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about the artist “My one-of-a-kind wearable jewelry celebrates ancient forms and the sensuous nature of the human consciousness. These pieces are universal in their appeal and personal in their effect. When worn, the jewelry interacts as sculpture using the body a pedestal.” “Rich colors are created by the primitive use of a brush stroke and layering of experimental enameling or the brilliant colors of patina on silver which reflects the history of the art.” With artistic integrity and fine craftsmanship, Kroiz captures the seduction of color and form while exploring and honoring the human spirit.

• one-of-a-kind • signature


Earrings Necklaces Bracelets • sensuous


Rings Bracelets Custom Finishes

o n e- o f- a - ki n d

• Regal Crown Necklace

Pa ge s 6-19



• Regal Tulip Necklace

one-of-a-kind The flowing, sensual form is celebrated in these one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art. The pieces are sculpted out of wax and electroformed, making them light weight and easy to wear. Rich color is created through the layers of enameling and






Platinum and Rose gold vermeil. Rubies, sapphires, colorful diamonds and other fine gemstones add sparkle. When worn, these unique pieces emphasize the beauty of the human form.

• Regal Earrings $800


• Perched Brooch $2600



• Regal Squid Brooch $2200

• Regal Medium Swirl Earrings $800


• Aqua Plume Necklace $2800

• Aqua Flora Brooch $2200




• White Wash Necklace $5400

• Royal Enamel Earrings $700


• Extra Large Tendril Earrings

• Royal Floral Crown $3200


• Royal Knot $2200

one-of-a-kind Pieces are made of Carved sensuous forms that are Enameled and 18k, Platinum or Rose gold Vermeil over Electroformed copper. All findings are Sterling Silver and/ or 14k gold. This technique allows for very light weight and wearable works of Art.

• Royal Pendant/Brooch $2800


• Tulip Regal $2800

• Regal Floret $3200

• Regal Fleur-de-Lis $2800


• Crayola Necklace $2400

• Amour Pendant w/ Pearls $2800

• Urn Pendant w/ Pearls $2800


si g n at ure l i n e This collection emphasizes Shana’s signature swoosh and swirl forms, which flow across and through the body. The sensuous earrings, pendants, bracelets and other pieces are created by sculpting wax and then electroforming in 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or platinum over copper or oxidizing the copper directly, making them extremely light weight and easy to wear day or night. Pa ge s 2 0 - 2 9

Earrings Necklaces Bracelets • Sand Circle Pendant

• Floating Swoosh Pendant



s i gnatu re l i n e

Large Beaded Swoop Earring 2 1/2”

Medium Bead Swoop Earring 2”

Small Beaded Swoop Earring 1 1/3”

Extra Large Swoosh Earring 2 1/2”

Large Swoosh Earring 2 1/4”

Medium Swoosh Earrings 1 1/2”

Extra Large Swirl Earring 3”



Large Swirl Earring 2 1/3”

Medium Swirl Earring 2”

Small Swirl Earrings 1 1/2”

Full Swirl Earring 1 1/2”

Large Beaded Swoop 2 3/5”

Large Baroque Earrings 2 1/2”

Large Poof Earrings 1 1/4”

Medium Poof Earrings 1”

Tini Swirl Earring 1”

Medium Baroque Earrings 1 3/4”

Small Poof Earrings 3/4”


• Large Poof Earrings 1 1/4”


Large Tendril Earrings 2 1/4”

Dangling Poof 1 4/5”

si gnature line

Medium Tendril Earrings 2”

Baroque Crescent 1 1/4”

Small Tendril Earring 1”

Crescent 1”

Signature Line Finishes

18k Yellow Finish

Tini Swoop 1 1/5”

Rose Gold Finish

Platinum Finish

Oxidized Copper Finish

For Prices see insert as they range depending on finishes and addition of CZ’s




Swirl Necklace $700

Horizontal Swoosh Pendant $150 - $295

Sand Circle Pendant $155 -$250

si gnature line

Vertical Swoosh Pendant $150 - $295

Small Swirl Heart Pendant $150 -$295

Vertical Swirl Pendant $150- $295


s i gn atu re l i n e


Swoosh Necklace $700

Swirl Necklace $700

Tulip Necklace $650

Double Tulip Necklace $400

Double Tulip Long Necklace $600


Floating Swoosh Slide $150 - $295


si g nature line

Swirl Bracelets $310-$400

Swirl Bracelet $400



sen suo us fo rm s Sensuous Forms is a collection of limited edition pieces— sculptural rings and bracelets hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver, 18k gold or platinum. Oxidation enhances the richness of the form and 18k gold rivets, yellow and white diamonds, pearls and sapphires add splashes of sparkle. These wearable works of art draw attention to the femininity of the body, creating beauty through the person wearing them.

Pa ge s 3 1 - 3 9

Rings Bracelets

• Sensuous Carved Rings




Spotted Crescent Ring 18K & Oxidized Silver $595

Stackable Rings 18k & Sterling Yellow & White Diamonds $105-525

Beaded Swirl Ring 18k & Oxidized Silver $250

sen suous f or ms

Serpentine Ring w/ Yellow Diamonds 18k & Sterling $1200

Stackable rings 18k & Sterling Yellow & White Diamonds $130 each

Large Swirl ring w/ Tendril Tail Silver & 18k Rivets $625


sen su o us f orm s

Sara’s Tail Ring 18k & Silver w/ 18k Rivets $1200



Large Swirl Ring w/ Beaded Tail Ring Silver & 18k Rivets $1400

Crescent Ring 18k & Sterling w/ Diamonds $1600

Serpentine Ring w/ 18k & Sterling $900

Serpentine Ring w/ 18k & Sterling $2200

Crescent Ring 18k & Oxidized Sterling $1200


s en su o us fo rm s



Stackable Rings Silver 18k Gold w/ Yellow & White Diamonds

Stackable Rings Silver 18k Gold w/ Diamonds

Stackable Rings Silver 18k Gold w/ Yellow & White Diamonds

Stackable Rings Silver 18k Gold w/ Yellow & White diamonds

Serpent Ring w/ diamonds $650

Stackable Angular Rings

Stackable Swirl Rings $295

Twisted Swirl Ring $195

Corinthian Swirl Ring $250

Large Swirl Tendril Tail Ring w/ Pearls $425

Large Swirl w/ Beaded Tail Ring $325

Beaded Swoop Ring $150

Sara’s Tail Ring $425

These Sculptural Rings and bracelets are cast in Sterling and can also be created in 18k yellow, Rose Gold and Platinum. They can also be customized with the use of patinas, diamonds, sapphires and 18k gold rivets.

Serpent Ring $395

Sara’s Tail w/ Sappires Ring $575


se n suo us f o rm s


Corinthian Hinged Cuff $2400

Thorn Hinged Cuff $2600

Scalopped Hindged Cuff $2600


Beaded Swoop Hinged Cuff $1800

Corinthian Thorn Hinged Cuff $2800

Spotted Hindged Cuff $2600



These are retail prices. For wholesale information please contact, or 410-499-7577


Jewelry Designer: Shana Kroiz Graphic Designer: Six Ink Photography: Dave McIntosh & Hap Sakwa Models: Elana Maconaughey & Ashley Romano Hair: Edward Seidel of Salon 36


• Sculptural Rings

sh ana k ro iz f ine -a rt j ewelry • 410.499.7577 • Baltimore Maryland

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