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Clues: Down 1. We sometimes go to one of these if we pop out for a walk on Christmas morning. (3) 2. Christmas 2010 activity. (4, 7) 3. The original group name. (7, 1, 5) 4. She is in the process of buying a house with her lovely boyfriend. (5) 5. We consume a lot of this warm drink at Christmas time. (6, 4) 6. The home of the friendly ghost. (11) 8. 38 across ran from one villa to the other at Center Parcs with this on a baking tray. (6) 10. We really wouldn't be here without her. (4) 11 She is a speed demon and it appears to run in the family! (9) 12. We crashed a wedding wearing these. (4, 3, 7) 17. We bring them to Christmas gatherings and put them in Santa's sack. (8, 5) 18. 27 down normally makes these at Christmas. (8) 20. Christmas isn't Christmas without a tin of these. (7, 5) 25. The location of the first nonBournemouth FRFF gathering. (11) 26. Our very own globetrotter. (6) 27. She sometimes misses football to see her friends. (3) 32. Our Christmas morning tipple. (5)

The time of our lives

Camberley 2012



34. We put these on our head. (5) 35. This FRFF member married the boy next door. (6) 36. Our most northerly member. (4) 37. A fruity concoction that gets us tipsy quickly. (5) 39. A must at every celebration. (4) 40. One FRFF member has one of these at the moment and eight others have had them in the past! (4) 42. Pink grape juice! (4) Clues: Across 7. We used to buy ridiculous items from these shops and make our friends wear them at Christmas. (7) 9. Most of us went here to 'learn a thing or two'. (11) 12. Her girls will always be able to leave the door open. (5) 13. The number of current FRFF members. (8) 14. We cover this in brandy and set fire to it at Christmas! (7) 15. We had a mini FRFF break in Spain in 2006 to catch some of this. (3) 16. A recent purchase means she will never get lost again! (3) 19. We mix it with spirits. (5) 21. This is good to dunk biscuits in. (3) 22. Often drunk with cranberry juice. (5)

23. We put it in drinks to make them refreshing. (3) 24. Who needs celebrity versions when we have this...? (3) 28. We have a mini FRFF one and decorate it at Christmas. (4) 29. The location where we recreated the M&S Christmas advert. (6) 30. How we cook our potatoes for Christmas dinner. (5) 31. Our very own Brad and Angelina! (2, 3, 3, 5) 33. It goes perfectly with 19 across. (3) 38. She will become a mummy next year! (6) 41. She may have got married and changed her name, but she will always be known as this root vegetable to us. (8) 43. She got very wet at her own hen do! (5) 44. The year the majority of FRFF members went to university. (6, 3) 45. Often drank straight from the bottle. (4) 46. 16 across taught a class on this at the 2011 Christmas FRFF. (4)

“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.�


bridged) Letter from Australia, (a nsland Surfers Paradise, Quee 22 February 1994 Dear mum

Hello, dear reader. It’s been a while since there’s been a reunion magazine and this time around, we all wrote it, yay! Thank you for all your brilliant contributions; what a varied bunch we are. You’ll find recipes, stories, insights and poems, and all created by you. Jemma sent her copies of magazines from 1996, 1997 and 1998 to me and in the intro to one of them I say, “Every time a reunion comes around it seems to be harder and harder to get everyone together. As we get older and have more can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and realise what the important things are” Still so very true in 2012. In the magazines I talk about “developing” people’s photos, Take That feature quite heavily (as do poo and wee, tusk, how immature :-)) Facebook didn’t exist to us, googling something was unheard of, we didn’t really email each other, and I believe none of us had a grey hair. There’s even an invitation to my 27th birthday party. TWENTY SEVEN, oh my days where have those 13 years gone? In fact, I can’t believe it’s a year since our last FRFF Christmas weekend. This year has seen many changes and events, happiness and sadness, and it’s always a comforting thought that the annual gathering at the end of the year is there to look forward to. So, let us not dillydally, it’s time to be make merry my lovely friends. Let the reunion commence. Love,

