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An assignment that allowed my strongest skill to flare. Lineweight and speed into completion of this project – to design a gaming space – I’ve created a haven that resembles a residential project that is for the public.


An assignment that tasked us to re-design an existing food stall, after much observation, a mini model was to be constructed with desired materials. Here I’ve designed a morphing cubic table/seat hybrid that is able to be kept and assembled with ease at will.

Having 25 exercises to expose us to the market of materials and its range. We were tasked to compile.

In a unique and creative way to allow us to use it as a databank to educate both ourselves and our ‘clients’.

In 2015, I was involved in an event called ‘GoLi’ that is a moving theatre, a group of us are tasked to design elemental receptors to the site itself. Myself to oversee the main Signage of the event. Here we had to display not only creative skills, but sourcing and also construction skills which we are quite apt in after our 1st Year.

Layouts of Studio Projects at the end of each deadlines. Designed to reflect the layers and emotion of the work both aesthetically and objective.

3D renders

To model a selected chair – LC2 Armchair – then to create a scene. I’ve created a simple scene as not only it matches the elegance of the LC2 but also to remove background distractions.


A mix assignment that allows us to create possible scenarios in this tiny world.

Using our ‘flying machine’ as our scenes for our scenarios.

And combine it with photoshop, I’ve created activities that my classmates are partaking.

To explore the possibilities of the world unseen.

external works

These are the elevations and plan for ‘The Tropica blk 57 #0305’ project. Working as a part-time draftsman, I’ve acquired the speed and knowledge of standard dimensions for residential projects.

Plans and Elevations for a small branch of ‘Lenovo’ shop. I’ve acquired more awareness in fire safety and in AutoCAD 2D to 3D drawings.

product design/ model-making

An assignment to craft a board-game from scratch, it has to be good enough to be placed in a shelf of a real toy store.

Personally I had hand cut all the components of the box, and aided the design of our personalized ‘poker cards’.

To produce our very own name cards for the first time, it allowed us the liberty to express ourselves in our own unique ways. Born and bred a gamer, I’ve made this 2D to 3D name card that would closely resemble an Xbox controller.

personal works

Shan N.g._Portfolio #1  

Academic journey of 2014 - 2015