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: HP HP0-J15


: HP StorageWorks MASE 2088 Delta Exam

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1.In B-Series virtual fabrics, which feature allows you to access devices in another virtual fabric? A. Inter-VSAN Routing B. Inter-Fabric Routing C. Cross-VSAN Routing D. Cross-Fabric Routing Answer: B 2.How can you improve iSCSI host performance in a SAN? A. Upgrade to CommandView 7. B. Use NICs with TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine). C. Enable NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization) support. D. Disable SLP (Service Location Protocol) Service Agent. Answer: B 3.Which tool helps you design a SAN that includes HP Blade servers? A. SANsurfer B. SAN Visibility C. SAN Designer D. Blade Designer Answer: C 4.Which SAN switch management tool, previously only available as an embedded version, is now separately available on CD? A. Emulex EZpilot B. McData HAFM C. Cisco Fabric Manager D. Brocade Fabric Watch Answer: C 5.What are benefits of logical fabrics? (Select three.) A. port count reduction B. easier administration C. fabric service isolation D. increased performance E. fault propagation minimization F. device sharing across logical fabrics Answer: C, E, F 6.Which tool would you use to quickly survey a SAN environment? A. HP SAN Surveyor    

B. HP SAN Designer C. HP CommandView D. HP SAN Visibility Tool Answer: D 7.Brocade Secure Fabric OS is running on a fabric with four switches. If you are logged in to one of the switches and change the Admin password, which switch or switches will have the password changed? A. all the switches B. LDAP-enabled switches only C. only the switch you are logged in to D. only switches connected to the Ethernet Answer: A 8.Under ideal operating conditions, what is the maximum supported, long-wave transceiver distance with B or C-Series Switches and 4Gb SFPs? A. 4km B. 10km C. 35km D. 100km Answer: B 9.Which password authentication service can be used on Brocade switches in addition to the local switch database? A. NIS B. LDAP C. RADIUS D. Kerberos Answer: C 10.Where do you find the essential security elements in B-Series Fibre Channel switches running firmware v5.3.x? A. base Fabric OS B. Secure Fabric OS C. ISL Trunking manager D. switch port web interface Answer: A 11.A customer decides on HP c-Class BladeSystem as a corporate standard for servers. You must implement SAN integration of the blades into a very large fabric. The customer is concerned about the maximum switch count. Which interconnects will you recommend? (Select two.)    

A. QLogic 4Gb Fabric Switch B. Cisco MDS 9124e Fabric Switch C. Emulex 4Gb Advanced SAN Switch D. HP 4Gb Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Module E. Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch in Access Gateway mode Answer: D, E 12.A customer wants to replicate data between two sites 200 km apart. Which HP SAN product would you recommend? A. MPX 100 B. MPX 110 C. MPR 100 D. MPR 110 Answer: B 13.What is an advantage of iSCSI when compared to Fibre Channel? A. less protocol overhead B. no additional customer knowledge required C. easily provisioned through HP Storage Essentials SRM D. existing Ethernet infrastructure can be used to create a SAN Answer: D 14.Which SAN services are provided by the HP StorageWorks 400 Multi-Protocol Router (MPR)? (Select two.) A. ISL zoning B. FCIP tunneling C. IP-IP subnet routing D. iSCSI-FC translation E. FC-FC subnet routing Answer: B, E 15.John, your customer, has a SAN built on B-Series switches. He calls you because he heard about a new feature which allows him to distribute administrator responsibilities among his staff. After research, what is your recommendation to John? A. Upgrade to Secure Fabric OS version 5.2. B. Purchase the Advanced Administration license. C. Implement Distributed Administration through Fabric Manager. D. Implement Admin Domains available since Fabric OS version 5.2. Answer: D    

