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Hello youse By Wilburr Issue three of SHAMZINE hey? And it’s really issue four or something, because wasn’t there a prototype issue 00 or something? Or was that prototype issue 00 actually named issue 1 and we just gammon said otherwise? Or was that the podcast?

Speaking of the podcast, issue 10 is coming up. Which is actually issue 11 but to harp on about nomenclature when there are way more fun things to riff on would be a waste of valuable time. So just ignore that first paragraph.

SHAMZINE, Issue 3, woot. Duhwin music = woot. For example, did you know Sietta have been getting some sweet airplay on JJJ recently? They are kicking many goals. Liam reviews thier EP The Seventh Passenger. There’s also CD reviews from Celador, Sex In The Desert and Sono & Cynic. Issue 3 sees us venturing into the realms of underground NT Hip Hop. And to be super honest, most us smelly rock-band SHAMZINE-ers really wouldn’t have a clue where to start when it comes to the NT underground hip hop scene. Or most things hip hop if we’re being blunt. Enter new blood Lachie. He’s going to be our hesitant big toe that we dip into the freezing waters of underground NT hip hop.


James, Colleen & Clancy @ Train Wrecked Photo by Steve-o Lees

Kris Keogh is the hardest working person in showbiz. Nico explains a little why.

There’s also an interview with Dave Garnham. He’s been kicking some pretty sweet goals lately. Oh noez... sportz!!!!

And, of course, the Classos and Letters To Ed.

Jasmine, Jaime & Aaron @ Train Wrecked Photo by Steve-o Lees

So enjoy Issue 3 of SHAMZINE. You deserve it. Gnlaaah.

Something definitely NOT gnlaaaah is the upcoming HEAVYbyHEAVY gig. Its so frikkin Next Level. Its at the Darwin Entertainment Centre on Sept 9th. The stage is huge, the PA is huge, the lighting is huge. Its Duhwins best heavy-rock/alt bands playing at the Entertainment Centre. It’s really quite exciting. SHAMZINE is going to be there watching Duhwins best bands playing. I mean, frikkin Roymackonkey are playing! As well as Unbroken Expanse, Zed Major, The Wicked Garden, Sex in the Desert and Burrfoot. That’s a killer line up playing a huge venue with a mad light/ sound show.

Roy boys Fletcher and Darryl Photo by Steve-o Lees

Cant frikkien wait.

SHAMZINE is pretty much by:

Wilburr - Editor, writer, bloke who’s thing it is. Steve-o Lees - Salesman extraordinaire, writer, transport. Liam Parry-Mills - “Youth perspective", tofu runner. Zac East - The man with the shirts, writer, phone fixer. Nico Liengme - Copy/paster, sapport, abuse.


Steve-o talks about studying at CDUs Contempory Music course. That building is like a coming of age rite of passage for bands in Duhwin.


Lachlan West - Mad rhymes, other words. Jimmy Reintjens - Lion taming, broad notions.

Cover photo: Kris Keogh @ Alchemix, Brisbane Photo by Nico Liengme


Nooz snippets Vicious Apathy seek members Olde School Darwin metallers Vicious Apathy are currently looking for new members to play guitar, bass and drums. Pretty much a whole new lineup. Again. If you’re interested, get in touch with Steve at

HEAVYbyHEAVY and Bastardfest

HEAVYbyHEAVY 2011 is at the Darwin Entertainment Centre on September 9th. Tix are still available from their box office, CMAX Palmerston, Nightcliff Newsagency and Tourism Top End.

Bastardfest on October 1st at Brown’s Mart. Tix can be pre-purchased for $32.50 from

You never write us anymore...

If you’ve got a gig coming up, or a demo or EP coming out, some great gig photos or just some thoughts on a gig, drop us a line on or tag us on Facebook and we’ll know what’s up and act accordingly. Maybe...

Podcast issue 10

That’s right, we’re already up to the big TEN. To celebrate, all the SHAMZINE staff have chosen their favourite NT track, and talked a bit about why they chose it. Listen in at

Big things brewing

We’re hearing about some pretty cool gigs brewing for next year. Interstate and international acts, big local showcases... could be great.

Letters to ed Yo dawg we herd you like ED so we got ED to write to ED so he can reply while he replies. To SHAMZINE, Gammon try and look all flash ways with your slick presentation and deadly layout. Just cause all your fonts are belong to the same, doesnt make you a legitimate or viable publication. In fact, i remember the original shamzines. There was this “article” about some guy drinking vodka in a tree or something. In closing, I will only read your mag if you put a picture of my band on the front cover, review our non existent recordings in ALL the review slots, and give us a glowing review of our covers set that we play at the Vic. James Hepburn

Dear James, I really like the new look and pro layout of the zine. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the pro presentation and slick layout make it go from a zine to a Street Press. Also, fuck off with your shit covers music.

