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There are many types of cartridges available in the market for your swimming pool filtration system Relaxing in a hot tub, laps in a big pool, playing with your kids in your backyard pool or training for a triathlon - is anyone`s dream come true! Pools are fast fast becoming synonymous with relaxation and exercise. Many medical practitioners recommend swimming as the main exercise for a healthy body. They also recommend a dip in the hot tub for stress free life! So whether you love water as a means to a stress free life or you do it as a daily exercise, both ways, you love the swimming pool. Now just imagine a situation where in the pool or the water is strewn with dirty leaves, debris or unclean water. What are the sides of the pool are dirty and you can see things floating around in the pool? Whether it is a public pool, gym pool or a personal pool, hygiene and sanitation levels are important. Clean and clear water is a must or else it can fast become the breeding ground for all kinds of germs, diseases and bacteria! Well, this is where filtration systems for the swimming pool come into play. Filtration system is necessary to filter and clean the water in the pool, tub, Jacuzzi etc. Of course, there are different types of filtration systems available to us today! They all use cartridges and here are the 3 main types of cartridges available to us: v Sand Filter Cartridges - As the name itself suggests, it uses sand inside the actual cartridge. Sand has been known to mankind since ages as a great filterant. For the swimming pool filter, sand acts as a filterant too. Water is pumped through the sand cartridge and the sand filters away the debris. In this type of process, the dirty water and debris is removed from the top whereas the clean water is at the bottom and is pumped back into the swimming pool. This mechanism can be used for a big pool, small backyard pool, hot tub etc. v Diatomaceous Earth Filters - These are another type of filters, more modern than others! They are commonly known as DE filters. It is slightly bigger than sand filters, but more effective. The material used for the filtration process are the exoskeletons (fossiled, of course!) of diatoms. They are very porous and thus, just like sand, can act as a perfect filterant. It works wonders to clear out the debris in the water v Cartridge Mechanism - They are one of the best because they do the job properly and do not require much maintenance or cleaning upkeep. They take out the debris and clean the water effortlessly and do not clog easily. So if you stay in an area where a lot of trees shed eaves frequently, this may be your best bet!

Every pool has a different requirement and pool owners definitely need appropriate guidance. Come to Poolfilters for proper advice on what type of filter is best suited and which cartridge to buy. Visit them at to know more! Author: This Article “Pool Filters 101” is written by Shamoil Karachiwala, CEO of Pool Filters. is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of pool and spa filters, filter cartridges, replacement filters of all top brands. For more information please visit Visit our Blog: Information on Pool Filters Parts and Accessories Follow us on

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There are many types of cartridges available in the market for your swimming pool filtration system