nk you for sending me the Thank you thank you tha a t I've come travelling for money! I feel dreadful tha I will y within the first month. year and run out of mone pointed “Taking it easy at the moment” meantime, Louise is ap get a job soon and in the ry ve is is rationing me which my personal banker and g mmer when we are stayin sensible but a bit of a bu d ping mall! It's 9.30am an op miss sh ive ss ma a e sit po op up this early - we usually ing be ge an str ry ve It's ching sun. caps we're sat out in the scor ch last wearing ea st kfa ea br e fre a n ) but we wo s brekkie (it stops at 10am de a concerted effort thi ma we so l ste ho r ou at Australia?!?) everything on to a 'Cap BBQ' (only in most of our prize and ate the de ma e W m. 0a 8.3 morning and got up at . offer. Now I can't move and organise the bus tickets to ve ha e W . ay tod y' s da st for a We're having a 'busines it easy at the moment (ju ing tak t jus 're we t bu y n Ba on a accommodation for Byro one playing mellow tunes me so ar he n ca d an rd courtya ck in the change). W e're sat in a apparently everyone's stu y, Ba n ro By for od mo g in the to geetar. W e're just gettin becoming drug runners g rin ide ns co e e'r W s. ds of drug hippie era and there's loa make some money. other day. Don't n and Nicole Kidman the ato Ke l ae ch Mi th wi e' all the way We went to see 'My Lif ed uncontrollably nearly bb so e W . er ev film t es and went to ever see it - it is the sadd t our poshest clothes (!) pu we ay rd ste ye m 4p . At ck home). through the whole thing y she goes all the time ba ntl re pa ap t es qu re e's Louis she should the casino opposite (at thoughts as to whether nd co se g vin ha am I d are an was Well - she was a nightm t $150, but I won $80 (it los e sh lf ha a d an ur ho y! In an boot) be in charge of my mone 're both very sunburnt to we nd (a h ug tho w no off y pissed brilliant!) W eezie is prett going again. and don't think we'll be nk a rning writing letters I thi mo rd ha a ter Af . gh ou on for long en to Well I think I've waffled quick vote and decided a d ha t jus e e'v W r. de beach is in or relaxing afternoon at the at a hard life! until tomorrow. Ha - wh da en ag s es sin bu r ou postpone Hope all ok with you, lot Jemma xxx


………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. (Quotes at the foot of some pages are all AA Milne)

s of love


“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet. Even longer,' Pooh answered.”

A is for Andrea; always adorable. And Anya (Leida you chose well, one of my favourite names) B is for Billy - the first FRFF baby and Baby Bumps and Bethany – what a gal! C is for Camberley the latest and loveliest of ‘incidental’ chilled get-togethers. And not forgetting charming and cheeky Charlie Hamilton. And CATS!!!

Sara Zoe


D is for Dorset - our adoptive home! And Dominic the rock dude – well what else would you expect from Leida’s offspring?

A true friend Accepts you as you are, Believes in you, Calls you just to say "Hi", Doesn't give up on you, Enjoys your company Forgives your mistakes, Gives unconditionally, Helps you, Invites you over, Just "be" with you, Keeps you close at heart, Loves you for who you are, Makes a difference in your life, Never judges, Offers support, Picks you up, Quiets your fears, Raises your spirits, Says nice things about you, Tells you the truth when you need to hear it, Understands you, Values you, Walks beside you…………… Our columnist Lara does the FRFF version:



E is for Eternal, effervescent, endless friendships.


F is for fabulous at Forty (OK so some of us aren’t quite there yet!) but by the use of a time machine we have been zapped to this staggering ‘old’ did that happen?! (Does anyone feel anymore 'grown up' than they did 20years ago?!)