Dear SHAMZINE, It was good to see you at InTune. Although what was with that guy in the crowd talking about playing at Shitchell St? Like anyone gives a shit? Isnt the reason SHAMZINE and the Happy Yess and stuff like that came about because all that shit is shit? Cause it is. Anyways, keep it up and see you at Heavy By Heavy. Some Guy

Dear Some Guy, Yeah but the first thing that guy said was “You dont WANT to play to Street That Shall Not Be Named”. I really liked Steves input. He’s a hard working muso and his opinions were informed ones, based from experience. I took lots of nuggets of wisdom from him and you should have too.


• Classo listings are free for buying/selling gear or musos seeking bands/bands seeking musos. Just email your listing to or post it up in the ‘darwin music scene’ Facebook group. • FREE TO GOOD HOME One city drinking venue. Great mall frontage. Comes with neanderthal racist security staff, over priced watered down drinks, shit atmosphere and a free black eye. Will consider trade for some fish and chips or a decent cup of coffee.

• FOR SALE Beaten up Fender Strat guitar. Used. Worn. Not actually a Fender. Or guitar. In fact its really a second hand accoustic banjo. Used. Worn. Permanently tuned to open F Flat chord except for the second string which is broken. Will only accept cash money.


• WANTED Flash mob for street instalations. Also need ideas and story boards for ways to utelise a flash mob. Extra credit for those with zombie costumes.

• FOR SALE One pallet of bricks. Want $20 per 1000 bricks. I DONT want to listen to your plans for them. I DONT want to come help you pick them up and put them on your trailer. I WONT come to your house and help you build your new gazeebo. I just want these fucking bricks out of my yard. So if you have $20 per 1000 bricks, and you want to pick them up and never see one another again, then get in touch.

• WANTED Any NT gig flyers or recordings for a SHAMZINE archive. Contact



By Megan Spencer/MusicNT

A national success story From all over the country and around the Northern Territory, thousands of people attended the National Indigenous Music Awards in Darwin on August 19, helping to kick off the first year of this dedicated national Indigenous music celebration.

Shellie Morris & the Yanyuwa Ladies Photo: Glenn Campbell

The NIMAs were proudly presented by Music NT.

In their very first year of ‘going national’, the NIMAs made headlines around the country, with national coverage on triple j and Dig Radio, on the Ten Network’s ’6.30 with George Negus’, in the Weekend Australian, songwriter Rrawun Maymuru taking on ABC news online and CNN online. home the ‘Best New Talent’ Award. Interstate the NIMAs were featured The ceremony was again hosted on ‘Mornings with Steve Vizard’ on by musicians and performers Rob radio MTR, ‘The Conversation Hour Collins and Ali Mills, who shared with Jon Faine’ on Melbourne ABC great rappoire together. They clearly enjoying entertaining the huge crowd 774 , just to name a few. – from all over the Territory and Hundreds of people also ‘tuned in live’ interstate guests – introducing the to watch the NIMAs online broadcast wealth of national Indigenous music as it happened on Friday August 19, stars who performed throughout the from the Darwin Amphitheatre. evening. This year the NIMAs were ‘scooped’ Contemporary soul singer Shellie by international singing star Morris gave a moving and powerful Gurrumul Yunupingu from Elcho performance singing in language Island, who made a brief appearance with Yanyuwa traditional women during the NIMAs via webcam, from singers, who gave a sneak preview his home in Arnhem Land. of their Song Peoples Sessions Winning five awards in total, his collaborative music project (to second album Rrakala won ‘Cover be officially launched during the Art’ and ‘Album of the Year’, plus upcoming Desert Harmony Festival two further nationally-nominated in Tennant Creek, at a special event on September 2). awards, ‘Song’ and ‘Act’of the Year’. The music video for the collaboration Local heroes Neil Murray and between Gurrumul and Blue King Sammy Butcher received a rousing Brown – Gathu Mawula [revisited] welcome from the thousands-strong – also won for ‘Film Clip of the Year,’ crowd, as they took to the stage as Warumpi Band, remembering their shared between the artists. late lead singer G.W. Burarrwanga, The awards come just as the NT and performing their hit My Island musician embarks upon a national Home – with a little help from Shellie tour. Morris! Seminal bands Coloured Stone Bunna Lawrie and Coloured Stone and No Fixed Address were both also wowed the audience with inducted into the Hall of Fame, with amazing musical performances and North East Arnhem Land singer/ guitar-work.


The enigmatic frontman told great stories about origins of songs such as Black Boy, with the band performing an energetic version of their hit, Dancing in the Moonlight.

The huge highlight of the evening was the hour-long performance by NIMAs ambassador and Melbournebased soul performer, Dan Sultan.

The artist paid tribute to the Indigenous musicians who’d paved the way for his own music career – many of whom had been on stage that same night – and those who continued to inspire him.

