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Chinchilla Facts and What Makes Them Such Interesting Pets Do you want to know some fun facts about chinchillas? Children love them and they do make great pets.

Chinchillas originate in the rocky and mountainous environment in the barren area of the Andes Mountains well over 12,000 feet in both Chile and Peru. In order to cope with the cold in that area of the Andes they have developed dense fur and the pads on their feet are fleshy and hairless in order to allow them to have the ability to walk along the rocks of the mountains. The red blood cells of these rodents carry more oxygen than

other rodents or rabbits do. This enables them to live in these high altitudes as at these heights there is less oxygen in the air. Be sure to take a look at Chinchilla Care now. These chinchillas are about the same sizes as a small cat and can jump up to a height of 6 feet or more. They also have hearing that is about the range that humans have. These little rodents can sleep upside down because they naturally sleep in small holes or crevices and are able to get into the tiniest of spaces.

Chinchillas also digest their food twice. The food goes through their digestive track and is excreted to be re-ingested. Other rodents do this also and this is a process that is called “cacography�. For the right family these chinchillas make wonderful pets. They are inquisitive, smart and loving

animals. They are vocal, active and so much fun to watch. They also live as long as 20 years so they make great long-term companions. These cute little animals are very social and they need a lot of interaction. In fact, a lone chinchilla needs a lot of attention and become very attached to their owners. If your family doesn’t have that much time to devote to a pet perhaps you should get two so the loneliness is not that big an issue. If You








To Most families notice that when they have two pets the pets seem to be that much happier. One pet of any type can get lonely during the day and that is when behavioural stunts start to course problems for your family with expensive items getting torn up. Instead they will play together and be ready to sleep when the rest of the family is. They will usually sleep all night but if they don’t, they need to be put in their cage as they will roam the house at night if they get the chance.

Chinchilla Facts and What Makes Them Such Interesting Pets