Andrea Jemma

G is for Genny Gunn; the Gunster, the girl who should be knighted for services to Motherhood


H is for horses; Bethany's vocation & hilarious Harriet (especially when sporting a 'tash) 4




Winner’s Dinners 23

Winner’s Dinners Dearest Friends, Romans and Countrymen and Womenfolk, it gives me great delight to introduce my article to you. I struggled with inspiration it is fair to say. The mild panic of not-having-thought-ofanything-let-alone-started-it was all too familiar and reminiscent of both of my sentences served at University. The only difference now is that I haven’t actually stayed up all night drinking SKOL and winging it to the final hour, I simply failed to hit the deadline. I also kinda cheated – as I sort of got you all to write it for me. Parenthood – there is nothing quite like it for teaching one to cut corners. So, without further ado, I can also credit the idea to the Guardian Magazine. Although I do have a moustache and a penchant for comfy shoes, I’m not of any particular political persuasion which I understand it what defines ‘Guardian Readers’; I just buy it on Saturdays for the Quiz. Sad, a sign of old age, but it’s quite enjoyable nonetheless and a little interlude from X Factor and the Indian takeaway menu. Last week’s magazine featured ‘what foodies really eat’ and had the likes of Nigella Lawson and Heston Blumenthal record every meal they ate for a week, in glorious technicolour. As a lover of food, I really enjoyed the article and the explanations behind each meal, it was an excellent way to paint a picture of the subject’s daily life. In practice, having gleaned the pictures and a little wordage from you all, it has been exactly that; a fascinating little project. A moment’s glimpse into your lives, which has been very fulfilling,


especially as I see you so infrequently. I’ve really enjoyed it. A huge thank you to you for taking the pain out of coming up with an idea and helping me to stay lazy. It’s such a simple principle I’m not messing with anything. Its pleasure is in your pictures and words, so here they are. Just think, this is what we were all eating / doing on Tuesday 30 October 2012, or thereabouts.

Sara—Here’s my’s home made but a freezer meal as I am rushing out this evening to a ‘meeting’ at the care home where Nan is. (glamorous life). X Julie—Hope this does not was good x Weight watchers recipe, brown rice (health kick) normal home made at weekend by James (his speciality is curry) reheated by moi. Lush it was. Tamzin—Just your average family dinner with 2 frightful cousins! Happy Halloween Andrea—Vegetable & lentil soup with muffin!! (not very exciting!) xx Lara— Quality Inn Birmingham breakfast. Sealife Centre today. Hope you’re all well. Much love xxxx Sue—Here’s a picture of my tea! :) baked potato with beans and cheese of course!!!! Might be a bit windy around here later on!! :) love from Sue x x Sarah—Vegetarian cannelloni and salad cannelloni with soya mince etc! Interested and curious to read what you are writing! Love to you all xxx It was in-fact yesterday's dinner re-heated..the cannelloni, not the salad! Yesterday it was served with spinach. It tasted better the 2nd time round I think!! A lot nice than it looked!

I is for Idiotic American Slogans… “There’s no I in TEAM!” one of my most hated which kept me for years slogging at the Arena instead of gallivanting with you girls! I is also for Indestructible friendships forged during Interesting, Incisive, Indebted, Imaginative and Intoxicated times together!

Micki—Ooooo exciting!!!! Malcs is cooking curry tonight as I have my weigh in so I'll get him to take a photo xx loved the picture of Hattie pumpkin, made me laugh!! Jenny is the same- hilarious xx Jenny has def reached terrible 2's already she shouts mine to everyone and pushes them away! Yesterday she was screaming at her friend and pulling her away by her legs- wa!!!!! Lots of love xx Leida—My dinner attached: what can I say, it’s been a long busy day and looks set to be a long busy night so I've chosen to partake of some cold four cheese pizza left overs, served on a vibrant chopping board and enjoyed on the hoof. Zoe—Hi Lou, sorry it's not more exciting! Xxx Uninspiring late night meal. Tuesday 30th October, 9.40pm. Dad's homemade spinach soup with toast. Late home from work, with a horrid cold. This was a quick and easy option.