He had a great time performing to the huge crowd who didn’t stop dancing from start to end.

See the full list of NIMAs winners, and visit the official website. View the gallery of NIMAs photo on the Music NT Forum and read about this year’s finalists.

Watch BushTV’s online feature about ‘Gathu Mawula Revisited’. View the ‘Sultan The Winner’ story on ‘6.30 with George Negus’ online.

Music NT (and SHAMZINE- Ed) congratulates all of the winners and nominees, and thanks the many people involved in making the NIMAs awards ceremony and concert such a success.


Dave garnham =By Zac East

You can read more of Dave's jolly rambling on

Zac caught up with Dave Garnham, formerly of the Moving Targets and 2010/11 winner of Telstra’s Road to Tamworth (now known as Telstra Road to Discovery (gross! Tamworth and Telstra! -Ed)). Dave gives us a lowdown on the new band, upcoming album, his thoughts on the music scene, and meeting You Am I’s Tim Rogers.

and so it’s kind of intimidating but still at the same time, I enjoy watching that man (laughs).

New album?

How was it managing the original music venue, Happy Yess?

It was just like a “hi” or “g’day”?

Oh you know, I was trying to be a cool as I could (laughs) but you know, I think it was just general chitchat, we didn’t peer into each others soul’s or anything.

Yes, quite excited. It’s kind of long awaited, with the Moving Targets Yeah it was great, you know, it was kinda haemorrhaging when they did, kind of a great way of basically kinda still have plenty of material in meeting everyone on the scene, I the bag so it’s felt like it’s been a while coming but yes finally, in September Have you seen this man? we’re going to be tracking up here at Because he is TERRIFYING. Subsonic... probably for release some time next year. I as yet don’t have an album name, but I’d imagine it will come.

think I’d been in Darwin for a few years. The one thing I got a great kick out of was dealing with you know, fellow brethren, and getting to meet everyone and listening to music that I would otherwise wouldn’t have.

I’m very proud to have been affiliated with (The Happy Yess) for a while and still help out any way I can in the future!

How was the workload?

Yeah it was kind of one of those things that takes over your life and the phone keeps ringing and you’re

What can we expect?

It’s kinda gonna be a little bit hokeyfolky, little bit country. The new project is called ‘Dave Garnham and The Reasons To Live’ which is basically me and Toby Robinson... which I’m kind of enjoying, it’s simpler when you’re not working with so many people.

Tim Rogers – I believe he is a hero of yours, how was it meeting him at the launch of the Telstra Road to Discovery? He IS a hero of mine, yes! It was kind of surreal, like, I’ve met Tim a couple of times before but it’s always been in the context of, you know, a fan wanting to shake his hand and getting him to sign an autograph. In the context of being the launch of the Telstra Road to Discovery meant that there was already a context there for me to be a bit more comfortable and think, “Alright, the next time I meet him he’ll might remember me.” I still kinda sit back in awe, like, he’s such a rockstar he just like, ponces around and you know, the way he moves it’s just like, he’s just a rockstar



“It’s great [up here], in terms of the actual scene itself . I felt far more comfortable here than I have anywhere else in terms of starting a band.” known to a lot of guys as the Happy Yess guy so you’re accosted a lot more than you would have before (laughs). It is a “love” job, but you see, as the position of manager, you might do a lot of unpaid hours but there’s still plenty of people on committee who do plenty of unpaid hours that don’t get that hour-a-week rate anyhow. It is a place that’s kinda built on milkcrates, cable ties and love! Do you think that writing good, solid quality songs is enough?

Yeah at the end of the day you probably should be 92% about the music and 8% about the business. If you love making music and you’re doing that in some form, who cares about the other 8%.


How do you feel about social media? Are you finding it’s more of a vital part of getting your music out there? Oh for sure, especially with Facebook. It’s unbelievable how many people communicate on it. Yeah I definitely think you need to do the Facebook thing. It’s probably a necessary evil, it’s another thing that’s part of that 8% that I probably wouldn’t enjoy that much but if you want to have a sustainable music career it’s something you have to do. What do you think of the Darwin music scene and where it is at the moment in comparison to say, earlier times? I’ve only been here for what, 5 years... I really like it, it’s really

enthusiastic and I think there’s a lot of great acts up here. But you know, at the same time, you wouldn’t move to Darwin for the music industry, like, for example, I kinda came here and stayed here because I fallen in love with the place, but it’s kinda of one those things that in terms of the isolation, it’s obviously, it’s all those things that are regularly brought up, like it’s expensive to tour but then on the other hand the isolation you kinda feel a lot more secure to do whatever music you have to do...

