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: HP HP0-D04


: Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Solutions

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1. A customer recently implemented an HP Integrity rx8640 server running HP-UX 11i v3. The customer needs to deploy multiple operating systems on the same physical server with electrical isolation. Which HP solution allows the customer to isolate multiple operating systems that are running on a single server? A. HP-UX 11i Virtual partitions (vPars) B. HP-UX Secure Resource Partitions (SRP) C. HP nPartitions (nPars) D. HP Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM) Answer: C

2. You are using

the HP StorageWorks Sizing Tool to determine

the size and licensing options for an

HP StorageWorks VLS6600 in a customer environment. What information do you need from the customer to use this tool ? A. total storage capacity B. total number of v irtual tape drives C. total full backup size D. total number of servers connected Answer: A

3. Which offline tool should you use to select an HP storage array for a given workload? A. Site Preparation Utility B. HP Product Bulletin C. HP StorageWorks Sizing Tool D. HP eConfigure Solutions tool Answer: C

4. How many HP-UX 11i Integrity 4Skt PCL LTU licenses do you need for a four-socket HP Integrity rx6600 server with two 64-bit dual-core Intel Itanium processors installed? A. 1 B. 2    

C. 4 D. 8 Answer: B

5. Which Operating Environments (OE) are available for the HP OpenVMS operating system? (Select two.) A. Foundation OE B. Virtual Server OE C. Base OE D. Mission Critical OE E. High Availability OE Answer: AD

6. What is a supported configuration for a management server running HP StorageWorks Command View EVA? A. Linux connected over a SAN B. Linux connected over a WAN/LAN/SAN C. Windows connected over a WAN/LAN/SAN D. HP-UX connected over a SAN Answer: C

7. A customer wants to use HP Instant Capacity on multiple servers, but for high availability reasons, hey


want to be able to transfer rights to another partition in case of failures. Which Instant Capacity

license do t hey need ? A. Instant Capacity for Cell Boards with Memory B. Global Workload Manager C. Temporary Instant Capacity for Processors D. Global Instant Capacity Answer: D

8. A customer recently purchased and implemented an eight -node cluster consisting of Integrity    

rx8640 s

ervers running on

OpenVMS. Which

solution should

the customer consider

to monitor


infrastructure? A. HP Virtual Server Environment B. HP Systems Insight Manager C. HP Vulnerability and Patch Management D. HP Insight Power Management Answer: B

9. What is a key feature of HP PolyServe software? A. The implementation is scalable u p to 18 servers. B. C lients connect to dedicated servers. C. All filesystems are available to all servers. D. E ach server is backed up individually. Answer: C

10. What is a key function of Business Intelligence solutions offered by HP? A. create

ROI calculations

B. validate industry- specific best practices C. facilitate

fast, informed decisions

D. optimize database structures Answer: C

11. A customer wants to create a test environment with an HP EVA storage solution that creates a copy of the production environment. The test environment must not impact the performance of the production environment and should be able to be refreshed with minimum data transfer. Which solution should you recommend? A. S napshot B. S napclone C. M irrorclone D. Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS)    

Answer: C

12. A customer wants to expand storage capacity in the data center to 5TB. They are currently using BladeSystem c-Class servers with storage blade modules filled with the maximum number of disks. Which HP StorageWorks option would provide a scalable, reliable, fully redundant solution? A. EVA44 00 solution B. MSA20 enclosure C. MSA70 enclosure D. AiO1200r storage solution Answer: A

13. Which customer advantage does the HP Power Distribution Rack offer? A. integrates with an

HP BladeSystem c-C lass enclosure in a single rack

B. moves power distribution to the row level C. provides

modular power distribution for the data center

D. provides temporary power distribution when primary power distribution fails Answer: B

14. Which HP technology enables you

to prevent servers from exc ee ding a predefined power value?