J is for joyful Jemma, jubilant Julie and juniors Jemima & Jenny. Also one of my favourite words… juxtapose and… JONESY!

Gen— By the time I read your email, we had finished tea, so unfortunately here is the remains but you get the general idea. Unfortunately you caught me on a bad night, usually it is a 'gastronomic feast' however we had Tesco lasagne, garlic bread and salad. In my defence it was a hectic day. The kids hated it but it filled a gap. The meal was topped off with a muller corner yoghurt. Fast lane. p.s. Even the dog didn’t like it.

P is for Phoebe, princess of the forest and Parsnips Q is for quality outfits; be it charity shop attire, Nuns, Mexicans, Pink Ladies, singing superstars such as Shelvis and 'Dolly'; no question about it, we have rocked it!! R is for Racing driver Ross: the future of British Racing!

K is for Kittens – don’t we all love ‘em?! L is for lovely Louise, Leida, Lara Lockers, Luke & Lucy and Leisure Marketing (LOL!!) L is also the Roman numeral for 50.

Jemma—Jon was in charge of dinner last night…..North African spiced vegetable soup, a party selection box of Mexican cheese & bean bites/wedges (with token greenery as per the serving suggestion) and a bottle of Sainsbury’s cava. That is how we roll….. x

M is for Micki-Luv and Megan (future TV presenter if her U-tube clip is anything to go by!)

Louise—Cod loin in the holy trinity of garlic, ginger and chilli on a ‘bed’ of cabbage with lots of sesame oil and soy sauce. Reaching addiction levels re the sesame oil. Not served until 9:40 which is ridiculous and only because Toby had gone round to a neighbours to show them places to visit in Cornwall on their upcoming holiday (code for drink red wine and eat peanuts).

“If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms.”

O is for OMG Experiences we have all encountered in 21years of our union… does anyone want to go there?!!!

N is for November; let the good times roll on for this FRFF get-together and not forgetting NUT ROAST and “NO solids in the downstairs toilet!” 5

S is for splendid Sue; superstar Sarah; spectacular Sara and Sicily (which is in serious need of a frff visit). Not forgetting SONGS... Where would we be without them? thank you for the music! and the phrase “… So cross, I could’ve shit in his Shoes!!”

T is for Tamzin and the Talbot Campus, without it we'd never have met?! U is for University of friendship aka Bournemouth V is for Vegetarian Spinsters!!! Classic!!!! W is for Woo, simply one of the best made-up words ever!! (for those not in the know it's Charlie's word for a combined wee & poo) and Weezie (‘mazin’ nickname) X is for Xmas FRFF stylee… bring on the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day delights without the dramas! Y is for Yawns which eventually engulf us one by one, after hours and hours of drinking, talking, laughing, smoking and reminiscing way into the night and often into the early mornings Z is for ‘zuperstar’ Zoe, Zed, Miss Ponzini. And Zillion: there are zillions of reasons to love you gals. xx

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” Winnie the Pooh

All friends having lots of fun... There

were once a few friends at uni,

Bournemouth to be exact. Some lived together, some studied together and some left to go and do other things. But they were always friends. Then a strange thing

You get by with a little help from your friends and a friend in need is a friend indeed. But are you a forever friend or a failing friend? Take the FRFF 'What kind of F are you?' quiz and find out. 1. At a gathering of your friends you can't find a jug for the cocktails. Do you... A. Get yourself a beer instead? B. Ask someone else to sort the drinks, you're going to watch Strictly? C. Make Sea Breeze in a teapot, (well, a spout's a spout!). 2. Your friend gets her guitar out at the end of a drunken evening, do you... A. Pretend you're going to the toilet and instead sneak off to bed? B. Sulk because she won't play Stairway to Heaven? C. Put your pants on your head and sing that little ditty?

4. The party's over and you and your friend haven't had a chance to talk all evening, do you... A. Tell her to email you, you may have an opening in your schedule in the new year. B. Say you'll call her soon, (she'll have forgotten by the morning)? C. Sit in the lobby of the Travelodge til the early hours for a proper catch up, who knows when you'll next get a chance?