A big thing when I was down in Melbourne is, a lot of my mates just wanted to be the sound that was on Triple J, so we can get on Triple J, so we can get played on Rage, as opposed to necessarily organically loving the type of music they’re making. So up here, it’s great, in terms of the actual scene itself, you know, I felt far more comfortable up here, than I have any where else in terms of you know, starting a band, hanging out...because it is so small, it’s friendly and quite quickly, quite well connected.


Study at the CDU By Steve-o Lees University, studying, and homework can all be daunting for even the best students. Late night studying and long hours in the library is very unappealing to the average musician who just wants to play, learn a bit about the industry and jam with fellow musicians. Charles Darwin University has over the past 10+ years been home to most of Darwin’s recognizable musicians and bands, and has helped grow the careers of industry folk like Kris Keogh, Leah Flanagan, our very own Will Burr, and quite recently myself.

another musician who was there to learn, but most of all persue my own musical endeavour.

Cal Williams our lecturer had gotten across to the students that the uni, the facilities at the uni and the class room where designed for students to get what they want out of it. Abuse it till your heart’s content, or use what little you need. Everything to build a successful musical career or to better ones playing is in; and around this course. Cal also has some of the best teaching techniques I have seen and been a part of; he has successfully I enrolled in to the certificate IV managed to bring the classes together earlier this year with no expectation in a way, that from the beginner of a music career, I just wanted to musician to the professional player, learn a bit of music and kick back you will learn something new every after several years of working in day in the class room and not feel left the work force; essentially, I really out or confused.

Sharing the class room with different needed a place for my band to jam, musicians from all ways of life has and with the hope of maybe a demo been one of the best learning tools at the end of the year. and experiences for me as a musician. last I have been exposed to styles of music Meeting some students from year’s course, I got the feeling of a that I wouldn’t normally listen to let real laid back environment. All the alone play, and I have grown better students were happy to be back for it. I have listened and learned perusing their musical paths, and so much from the fellow students, welcomed me into the class as that it has improved my playing and


listening skills to music.

The facilities of the contemporary music rooms have had a great face lift this year, with all rooms supporting the latest Macs (Eeeew! Macs!-Ed), Pro Tools and recording equipment. There is no shortage of instruments (guitars, drums and keys, no special instrument like the sitar or the Mongolian horn) and enough PA equipment to put on live shows or class jams. You are able to write, play and record with people who share your passion and support for music, which will benefit anyone who is looking to start a musical career.

The VET Music course at CDU exposes you to all musical paths and careers in the industry, from playing in bands, to sound recording, mixing and live engineering, to promoting

and organizing of gigs and shows. It builds confidence and team work with all the time being around music. It is a one year certificate course for the contemporary musician, who wants to better their music playing, who wants hands on knowledge and experience with recording equipment and music recording software. SHAMZINE

D-Town 3 By Steve-o Lees Shamzine gets its hip-hop on and talks to local group D-Town 3. After their success at this year’s Bass in the Grass and a bunch of shows around D-Town, Shamzine finds out that it is more than just drinking beers and hitting on bitches for the up and coming Hip Hop group. So where are you guys at, at the moment? Any recording sessions? We’re always in the studio working on new stuff but yes, we’re currently working on our second album D Town Beat Down. We’ve already preformed a few tracks off this album at our latest gig (Bass in The Grass). Also have some big gigs coming up so we’ve been working extra hard on making sure we’re 100% for them.

there. There were also a number of What do you listen to during the different acts on the night. week?

How was it?

A mixture of tech n9ne, Eminem, and various other hip-hop artists

Yer it was a good experience, we rocked it so all was good. Anything you would like to add?

Favourite gig you have played?

We would like to thank you for giving to be a part of this Bass in the Grass hands down! We us the chance for anyone that would and interview got on stage and smashed it. like to check out our music or get a What inspires the band’s music? copy of our recently released album Our love for the kind of music we “Sky High” hit us up on Facebook are making. We all grew up listening to hip hop and we can relate and Thanks for talking to Shamzine. express ourselves by putting it on Thank you for the support. We will track see you at a live gig for sure. But... there’s four of them... Photo: Auki Henry

Are you writing any new material? This is what we do! Like i said we are always in the studio working on new material trying to expose DT3 to the public. How is it going?

Very good! We already have a few tracks tucked away for the album and some more coming. It’s still early days but the stuff we’re working on now is some of the best music we’ve ever put together.

Where did the music start? How did you all form? Each of us have all have grown up listening to Hip-Hop so we each wrote rhymes here and there. All grew up together and formed DT3 after attending a hip-hop/rap workshop at Darwin Community Arts that encourage youth to get off the streets and do something more productive with making music. Where was your first gig?

