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First let me say wow. The way that the Kindle 2 looks compared with its family is indescribable. It is so much better designed than the original Kindle. It is extremely smooth while being extremely easy to use. Some people knock the K2 but typically there is no comparison. So how did they figure out how good or bad it was? As far as I am concerned any one in their right mind will find the Kindle 2 both stylish and functional. One of the biggest issues with both the Kindle 1 and 2 was centered on the battery life. The original Kindle had a very short and inconvenient life span. The Kindle 2 however has seen some improvement. There may be no replacement battery with the K2 however the battery charge life is a great deal longer especially when you turn the Wi-Fi off when not using it. Imagine traveling anywhere you want in the US and still being able to download almost any book you want. I was at my daughter's soccer practice downloading books just the other day. There is nothing easier than look, pick, and click to download the book of your choice. Remember the slow load times on the Kindle 1? Gone! Amazon claims that the load time is 20% faster but I have a feeling it is faster than that. What about the buttons on the K 1? It was too easy to hit the page button. Now with the Kindle 2 this has been greatly improved. Another improvement is in the weight of the unit. The Kindle 2 is much lighter than its predecessor. It weighs less than many typical paperback books. You know how the K1 could be a bit difficult to read due to the lack of contrasting shades. The Kindle 2 though has 16 different shades of gray. This can help sharpen up the picture making it easy to read. Also, how about the capacity? The Kindle 2 can actually hold more than 1,500 books. A point of contention among some is the Text-to-Speech function offered by the Kindle 2. The voice is not nearly the same as a person reading aloud. You can choose whether you want a male or female voice. You can also pick the speed of the reading. With these pluses I feel that I must point a couple negative points out as well... When I said that the Kindle 2 was light I did not exaggerate. It can be almost too much so. A nice Kindle cover can help to fix this though. It will add enough weight to give you the feel of holding a book. Another issue has to do with people with big fingers. The size of the Kindle 2 keyboard is very restrictive. It is too easy to punch wrong letters when typing. I am hoping that this will be fixed by the addition of touch-screen to the next member of the Kindle family. There was a possibility of this capability on the Kindle 2 but it would have affected the screen quality.

We will just have to wait for the right combination of touch-screen and the e-ink technology. Just think of the increased screen size that could be on such a device! Another issue for some, though I cannot see why, is the Kindle 2's lack of an SD card slot. This shouldn't be much of an issue though considering Amazon allows you full access to any materials you have bought. This means you can leave your books on Amazon servers and keep space on your Kindle 2 free for other things. Perhaps the largest drawback of all with the device is the fact that you cannot buy one outside the US. Who knows why this is an issue? Some of the current rumors are saying that the Kindle family is going to start being released in Britain in time for Christmas so we shall see.

As far as giving the Kindle 2 a definite rating on a scale of 1-5 I would have to say it is between a four to a four and a half. The keyboard is the deciding factor that kept the device out of the five star spot. I personally think the K2 is great. Just look at the different reviews on Amazon and you will see that others feel the same way. To learn more about all the great Kindle product by visiting

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Kindle 2 - Is it Hip Or All Hype - My Review  

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