But then other times they would just hang out - Prague, Oxford, Milton Keynes. The thing about it was that they were all friends having lots of fun, sharing good times and being there for the not so good times and that's what friends are for. They also don't judge you even when your story is unlikely to help them hit the jackpot! :-)

5. Your friend asks you to write an article for a magazine she's compiling for your next get together, do you… A.Copy something off the internet, she won't notice the American spellings. B. Make excuses until she finally gives up nagging you. C. Stay up until after midnight making your contribution the masterpiece your gang deserve.

3. Your friend says it would be nice to have a memento of the great evening out you're having, do you... A. Take a quick picture of the two of you on your phone? B. Change the subject, you just want another drink? C. Slip those stylish, branded glasses into your handbag, (they'll match the ashtrays you took from . the last pub?) 6

happened. More and more people just kept adding themselves to the group - what was it that was happening? - Were they under a spell?!!!! Were they being enticed?!!! Was somebody putting something in their drinks?!!! - Weezie!!!!! They did act a bit

strange sometimes. Once they dressed up in tabards and purple wigs and called themselves strange names!!! Once they went to an Indian Restaurant and sang about pants on their head!!! - They did sing about pants on their head a lot!!!!! They even stuck things up their jumpers to pretend to be pregnant.


The verdict: turn to page 14

Always friends


“You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, And smarter than you think”

Mrs. G’s baking club

The indulgent chocolate sandwich cake. A rich creamed cocoa sponge sandwiched with a thick layer of buttercream, glazed with a sweet chocolate icing.


Equipment: 20cm non-stick cake tin, 9cm deep with a removable base For the cake: 225g/8oz unsalted butter, diced 225g/8oz golden caster sugar 175g/6oz self raising flour, sifted 50g/1 ¾ oz cocoa powder, sifted 2tsp baking powder, sifted 1tsp vanilla extract 1/4tsp fine sea salt 4 medium eggs 100ml/ 3 ½ floz milk For the buttercream: 100g/ 3 ½ oz unsalted butter, softened 100g/ 3 ½ oz icing sugar, sifted 2tsp cocoa powder, sifted 1 medium egg yolk For the icing: 100g/ 3 ½ oz milk chocolate, broken into pieces 15g/ ½ oz unsalted butter 30g/ 1 oz cocoa powder 50ml/ 2 fl oz coffee, or water 1tbsp golden syrup

Preheat the oven to 170c/325f/gas3 and butter/flour the tin Place all the caked ingredient in a food processor or bowl and cream/whisk together. Transfer to the cake tin , smooth surface and bake for 45-55 minutes until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean Run a knife round the edge and let cool To make the buttercream, blend the butter, icing sugar and cocoa together in a mediumsize bowl then whisk with an electric whisk on high speed for 2 minutes until really pale and fluffy. Add the egg yolk and whisk for a minute more. Remove the cake from the tin and sit on a stand or plate. You can leave the tin base attached if you like. Slit the cake in half (horizontally) with a bread knife and spread the bottom half with buttercream. Sandwich with the top half. To make the icing place all the ingredients in a heavy based pan and over a very low heat, keep stirring with a balloon whisk until they emulsify – careful not to burn by overheating. Smooth over the top of the cake and let it run down the sides. Settle down for a cuppa with your best mates and enjoy


The best part of cake making


I googled you...I giggled

Christmas comes but twice a year...

Minnie first began serving tea at the young age of 13 in a local patisserie. It was here that she discovered the world of tea: Assam, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Herbal and English breakfast to name a few.

Quite an art It was quite an art brewing, blending or steeping to get that perfect cup of tea but never put the milk in! That was a definite no no! She would humorously reel the whole tea varieties off to the customers ending with ‘or normal’. Cue cheeky grin! She loved working as a waitress; brightening people’s days and making them feel special.

