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With so much choice on the market for eBook readers, it's difficult to know which way to turn for your choice of eBook reader. Here, we weigh up two of the major players: the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader range. Amazon Kindle The Amazon Kindle, the market leader for eBook readers, is noted for being small and lightweight. Its measurements are 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335" and weight is 8 ½ ounces. It can download eBooks over the internet - either from being connected through a USB cable to your computer, Wi-Fi connection or - if you pay slightly more for your device and have the Wi-Fi and 3G model, you can access 3G from many countries all over the world for free. The Kindle is also known for its great battery life. When the Wi-Fi feature is turned off, the Kindle can last for up to a month of regular reading before needing a recharge. The Kindle uses the latest E-ink technology for easy reading and reduced eye strain and the display is also visible in even the brightest sunlight as there is no glare. Both models of the Kindle use a full QWERTY keyboard and come with 4 GB of internal memory. It also includes a dictionary and a free web browser. Many Kindle owners say that the Kindle is the best eReader for reading books and newspapers. You will hear many Kindle fans talking about the E-Ink and the surprisingly long battery life. They may also comment that its thinness and light weight make it easy to carry around and hold for long periods of time. However, the Kindle does have some flaws. EBooks from your local library will not be compatible with your Amazon Kindle device and you won't be able to use any of the free eBooks that you download from the internet on your Kindle unless you download them from the Kindle store. The Kindle also does not support color; everything is greyscale only - which isn't useful for viewing many magazines that are designed to be shown with all the vivacity of color. One of the largest flaws of the Kindle is that the memory cannot be expanded and that you can only purchase your eBooks from the Amazon Kindle store. The memory issue is not too much of a problem as the 4GB of memory that it does have will get you many thousands of books in your hand. Also, the Amazon Kindle store is - although not always - the cheapest site for many eBooks. The only problem with only being able to buy from Amazon is that you cannot shop around for the best deals and you also cannot lend eBooks to friends and family without lending them your whole

device. Sony Readers The Sony Reader Touch PRS 650 is roughly the same size as the Kindle and its greatest advantage over the Kindle - if you consider this an advantage - it the presence of a touch screen for which you can use an included stylus. While it does feature wireless connectivity, it does not allow for a 3G connection as the Amazon Kindle does - meaning that you cannot download book on the beach or from anywhere in the world unless you have a computer or are in the vicinity of a local Wi-Fi connection point. Content is added through either a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Battery life averages at a very respectable 10 days with the Wi-Fi on and 22 days with Wi-Fi disabled. Like its competitors, the display is uses E-Ink technology. A web browser is included along with a dictionary. However, the web browser on the Sony Readers and the Kindle are both very limited in terms of navigation and accessibility and you may only find it useful for small tasks such as checking emails. Some of the distinguishable features of the Sony Readers are a large screen, light weight, with fast loading graphics and great refresh rates. You can also take notes on these Sony models using the stylus. You may find that the Sony Reader models do not feature as easily accessible as the Amazon Kindle for internet browsing and content navigation. Unlike the Kindle with its proprietary content arrangement, Sony Reader can access some of the ever-growing electronic content of public libraries - and you check to see if your local authority has an eBook lending service. You can also use the popular ePub eBook format and so you can download many free books that are available from the internet and load them on to your Sony Reader. You can also shop around for the best deals. This is sure to be a key consideration for people who feel that paying for content that is offered for free at libraries goes against their grain. It should be noted, however, that Amazon's vast library contains much free content that is old enough to have passed into the public domain - but it does not support a public lending service. Whichever e-reader you choose, one of the most delightful revelations you'll experience is the ability to have hundreds of books at your disposal on a device that's roughly the same size as a paperback. Even the Amazon Kindle's relatively modest, fixed 4 GB memory capacity can hold more reading material than any one person could read in a year's time and you can also sync the device with your computer so it's unlikely that you're going to be away from your computed long enough to read thousands of books. The fairly obvious benefit here is that a business traveller, student or vacationer can conveniently transport documents and books. Sony also offer a Sony Reader Pocket Edition that you may find particularly convenient for those who like to read on the move.

So if you're an avid Amazon fan and get all of your books from there anyway you'd do well to get an Amazon Kindle. However, if you're not interested in 3G downloads and you just want a fantastic eBook reader that you can read a larger variety of eBook formats on - as well as free eBooks and library lending, the Sony Reader range would suit you best. Another less obvious benefit that must be experienced to be appreciated is that those of you who like to read in bed will find eReaders to be a major blessing. The light weight and highly visible displays make it much more comfortable than reading a conventional book.

Check out more details about the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader range and also other eBook readers at our website I am happy to answer any questions that you have about any of the eBook readers featured there or any other questions that you may have. Just click the 'contact us' form at our website and we'll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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