

Patrick Hall, Circle K International Director, presented a workshop on Social Engagement and membership retention at PNWLA! Our district is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him!


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gloria Guizar - PNWLA Chair Esmeralda Hernandez - Dist. Governor Shane Petrus - Social Media Patrick Hall - Kiwanis International Greg Wegrich - Dist. Administrator G.W. Jerry Deas - PNW Kiwanis Governor Melanie Bozak - PNW Kiwanis Gov. Elect Nicholas Hafez Lisa McCoy Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Western Washington University CKI Washington State University CKI Linfield College CKI Lewis and Clark College CKI Saint Martins University CKI



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Register today: Join our Facebook Event page for more information!

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GET INVOLVED - being a part your home club at your unisity is one thing, but when u get to meet people from oughout the district, and proe service to communities you ay have never been to... it’s an irely different experience!

RAVELING - new to the Pacific rthwest? Or have you just ver left your hometown before ng to college? Well now is ur chance, because we select convention locations based service opportunities, convence, and diversity!

ELECT YOUR DISTRICT OFFICERSdistrict level is the top tier of ur Circle K experience (with exception to the International ard). Elect the leaders of the trict during the Delegate’s sion and see what the upming board is all about!


top 10 reasons to attend! 6. MAKE NEW FRIENDS - you’ll be able to meet, interact, and engage with members from all over the Pacific Northwest, from Pullman, to Seattle, to Portland, to British Columbia! 7. DRESS UP AND GET FANCY - this year’s theme, reminicent to a masquerade ball, allows us to dress up in our best, put on an eloquent mask, and dance the night away for the Starlight Service Ball! 8. MEET A KEYNOTE SPEAKER - the district board hand-selects a speaker for the convention to bring more knowledge and skills to the members, and district as a whole!

CLUB OFFICER TRAINING - lookto be a leader in your club xt year? DCON has all the tools d workshops to help your club the best it can be!

9. MEET YOUR K-FAMILY - our convention isn’t only for CKI’ers! We invite Kiwanians and Key Clubbers to enjoy this weekend as well. Network, interact, and have fun with your fellow K-Fam members!

WIN AWARDS - during DCON, u’ll be able to possibly reprent your club in the awards that y applied for, like Best apbook to Best Single Service ject!

10. HAVE FUN! - although a little cheesy, this weekend really is an escape from the stress of exams, homework, and lecture. Not only do you learn a lot, but you’re inspired to be a better CKI’er! You’ll have fun with some of your best friends, and even some strangers along the way that become close companions in the future!



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Get Competitive was a competition-based event filled with teambui and bonding activities. After a pizza and sushi dinner, challenges tested U members’ collaborative skills (as well as the team’s joint ability to mind-rea flip bottles), and, most importantly, stood as a chance for all members to included and acknowledged on the team. Thanks to this event, fellowship grounded UBC CKI’s first term of the 2018-2019 school year. Weekly meetin monthly fundraisers and events, and volunteering opportunities with Ques Exchange would not be the same without the members’ collective positiv gy, respect for one another, and mutual motivation! - JASMYNE EASTMOND, PRESIDENT

event highlights



Community Garden Project McMinnville, OR

ber, we were able to help at the McMinnville Community Garden. We th them in the past and are looking forward to building a long-term h them. Due to this want for a partnership they gave us a tour of the d us about everything they had done to make improvements and ast few years. While there we helped weed the last of the beds and to er crops. We also helped to clean up the grounds as they had just finharvest for the local food bank. -- GRACE BRUNCKE, PRESIDENT



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Required to be submitted by:

DECEMBER 1, 2018

INTERNATIONAL DUES: $600 - 4 yr. school > 5000 students $450 - 4 yr. school < 5000 students $300 - 2 yr. school DISTRICT DUES: $10 per member BENEFITS OF BECOMING A PAID MEMBER: 1. Opportunity to run for club officer, district, and international officer positions 2. Eligibility to apply for Circle K scholarships and awards 3. Access to membership perks, like a handbook, pin, and ID. 4. Graduated CKI members wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to pay Kiwanis dues for the first two years upon joining 5. Ability to attend district and international events like CKIx 6. Network with other CKI and Kiwanis family members. 7. Discounts off textbooks at Better World Books (10%) 8. Insurance coverage for any injuries at any CKI or Kiwanis event For more information, or if you have questions and concerns, contact: Josh Kim, Treasurer


PNW Circle K groups/302679663158280/

Follow us on Facebook for all the latest district updates! The entire board posts regularly to provide any information, answer questions, and provide insight into your CKI-related topics. Have a question for us? The page is monitored regularly for any direct messages or posts containing your concerns. We as a board are a resource for your club!

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PNW Circle K

by Shane Petrus, Editor

PNW CKI District Bulletin - Fall 2018  

PNW CKI District Bulletin - Fall 2018 by Shane Petrus, Editor November 16, 2018

PNW CKI District Bulletin - Fall 2018  

PNW CKI District Bulletin - Fall 2018 by Shane Petrus, Editor November 16, 2018