Micro relationships Busy periods were a bit like extreme speed dating! A


minute to meet, greet, learn a person’s name and their food / drink preferences! However unlike speed dating she got to speed date the same people tomorrow and the day after as they became regulars. It drifted into hundreds of micro relationships where food, drink and friendship were shared.

friends, work friends, family friends, University friends, Mum friends and in the moment, special event friends (the ones we share special times with and promise to keep in touch with but then sadly don’t for some reason or another); some she kept and some she didn’t.


Her favourite group were friends of a friend, a group called FRFF!

Minnie went on to develop different friendships; school friends, college

Christmas comes but twice a year As the trees begin to shed their leaves the first of these draws near Both our Christmas's are different, yet the similarities are clear, a time for over indulgence, hilarity and precious times with those we hold most dear Our weekend bags have all been packed as we draw closer in the car, many miles have been covered as we travel from near and far We chink our sherry glasses at breakfast as we prepare for the main event, FRFF Christmas is upon us and our monthly savings plan has all been spent! We shall feast on turkey (and the regulation nut roast) accompanied by all the usual trimmings followed by Christmas pud and custard for those of us who are not slimming! Post dinner is a time to share our special Christmas gifts Will they be homemade or classic fiver charity shop sifts? As part of our annual weekend we embark upon an activity as a whole Orienteering, hiking or white water rapids...we have even been known to dance on a pole! FRFF Christmas always brings merriment and cheer As friends gather all together for this special weekend each year So until next November when we gather together once more We will have to rely on our memories locked away safely in our store


“What day is it?" It's today," squeaked Piglet. My favourite day," said Pooh.”


They tried to catch up as often as they could in person and by email but the best times were the Christmas gatherings which happened each year without fail. She knew she was part of something really special and unique.

Happy tea Minnie loved the concept that cups of tea were underlying throughout her friendships, she had observed this from a young age. In fact, Minnie had experienced sad tea, happy tea, sharing memories tea, celebratory tea, special afternoon tea, hangover tea, Spa tea, procrastination tea, planning tea and crisis tea!

Couple of facts:   

First boot was made for Duke of Wellington who wanted a hard wearing boot for battle but comfortable for dinner. The game of Welly wanging was started during the first world war by front line soldiers. Largest boot ever made was 8m high.

Bootiquiz: The photo shows some of my current boots. Numbered from left to right (1 being on the left, 6 on the far right), please answer the following questions:   

The call One day, Minnie had a call from her Dad, her Auntie’s dementia was getting worse and she couldn’t run her teashop in Wales anymore! Her Dad wondered if Minnie could go and take over for a while until they sorted something out?! She felt extreme sadness for her Aunt but felt she owed it to her to carry on the great business she had created.

Identify my favourite/most used Identify the cheapest Identify the most over priced and “piss useless at keeping feet dry” boots

This article has identified the fact that I have a problem. I also have realised I have more wellies than any other footwear. Gunny says I am weird. Word autocorrects Wellies to willies, tee hee. Answers:



Could she do this? Minnie felt a twinge of excitement. Could she do this? She spoke to her Husband; they decided it would be a wonderful experience. He could transfer to Wales and they could put Penny in a Nursery. They would be sad to leave their friends and family but knew they would keep in touch and it wouldn’t be forever!

A good cuppa As they drove to the Angel Muffin cafe, Minnie smiled to herself as she thought about her new adventure, new friends and a good cuppa-of course! "What better way to suggest friendliness - and to create it - than with a cup of tea?" J. Grayson Luttrell, 1930

“Oh Tigger, where are your manners?" "I don’t know, but I bet they’re having more fun than I am.”

