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443 Paris Drive Martinsville, IN 46151 Concept Booklet

443 Paris Drive Martinsville, IN 46151 Section 1: Analysis Section 2: Concept Walkthrough Section 3: Plan Illustration and Views


Satellite Image of 443 Paris Drive

Basic Existing Layout of 443 Paris Drive

At first glance, the site is very open. Views to other houses and properties are very open, especially the house to the east. Some of these views can be screened with simple planings. On the other hand, a few views can be “stolen” to make the property seem bigger. For example, North to the water and east

to the neighbor’s backyard. By mixing evergreen trees with the existing (and new) deciduous trees, privacy can be achieved all year round with seasonal interest of colors.

Existing lack of privacy and property definition.

Although the real appearance will be less dense, the mixing of colors on a visual screen is the goal.

Currently, the property is over 90% grass. There is no definition of space and use.

Creating spaces outside, define use and encourage full use of the property, not just a few areas.

1. Orchard for a productive landscape 2. Native Prairie grasses for a lower maintenance and visual interest.



3. Mix of Perennials and Native grasses for year round strolling and color. 4. Kitchen Garden 5. Fragmented back patio for hosting parties and outdoor living.

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1. The Orchard - The SW corner of the property slopes downward into a grass area. To get the most out fo tthe property, we can plant fruiting trees to be eaten and shared with friends.

Along with the fruit, the seasonal colors of apple, plum, and cherry trees are awe inspiring. Additionally, they attract birds and butterflies.

2. To lower to over all maintenance (mowing, watering etc) native wild grasses are planted in big swaths eat up underused areas. These plants are especially good over the septic field as they lower the impact from mowers and aid in the decomposition process.

These fields of grasses are planted with species native to the area and countryside. They are attractive all year round and sway with the wind giving the area a dynamoc look. The edges are paired with the mixed tree borders to give a country look.

3. The property has very little flowering plants. The mixed swaths of perennials provide sights and smells all year round.

They wrap throughout the property and add an extra layer against the grasses. This form negates the feeling of a back and front yard, but rather a large garden, appropriate for the size of the lot. It is important to push plantings away from the foundation.

4&5 - THe back patio is where it all happens. Large block seperate the area and give a feeling of many small outdoor rooms. Some spaces are for eating, others for sitting in the sun.

The fractured spaces are filled with lines of gravel capable of containing plantings, drainage and contrast to the larger blocks.

These area will contain the kitchen garden, water and fire features.

The water feature is raised. This allows people to look closer and sit on the edge. The kitchen garden can be used year round and encourages the homeowners to grow their own fresh food. Imagine hosting a party and grabbing pepers and tomatoes right in the back yard.

Throughout the property, paths can be easily cut with a mower. This keeps maintenance low.

The grass walking paths lead the visitor around the garden, experiencing it differently each time you walk through. Again, this is to use the space, rather than just look at it from afar.

Finally, on the back patio, the spaces gain an extra touch with an outdoor living room and extra plantings.

The outdoor living room is covered with a wisteria trellis. This vine grows up the structure and provodes shade, scent and beauty year round. To help define walking paths, plantings in the gravel show where you enter and exit the patio.

View from New Back Porch


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