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Go To Bed Remember how mad you'd get as a kid when your parents told you it was time to sleep? Well, it looks like they were telling you something that would actually help with increasing your height. Getting adequate sleep at night, a minimum of 8 hours, helps you in getting taller.

Proper Diet You've heard the saying that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Eating a good diet rich in calcium and amino acids aid in the height department.

Exercise Most of us know that exercise is good for the body, but did you know that it also helps to stretch the bones? Yes, this is true. If you want to add inches to how tall you stand, it would do you a lot of good to exercise on a regular basis.

Posture Many of us was told to sit up straight in our chairs when we were in grade school. Remember those days? It turns out that practicing good posture aids in making you grow taller.

Fashion Are you aware that wearing vertical stockings and dark, solid, colors can make you appear to be taller? This is a fact. If you want to look as if you are inches taller than you are, the last thing you want to do is wear a white shirt with a dark color bottom because it's going to bring the focus to your middle.

How to grow taller 4 idiots  

I've always been short and a few years ago I decided to do something about it. I started my blog How To Grow Taller 4 Idiots [http://howtogr...

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