A. Power Regulator B. Dynamic Power Capping C. Insight Power Manager D. Rack and Power Manager Answer: B

15. What are key enablers for the HP Adaptive Infrastructure? (Select two.) A. data protection B. s ecurity C. grid computing D. s tandard ization    

E. v irtualization Answer: BE

16. Your customer wants to use their standard servers and storage systems for a massively scalable Information Management solution. Which solution addresses this requirement? A. Oracle RAC 10g B. NeoView Enterprise Data Warehouse C. PolyServe Software for Microsoft SQL Server D. SAP Sideways Answer: B

17. Which HP initiatives help the customer to deliver faster innovation and improved time to market? (Select two.) A. Application Modernization B. Packaged and

Custom Applications

C. SOA Enablement D. SAP Deployments E. Line of Business Service Answer: CE

18. Which VMware solution, together with an HP EVA storage solution, availability processes

improves customers'


and simplifies managing and testing business continuity plans ?

A. Storage VMotion B. High Availability C. Site Recovery Manager D. Consolidated Backup Answer: C

19. Your customer' s environment consists of a 300GB Oracle database on a ProLiant DL580 server running Windows Server

2003, connected to an EVA4400 storage solution with an    

MSL4048 tape

library as backup device. Y ou are asked to design a solution using HP Data Protector that will eliminate database outages currently required for backups. Which licenses are necessary to implement this design? (Select two .) A. Direct Backup B. Advanced Backup-to-Disk C. Zero Downtime Backup EVA D. Business Copy EVA E. Instant Recovery Answer: CD

20. A customer is currently using a SAN data-protection solution. It has 45 heterogeneous servers, three HP StorageWorks EVA8000 series storage solutions, and an MSL6000 series SAN tape library. Data backup occurs only once daily after operating hours because of the limited backup window. Which HP StorageWorks products should you propose to enhance and optimize their off-site data protection strategy? (Select two.) A. LTO tape drives B. Virtual Library System C. ESL E-S eries tape library D. XP series storage system Answer: AD

21. A customer wants to max imize the use of its data

center rack space. Which server solution sh ould

you recommend? A. rack- optimized HP ProLiant DL servers B. expansion- optimized HP ProL iant ML servers C. integration- optimized HP Integrity s ervers D. high- density- optimized HP BladeSystem servers Answer: D

22. A customer has several virtual machine host servers that are more than 97.5% utilized, and there is no    

possibility of upgrading the hardware. Which component should you use to move the virtual machines into a new HP Integrity server? A. Server Migration Pack B. Power Meter Data Reporting C. Virtual Server Environment D. Rapid Deployment Pack Answer: C

23. You plan to offer a customer a centralized, scalable, high-availability storage solution that supports HP-UX and OpenVMS. What should you include? A. redundant

HP StorageWorks

MSA70 enclosures with HP Serviceguard for Linux

B. an HP StorageWorks EVA44 00 solution and a minimum of two Fibre C. an HP StorageWorks D. an HP BladeSystem Fibre


and a minimum of two

c3000 enclosure fully populated


Channel SAN s witches

Channel SAN s witches

with storage blade modules and at least two

Channel SAN switches

Answer: B

24. A customer is limited to a maximum of twenty 42U server cabinets. They have deployed ProLiant DL servers and now only two empty server cabinets remain. What should you recommend in order to maximize their growth capacity? A. upgrade the standard server cabinet to the 47U model B. change the standard server to an Integrity rx7640 server with HP Integrity Virtual Machines C. replace the standard server platform with HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures D. migrate the standard server platform to the ProLiant DL180 platform Answer: C

25. Which design elements should you consider when sizing an HP EVA solution? (Select two.) A. data a vailability levels B. e xisting network infrastructure C. data access requirements    

D. c apacity E. s ecurity requirements Answer: AD

26. Which operating systems are supported by the

HP BL860c server blade? (Select three .)

A. Solaris 10 B. HP OpenVMS 8.3 C. OS/400 D. HP-UX 11i v3 E. HP Tru64 UNIX F. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Answer: BDF

27. How much of an increase over standard cooling capacity does the HP Modular Cooling System provide? A. 1.5x B. 2x C. 3x D. 4x Answer: C

28. An enterprise

customer is u ndertaking a new initiative involving floating-point calculations.

customer needs a solution

that enables them to

brea k these operations

re-integrated later. Which

type of technology would be a good

fit for this customer?

A. hard partitions B. grid computing C. active/standby clustering D. workload management Answer: B    


into smaller task s and

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