Ingredients 185g unsalted butter 185g dark chocolate 85g plain flour 40g cocoa powder 50g white chocolate 50g milk chocolate 3 large eggs 275g golden caster sugar

Instructions Fill a small saucepan about a quarter full with water, then sit a medium sized bowl on top so it rests on the rim, not touching the water. Cut 185g unsalted butter into cubes and place into the bowl. Break 185g dark chocolate into small pieces and place into the same bowl. Melt over a low heat, stirring occasionally. Once melted, remove from the heat and leave the mixture to cool to room temperature. While you wait for the chocolate to cool, position a shelf in the middle of your oven and heat the oven to fan 160C/conventional 180C/Gas Mark 4. Line the base of a 20cm square baking tin. Sieve 85g plain flour and 40g cocoa powder into a medium bowl.

Power Wellbeing

Celebrate Autumn Fabulous Friends! Time to splash in some puddles and kick up piles of leaves and breath fresh air (also a good excuse to buy some gorgeous new willies! (kept the sp in for LOLs—ed)



Autumn is the time to build up your body’s strength with energising drinks and detox breathing.

Enjoying long sessions in the bathroom, relaxing with scented oils that with soothe your mind, heal your spirit and nurture you body.

Protect Your health, your back and your sanity against all the drains on your time and energy.


A few things to help you on your way….

With a large sharp knife, chop 50g white chocolate and 50g milk chocolate into chunks.

Energy smoothie (great for breakfas t) 1 large ripe banana , peeled and slice d 200mm semi skim med milk 1 tbsp smooth nu t butter A pinch of ground nutmeg and cinna mon A handful of ice cu bes Place all ingredient s in a blender and whizz until smooth . Then add the ice cubes and whizz ag ain, until the cube s have well broken up . Pour into a ta ll glass and drink! A great energy bo oster. Bananas ar e an excellent source of potassium which helps keep blood pressure levels healthy. Nuts prov ide healthy fats, to support healthy sk in and joints, the nervous system an d immune system . Nuts are also pack ed with important vitamins and min erals such as vitam in E, B vitamins and m agnesium. These nutrients help with exercise recovery , metabolism and en ergy production. Enjoy!

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"”

Break 3 large eggs into a large bowl and add 275g golden caster sugar. Whisk the eggs and sugar (with an electric mixer) until they look thick and creamy (this can take up to 8 mins). When the mixture becomes pale and about double its original size it’s ready. Pour the cooled chocolate mixture over the egg/sugar mixture. Gently fold together with a rubber spatula in a figure of eight movement, until the mix is a mottled dark brown. Hold the sieve over the bowl of chocolate mixture and resift the cocoa and flour mixture. Gently fold in this powder using the same figure of eight action as before. The mixture will look dry and dusty at first, but it will end up gungy and fudgy. Finally, stir in the white and milk chocolate chunks until they're dotted throughout. Pour the brownie mixture into the prepared tin ensuring it spreads to the corners and level the top. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 25 minutes. After this time check to see if it is cooked by gently shaking the tin. If the brownie wobbles in the middle, it's not quite done, so pop it back in and bake for another 5 minutes until the top has a shiny, papery crust. When cooked take out of the oven. Leave the whole thing in the tin until completely cold, then lift out the brownie. Cut into quarters, then cut each quarter into four squares and finally each square into triangles.

Hot tip: They'll keep in an airtight container for two weeks and in the freezer for up to a month (not that you will have any left over!)


“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.”

Celebrate Autumn Fabulous Friends


Friend Poem

They say that true friendship is rare An adage that I believe to be true Genuine friendship is something that I cherish I am so lucky to have met you. Our bond is extremely special It is unique in it's own way We have something irreplaceable I love you more and more each day. We've been through so much together In so little time we've shared I will never forget all the moments that you've shown me how much you cared. Friends are forever Especially the bond that you and I possess I love your fun-filled personality Somehow you never fail to impress.

The world could use more people like you it would certainly be a better place I love everything about you You are someone I could never replace.


You are always there for me When my spirits need a little lift I cannot thank you enough for that You are truly an extraordinary gift.

Preparation: blow your nose! sit down on the floor cross legged or soles of feet together, the most comfortable position for you.

You are everything to me and more I could never express that enough Life is such a treacherous journey, and Without you it would be even more tough.