16.A customer is expanding a SAN to 400 switch ports, but has limited rack space. Which single Director switch model is recommended? A. Cisco MDS 9509 Director B. Cisco MDS 9513 Director C. HP StorageWorks 4/500 SAN Director D. HP StorageWorks 4/256 SAN Director Answer: B 17.You are merging two fabrics and receive a fabric segmentation error that indicates the definition of a zone object in one fabric is different from its definition in the other fabric. What can cause this error? A. duplicate IDs B. zone type mismatch C. zone content mismatch D. zone configuration mismatch Answer: C 18.Which application can be used to set up network shares and provision iSCSI storage? A. Brocade Fabric Manager B. HP Data Protector Express C. HP CommandView EVA 7.0 D. HP All-in-One Storage Manager Answer: D 19.Which zoning enforcement types do Fibre Channel switches provide to protect against unauthorized access? (Select two.) A. access authorization B. port-zoning authentication C. RADIUS server authentication D. directory access authorization E. soft-plus zoning by login authentication Answer: A, E 20.How many drives can be held by the M6412 drive shelf? A. 8 B. 12 C. 14 D. 16 Answer: B 21.Click the Task button.    

Match the individual responsible for servicing each EVA4400 component. Drag and drop question. Drag the items to the proper locations. Answers:

22.Which components must be replaced by HP authorized service personnel on the HP StorageWorks EVA x100 series? (Select two.) A. EMU B. blower C. I/O Module    

D. power supply E. hard disk drives Answer: A, C 23.You recently upgraded to CommandView EVA v7 and changed the password to pa$$word01. You can no longer manage the EVA5000. What is a possible cause? A. The password contains more than 8 characters. B. The password contains unsupported characters. C. The password contains fewer than 12 characters. D. The password requires at least one uppercase character. Answer: A 24.What is the minimum EVA base configuration? (Select three.) A. EVA4100 - 2C2D B. EVA4100 - 2C1D C. EVA6100 - 2C4D D. EVA6100 - 2C1D E. EVA8100 - 2C8D F. EVA8100 - 2C2D Answer: B, C, F 25.How many host ports are on an EVA4400? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 D. 8 Answer: C 26.How many back end loop switches does the EVA4400 use? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 4 Answer: A 27.Which items, when hot-plugged, always interrupt data transfer in the Fibre Channel loop? (Select two.) A. EMU B. disk drive C. I/O module D. cache battery    

E. drive enclosure Answer: A, C 28.Which version of EVA controller firmware and CommandView version support LUN shrinking? A. XCS 6.100 and CommandView v6.0 B. XCS 6.110 and CommandView v7.0 C. XCS 6.000 and CommandView v7.01 D. XCS 8.020 and CommandView v7.01 Answer: B 29.Which EVA component does not support hot-plug replacement? A. EMU B. disk drive C. I/O module D. power supply E. drive enclosure Answer: E 30.How is the mirror port connected between the two HSV300 controllers in the EVA4400? A. midplane connection B. backend device loops C. internal 4GB Fibre Channel cable D. external 4GB Fibre Channel cable Answer: A 31.What is an improvement offered by the M5314A drive enclosure? A. SCSI 320 drive support B. embedded loop switch support C. embedded port bypass controller D. 1 inch and 3.5 inch form factor drive support Answer: C 32.What is the maximum size LUN that can be created on the EVA4400 at initial release? A. 1TB B. 2TB C. 16TB D. 32TB Answer: B 33.What is the EVAperf default setting for collecting data? A. every second    

B. every 5 seconds C. every 10 seconds D. every 15 seconds Answer: C 34.Using 50 micron multimode fiber cable and shortwave SFP, what is the maximum distance from host to switch supported using 4Gb/s transfer rate? A. 125 meters B. 150 meters C. 200 meters D. 300 meters Answer: B 35.How many host ports per controller are on the EVA4400 with the embedded Fibre Channel port switch? A. 4 B. 8 C. 10 D. 12 Answer: C 36.Click the Task button.

Match each EVA model to the controller. Drag and drop question. Drag the items to the proper locations. Answers:    

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