Our first time on stage was at Darwin Community Arts at a gig called Off Da Streets. The gig was covered by abc news and there was about 80 people



Reviews Sono and Synic - Hooked Lines and Lyrics

For as long as I can remember Darwin’s hip hop scene has been small and at earlier times miniscule, but never dead, with such acts like Pott St and Northbound Records (just to name a couple) constantly plugging away and keeping the scenes’ head above water, I can tell you now with much excitement that this is rapidly changing. The addition of Duhwin’s OWN rapper tag (brought to us by the electric, apocalyptic Broaden City) and now SHAMZINES FIRST hip hop CD review, adding to the boiling pot in which I am starting to see a great thing, more and more local hip hop acts start to pop up and play live shows, I can almost feel the simmering energy.

By Lachlan West

And out of this energy came aussie hip hop lads Sono and Cynic’s debut Ep “Hooked Lines and Lyrics” dropped April 1st which I am lucky enough to review for all our SHAMZINE reader’s. What was apparent from the first time I met Sono and Cynic (and I must mention beat box master K-Fuzz) at this year’s Intune Conference and what shines right though in this EP is their love for hip hop, and in particular the having a few brews, casing a ruckus with your mates Aussie hip hop, and this laid back tongue in cheek but at the same time serious attitude starts right from the first Intro with the attack of the ‘Sea Bass’ (if you’ve listened to the Ep then you will know what I am on about) This lands you right into the next song “Betters Days” that instantly takes you off to the local beach with a beer in your hand and it’s as if Sono reads your thoughts by dropping the line ‘all I want Is beers for the rest of my years’, amen to that! Followed up by the Ep’s title song ‘Hooked Lines and Lyrics’ which lives up to the name, as I had Sono and Cynic’s hook stuck in my head for a good while after listening to the Ep, backed up by their smooth flows the feeling changes ever so slightly with a more serious social commentary .

Celador -- Pcfl nd Wrthfl ns

By Nico

Dropping into the Dj cuts of “That’s Disappointing” which I happened to catch an acoustic version of at the iNTune Showbag Showcase, was the exact opposite of disappointing the second last song “The Next Endeavour” was the one of the standout tracks for me, a song that goes into the deeper waters of our world’s problems but keeping it relevant, backed up with the chorus sung by the soulful Miss C, only complementing the transition into the last track of the Ep Like an answer to my unsaid question replies “Out of my Mind” the song that I feel we get to hear a bit more emotion from Sono and Cynic, again we are lead though the song with their laid back styles with the relevance of what they are saying I guess the best way to sum up this Ep is that from the very first intro to the last heartbeat of “out of my Mind’ I found myself constantly nodding along and just enjoying the music and this is for me fundamental in any act, sure it might not be in the subsection of hip hop in which I dwell but I enjoyed this Ep and it does a great job of capturing that feel good hip hop but keeping a real head about it which can be a rare thing with hip hop egos of today. So if you’re a fan of Aussie hip hop I would highly recommend obtaining a copy of Sono and Cynic’s ‘Hooked Lines and Lyrics’, props boys!

prolific artists. And the pedigree is strong; guitarist Ruben Maher has previously worked with legendary Darwin acts such as Burrfoot, Fairweather Dolls and Snow in Cities, and so joining his wife-to-be Charlee in musical matrimony was an inevitable step.

Once again, beauty and obscurity meet for a romantic midnight picnic on an abandoned beach. “Pcfl nd Wrthfl ns” is the second release from Celador, the formerly-Darwin, now Adelaide based sludgy drone rock project of two young


afternoons of sitting and staring out at nothing in particular. The guitar tone is surprisingly muddy for both distorted and clean passages, presumably a result of playing guitars through massive bass amps while tuned to B or even A. And fortunately there’s no reliance on the sort of heavy/soft rise/fall formula which has “Pcfl nd Wrthfl ns” (a vowel-less become a little too common-place these abbreviation of "Profound Dharma of Selfdays. Liberation through the Intention of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones", a passage This EP and their previous album are from the Tibetan Book of the Dead) is an available to download for free from altogether quieter, more reflective affair Celador’s Bandcamp site, so you should than Celador’s first, self-titled album from go grab ‘em both now. What’s stopping last year, and as a result is probably a great you? It’s a fairly short affair, coming in deal more approachable for the average at just under 20 minutes, but personally listener who may not be accustomed to I could spend all afternoon listening to massive waves of distorted subharmonic this, gazing out the window at the ocean feedback. There’s a great focus on clean, and drinking scotch. It only seems right. quiet passages, which evoke thoughtful


Sietta - The Seventh Passenger

By Liam Parry-Mills/Grind Online

To Do?” is being played regularly on Triple J and other radio stations, as well as on Rage. Their new album The Seventh Passenger is co-produced by Count Bounce, who is known for working with acts like Ash Grunwald and Urthboy. It will be launched in the NT this Saturday, July 9 at Happy Yess.