Kapalabhati technique: upper body slightly forward , inhale through the mouth

Yoga breathing to cleanse, energise and strengthen the body – Kapalabhati breath

and exhale short powerful bursts through the nose 25-30 times. Initially this is practised through both nostrils and afterwards through each individual nostril while the head is bent either to right or left side. After practising Kapalabhati you should relax for 1-2 mins.

Our story will continue to grow With each passing day Because I trust that with you by my side Everything will always be Okay. You are so dear to me You know I will love you until the end I will always be there for you, and You will always (and forever) be my best friend.

Benefits: This technique has a refreshing effect and gives new energy. Blood supply is stimulated to the whole forehead region and nasal passages, it is very helpful for sinusitis. The nose is cleansed and the respiratory system is strengthened. The effect is calming and therefore counteracts stress. Brings inner peace.

Mostly As FWF : Fair weather friend. Well, you talk the talk but when the chips are down the tough get going. Pull your socks up or you can talk to the hand.


Mostly Bs FF : Fake friend. You are not even a friend at all. Get out.

Try adding a few drops of black pepper aromatherapy oil to your bath. Warming and comforting, it’s perfect for soothing tired muscles.

Mostly Cs FFF : F***ing fantastic friend. Of course you are, you're reading this aren't you? Have a merry Christmas and the happy new year you deserve.


“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

- Time for you

Balance is restored in mind, body and spirit.


This page has been left intentionally (partially) blank so that Sarah Galli, who CANNOT not be in this magazine, can send an article at a later date for us all to print and stick in here.


27) She was once too many shots of asked for chips Tequila. On a by Paul Weller Sunday. What were 28) Micki had a we thinking!?! Scottish accent 39) Jenny arrived when we first way before her due met date. I got a text 29) When from Micki out of 'geocaching' she the blue saying ‘I’ve sprinkles a trail of just had a baby’. I fairy dust thought she was wherever she joking! goes 40) Both Tamzin 30) We watched a and Micki have lot of South Park helped me so very together back in much with Billy the day – she can over the years – I do some great honestly couldn’t impressions have brought him (drugs are bad up and forged my m’kay) current career “I wear pale pink lipstick, got 31) We without either my hair in a plait…” waitressed them. They together at a probably don’t posh fish realise how integral restaurant they were and I 32) A customer playing board games probably never thanked them once asked and watching TV. It properly, so I’d like to take her how the made being a single this opportunity to say a big Dover Sole mum the best thing in thank you, I’m eternally Sprinkles a trail of fairy dust was – Micki the world! grateful and I love you both to wherever she goes put her head 35) For years we didn’t pieces. to one side leave the house and pulled an upside-down without wearing a LOT of face. glitter Jemma Hardy 33) Micki used to work at 36) If you say to Micki, “the Juniors Day Nursery in game is afoot” I guarantee Brockenhurst, where Billy she will raise her leg at least a went – it was so reassuring to metre high *“At least, that’s how I know that whilst I was at work 37) Micki is awesome with kids remember it” Billy was in the safest of – she was a brilliant reception hands and having lots of fun! class teacher in Weymouth, 34) Billy and I lived a few doors she’s been a nursery manager away from Micki in the late and she’s going to be a BTEC 90s, she would pop round assessor for childcare carrying two cups of coffee 38) Micki & I went through a and whilst Billy was in bed we ‘let’s go to the pub on a spent great evenings in, Sunday night’ phase, drinking


“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever.”

happy 40ths micki and tamzin

Forty Thinks

Birthday love to two beauties on the occasion of them turning into quadragenarians

Forty things you may or may not about Tamzin and Micki 1) 24 years ago Tamzin went out with the boy who lived next door. (That was Andrew and they’ve been together ever since) 2) Tamzin almost got sent home from a business studies field trip for playing strip poker* 3) She used to drive a beautiful bright pink VW Beetle 4) Tamzin is entirely responsible for us all knowing Louise – they were both on the ