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Jenae “I am currently a senior at North Dakota State University. Some things that I like to do are read books in my spare time and spend time in the library. Education and reading are both important to me, which is why I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in English. I really like the fact that languages are always constant and that English is a form of art that is most respected. English is my first language and is becoming most commonly used throughout the world.� - ME (Jenae)


Ciarán “I have grown up in Dublin, Ireland my whole life and love living here. I attend Colaiste Dhulaigh College where I am going for a degree in Film and Media Production. Being at college has taught me many things find people who I can call friends. Spending time with friends and drinking beer are two things I love to do with them. Besides drinking beer with my friends, I like to take pictures of them and the life in Ireland.” - ME (Ciarán)


Jenae & Ciarán “Being in a relationship like ours is difficult since our relationship is online. One of our favorite activities we like to do together are watch movies through SKYPE. We spend most of the time talking and being able to be there for each emotionally. The part that is difficult is that we can not physically be there for each other. Most couples in a relationship are able to cover all aspects of physical and mental therapy. We have never met in person but have plans to see each other in New York, NY.” - WE (Jenae & Ciarán)

Jenae & Ciarรกn

Abigail “One thing that I am really proud of is completing a degree in Marketing at North Dakota State University. I currently work as a Customer Service and Marketing Representative at SunOpta. Spending time with my family is something I like to do when I am not working. My dream is to have a child of my own some day. I think being a mother would be completely fun!� - ME (Abigail)


Joey “I really like hanging with my friends and spending time with them. When I am not studying, I like to laugh and have a good time with my friends. They mean a lot to me and have helped me through my college career. Cracking jokes is something I think the world really needs to do more of. I think having a sarcastic personality has helped me become a happier person today.� - ME (Joey)


Abigail & Joey “We really like to spend a lot of time with each other. Many things we like to do together are travel and see a lot of things. Our friends know that we are dating and they sometimes may get sick of our “coupleness”. Since we are both happy being in each others lives it doesn’t matter. We like to go out to eat and try different restaurants to expand our tastes. One restaurant we like to go to is Space Aliens.” - WE (Abigail & Joey)

Abigail & Joey

Shane “I really like to be involved in many different things on campus. One thing that has helped me to become who I am today is my involvement through Campus Attractions. This organization helped me realize the type of career I want to get into and introduced me to the event planning business. Advertising for events are another thing I like to do, especially movies. I really like to go to movies and plays and see peoples creative minds portray a story.� - ME (Shane)


Jason “After finishing my Doctorate from the University of Missouri-Columbia, I came to Fargo to work at Microsoft. I started working there as a program developer and really love what I do. Spending a lot of time on the computer is nothing new for me since I received a degree in computer science. The most fascinating thing for me is figuring out how programs work together and developing ones that help better people’s lives.� - ME (Jason)


Shane & Jason “We love to spend time watching different television shows together and spending time together. On date nights we like to go out to dinner and see a different movie. The best thing we have done together is buy an unlimited movie pass to the local theaters. Relaxation is something we found to help our relationship since we both are active people. We also really like talk about different topics and experiences we have been through.� - WE (Shane & Jason)

Shane & Jason

Maggie “I have lived in Fargo, North Dakota my whole life and see myself living here for a long time. Being in Fargo is close to my family and it would allow me to visit them often. One thing I really like to do with my family is go skiing to Big Sky in Montana. I really love the feeling of my skies on the snow and the bright sun in my eyes. Going to Big Sky is a big stress relief for me because my family and I go during Spring Break.� - ME (Maggie)


Spencer “Ever since I can remember, I have always loved running. I started running in track back in elementary school. Running gives me a rush that nothing else can compare to it. When I received a scholarship to go to North Dakota State University for track, I took the offer immediately. It feels so amazing being a student and representing my college in a sport that I love! � - ME (Spencer)


Maggie & Spencer

“One thing that we really love to do is be extremely goofy together. We spend most of our time laughing and play arguing about really dumb things. We also like to be adventurous by doing crazy things, like running out in a snow pile while just wearing our swimsuits. Both of our families enjoy our weirdness and the say that it is something that keeps our relationship unique from others.� - WE (Maggie & Spencer)

Maggie & Spencer

Leah “My biggest role model in this world is my mother. While I was growing up I learned a lot of her and I have become who I am today from her. I catch myself saying things like “I sound like my mother” which I find crazy sometimes. Spending time with my mother is something that I really love to do. I try to visit her as often as I can.” - ME (Leah)


Erica “The thing that I would say is my favorite thing in the world would have to be welcoming my baby boy into the world. I have always been a caring individual and found myself loving being a motherly figure to him. Mayson has shown me that other people can help make me happy. I love bringing him to parks and just spoiling him more than anyone else. � - ME (Erica)


Leah & Erica

“Because we are engaged and plan on getting married in July, we enjoy spending as much time together. It was interesting that we found each other because we both happened to be in the same points in our lives. Our previous relationships did not last and were not the best. Being with each other has helped us overcome those issues and we have grown stronger as a couple and we cannot wait to be committed to each other forever.� - WE (Leah & Erica)

Leah & Erica

Shane Wehlage | English 357 | Professor Zufelt

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Being in a relationship brings in multiple dimensions to the "self". This photo essay is generated from Communications theory, Relational Di...

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