Sietta are definitely the next big thing to come out of Darwin. The first time I was exposed to singer Caiti Baker and beatmaster and instrumentalist James Mangohig was at a spur-of-the-moment gig at Fringe @ The Bank, way back in 2009, where I played an acoustic set before them.

Recently, things have been going well for the duo. Having just signed to Elefant Traks (the record label founded by The Herd), their single “What Am I Supposed

The obvious standout tracks are the single “What Am I Supposed To Do”, with a contemporary hip hop beat, and the creepy, Dexter-referencing, “Dark Passenger”, in which a sinister gospel choir carries the hook (He’s my Dark Passenger/ I’m his armed Carrier), referencing mental health issues.

The album overall has a Hip Hop vibe, with soul/blues vocals. Other influences shine through however as the album moves from a dubstep wobble on “Strangers” to a bluesy guitar riff on “Arrived”, to an African tribal theme on “You Gave Me”. It’s a seriously eclectic mix of songs but it works; each song sounds distinctly different from the last, but they all still retain the Sietta vibe.

Most of the songs are instantly likeable, and others that might not have been as noticeable at first, become much more compelling upon further listening. “I Was A Queen”, is a great example of this; after the second listen it became one of my favourite tracks. It’s a reflective ballad about childhood, with a massive electronica feel, sounding a little bit like Ratatat.

If there’s a weak song on the album, it’s “Doormat”, which unfortunately sounds much more like a straightforward pop song than a Sietta album. At the end of the day, the one song fails to diminish the outstanding work on the rest of the album.

Overall, The Seventh Passenger is an astonishing debut effort from Sietta. Probably my favourite album to come out of Darwin, and definitely up there with some of my favourite Australian albums too. It’s not every day that I come across an album where almost every song draws me in and gets me hooked almost immediately.

Sex in the Desert - Climax Control By Lion Man were written by Rod and guitarist (at the time) Dave Bennett, except Pretty (track 4) which is credited to Bennett alone. All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Subsonic Music and Sound by Duane Preston and Marine Boy.

Now, with all the proper protocol out of the way it is time for me to start ranting and raving about my thoughts on the album.

It's pretty good...

This album was released in 2008 by the mildly punk/ska hoon rockers, Sex in the Desert. So it's not exactly a 'new release'. Actually, it's their only record to date, and since its release the band has gone through a drastic change of line-up, leaving singer Rod Fitzgerald the only original member. There are a total of 11 tracks on Climax Control, all of which


No, seriously, Climax Control is a rad album with a lopsided filler:killer ratio, obviously in favour of killer (you know this because I just wrote it and you should always believe what you read in magazines), with instant classics like Eyes Wired Shut and Hippy Rat Race. All 11 tracks are well written songs covering a variety of weird and unusual topics, such as; shopping at Woolies,

picking up lady boys and Shapelle Corby. The overall sound is plain old Moderate Rock, but the band spice things up by dipping their toes into a mixture of other genres. I would say that it sounds like an orgy between a hillbilly Arctic Monkeys, a well educated Sex Pistols, some random ska band and The Strokes, if Julian Casablancas grew up a yuppiesledging, erotic-enthused, jazz-punk mascot in Dubbo, N.S.W.

...yeah something like that.

But in all honesty, devoted Shamziners, most of what comes out of my mouth is complete and utter bollocks. So you have two choices, a) Accept all that i have written about this album as complete fact and go about the rest of your life, or b) Get off your ass and go and buy the bloody CD yourself. Better yet go and see them live (still buy the CD though).


GiG Reports Got some thoughts or snaps of a recent gig? Tag ‘em with SHAMZINE on Facebook or email ‘em to

Intune showbag Words by Steve-o, Photos by Nico Smelly, stylish, rocking and full of energy, Tenant Creek punk rock band Unbroken Expanse opened with explosive energy into Darwin music scene, Thursday night the 18th of August at the KO Sports Bar on Mitchell Street. A night of eclectic original music from the top end’s finest performers and bands, this year’s iNTune Show Bag showcasing event made some big noise with Darwin hip-hoppers DT3 opening the night and owning the stage at the Deck Bar after their huge success at this year’s Bass in the Grass in May.

At band-heavy KO Sports Bar, Jasmine Revolutions took to the stage after the sweat filled and energy to burn UBX smashed their way through the venue by jumping on the tables and running around Mitchell street whilst whaling on the guitar (WEEZY!). A hard act to follow UBX, but a challenge easily meet by the newly come 4 piece Jasmine Revolution.

Jasmine Revolution had a great show of hard acoustic rock with a melodically, distorted drive to it, great vocal harmonies and, 4 tight players with

Broaden City


@KO Sports Bar & Deck Bar

August 18 a huge live sound. And just after one gig, Jasmine Revolution had turned me into a fan and I share that support with you, and encourage everyone to see these guys live.

Terracotta Pigeons

The Deck Bar hosted a wide variety of acoustic singer song writers from Darwin and Alice Springs. Emma Rowe, a young talent in Darwin music kicked off the acoustic sessions at the Deck Bar with a wonderful set of her own songs after DT3’s wildly entertaining hip hop show. Alice Springs songstress Catherine Satour, who was accompanied by Corey Noll on the guitar, made a beautiful impact on the Deck with her soulful vocals melodies and. Walking between the two venues the Deck Bar and the KO bar, to see original music was weird in the sense that these are two pubs (except for kitty’s that did do a stint for original music...briefly!) that don’t normally accommodate for the original musician, but in a way it worked really well, because of the atmosphere and the people who support the Darwin music scene, the gig/s had good crowed support.

Highlights from the KO bar included a monstrous live performance by Rico Suave from Broaden City, who created a dark wall of warped electronica, and ended up pushing the subs in the PA further than any of the other performances that night. Not even 1 minute after the sounds of Rico of Broaden City where over, the Deck Bar was alive with Jillaine Jones and iconic local musician Toby Robinson. With his lapsteel and unrehearsed attitude, Jillaine and Toby played together like they had been rehearsing for years. A local musician, singer and

such a talented song writer, Jillaine Jones show bag performance was one the warmest on the night.

One thing I did notice as I was on my travels between the two venues, was that Kitty O’sheas was still housing Darwin’s “biggest” cover band (not to be mentioned) while there was an original night booked next door. Well did it draw away the crowd? Ha! Music enthusiast of the community where still in high supports of the original night and stayed watching and listening till close.

Finishing the night of in the KO Bar, two of Duhwin’s most recognized original bands, Roy Mackonkey and Terracotta Pigeons had the crowd from the Sports bar up and jumping (or was that just Weezy being Weezy?), as they performed original songs from both new and old records, and being away from their normal cover set, the two iconic rock acts showed that Duhwin bands can entertain, rock out and create their own art (also people where still there buying drinks at the bar. So that’s good).

A big thank you to Nicole and Angela from Kitty O’sheas and The Deck Bar, for allowing MusicNT to take over the venues for the night, and for their support of the original music scene. A successful night of music and talent from all over the Top End, and a Show Bag of what to look out for over the next year in the Duhwin music scene.



@CDU Open Day

Photos & words by Steve-o

For starters, ha ha ha you weren’t there. And second, where was the promotion for this gig? Not too many people knew that a free Jebediah concert was on, I wonder how many people (like you) would have liked to have seen a free show with this 90’s rock band?

Jebediah; a band that has played all over the world to thousands of festival lovers, sold out crowds at home in OZ, and is highly recognized as an iconic Australian rock act, played to a pub-rock-loud but small crowd of Duhwinites in an afternoon concert on the lawns of the CDU campus.

Top End Sounds where close-by with their always trusted and over-priced sound gear. The sound for the day was passable with the bass being driven a bit hard. I enjoyed it (kind of) but I am a fool for the low end...

August 28

contemporary students, pulled off the show in a traditional group jam (iconic to the CDU music courses) that was well rehearsed, tight and groovy. Fronted by a band of singer song writers from the Darwin music scene, P.S.R had a great front of house response and a half decent sound engineer who pulled of a good mix.

Shamzine was there and captured an intimate show by the lads Kevin, Brett, Chris, and lady Vanessa from Jebediah. With their 4th record Kosciuszko out and a string of show that included, Splendour in the Grass and Stone Fest, a trip to Darwin would have felt like playing toughs first shows to your two mates and parents in a crappy venue with a crappy PA. Lucky for Jebediah, the PA didn’t all suck (kind of) and

like “most” professionals and good performers, the Perth rockers still put on a killer show of loud guitars, high energy stage move; and a bass player (Vanessa) who knew how to perform in true rock n roll spirit.

A hot day that assured us all the final days of the dry and the coming weeks of the build up, I think the Jebs felt it more than we did. But an hour + of old school 90’s tracks like ‘Leaving Home’ and ‘Military Strongmen’ and a set of new school songs – “She’s Like a Comet” and “Lost My Nerve” performed off their new record Kosciuszko, made a Sunday afternoon set that was sweaty, loud and brilliant.

...ZEDMAJOR should have got the support!

Support band Paper, Scissors, Rock, a collection of higher education and



KRIS KEOGH By Nico I reserve a special kind of loathing for the generic, creatively void, boot-rattling beats that all-together too many people call “techno”, so I’m extremely thankful for the ability of those like Kris Keogh, who can disregard all suggestions of electronic music being “souless” and manage to play from their fucking heart using the best technology of today.

Kris is a softly spoken guy, but that impression can be swiftly replaced that of a passionate, dedicated artist. As a co-founder of the Happy Yess and regularly performing with a variety of acts, there’s much to be said for the part he’s played building and supporting Darwin’s original music scene.

As a solo artist Kris now works under his own name, having fallen under the “Blastcorp” moniker between 2000-2009. His first album, “Processed Harp Works Volume 1” has been released by Australian experimental label New Weird Australia as a (now sold out) deluxe digipack as well as a “pay what you want” digitial download. This album prominently consists of samples of Kris playing harp, which, as might


have been guessed from the name of By contrast, Kris’s other band Red the album, have then been processed Plum and Snow are a guitar driven quite heavily. Kris has designed his duo with occasionally noisy, sweet, own sound processing software beautiful love songs, also featuring using Reaktor (and I’m almost Gretchen Ennis of Straight Skirt. certain he only chose to use this Their live shows are a sensory software because it’s an anagram of extravaganza, with large weather Kreator), and mixes the soothing and balloons as stage props, abstract beautiful sounds of the harp with projections and an abundance his trademark glitchy, hard beats. of cupcakes, arranged in various The end result is bewildering in its patterns by flavour/colour. contrast. Kris really does have one of the At shows, he samples his songs live, biggest fucking hearts in the NT having recently aquired his own full- music scene, something he puts into size orchestral harp. Having then everything he does, and it shows. I run the samples through his fancy can’t wait to hear what he comes up software, he mixes the tracks on the with next. fly using his arcane and facinating Monome, a button-grid sequencer that always raises a few eyebrows and questions at his shows. He then sings over the top of all this subtle chaos. It can be a little disconcerting to witness, as Kris sings so sweetly over the huge beats and glitchy, acidmania of his tracks.


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Thursday 1st September Karaoke @ Happy Yess | 9pm | 18+ | FREE

Friday 2nd September

All-ages hip-hop w/ Sono & Cynic, Kylie Sambo @ Happy Yess | 9pm | All-ages | $5

Jess Ribeiro and the Bone Collectors album launch @ Parap Railway Club | 9pm | 18+ | $15

Saturday 3rd September

Megabass! @ Happy Yess | 9.30pm | 18+ | $7

Nea Combo DiffuZion @ Parap Railway Club | 8pm | 18+ | $TBA

Thursday 8th September

The Break @ Parap Railway Club | 8pm | 18+ | $25 Kat-a-stroff @ Happy Yess | 9pm | 18+ | $5

Friday 9th September

HEAVYbyHEAVY 2011 w/Unbroken Expanse, ZedMajor, Sex in the Desert, Burrfoot, Roy Mackonkey and The Wicked Garden @ Darwin Entertainment Centre 8pm | $35/30 Jordie Lane @ Parap Railway Club | 8pm | 18+ | $TBA Kev Lymn & Dave Spry @ Happy Yess 9.30pm | 18+ | $7

Saturday 10th September

Charles Jenkins (Vic) & Dave Garnham @ Happy Yess 9.30pm | 18+ | $10

Sunday 11th September

Johnnie Mac @ Darwin Ski Club | 4.30pm | FREE

Thursday 15th September

Comedy Night @ Happy Yess | 9pm | 18+ | $5 Most of these events were aggregated from online resources such as MusicNT, Off the Leash, Happy Yess and Darwin Entertainment Centre. They are subject to change at short notice and we suggest you check the venue website closer to the date to be sure.


Friday 16th September Poetry Slam @ Happy Yess | 6pm | 18+ | $5

Seldom Party (Alice) & Johnnie Mac @ Happy Yess 9pm | 18+ | $5

Saturday 17th September

Dunhill Blues (NSW) & Kim Orchard @ Happy Yess 9.30pm | 18+ | $6

Thursday 22nd September

Steve Holliday Alternative & Emma Stocker @ Happy Yess | 9.30pm | 18+ | $5

Friday 23rd September

Bushdance with the Bloody Mary’s @ Happy Yess 9.30pm | 18+ | $7

Saturday 24th September

Reggae Fever @ Happy Yess | 9.30pm | 18+ | $7

Thursday 29th September

BYOB Projection Art Show + Music @ Happy Yess 7pm | 18+ | FREE

Friday 30th September

Jeff Martin (ex-The Tea Party) @ Parap Railway Club 8pm | 18+ | $40

Megabass @ Happy Yess | 9.30pm | 18+ | $7

Saturday 1st October

Bastardfest Darwin w/ Psycroptic (TAS), Katabasis (NSW), Amagon (QLD), Miazma (Alice Springs), Unbroken Expanse (Tennant Creek) Hate for Fate, Calabria’s Fall, ZedMajor, The Horror (Alice Springs), Abysm, Aborted Jesus Milkshake, Faces in the Fire, Burrfoot, Crucible, FEMA, Curcuma and The Wicked Garden @ Brown’s Mart | 4pm | $40/32.50

Sunday 2nd October

Rustflower @ Darwin Ski Club | 4.30pm | FREE





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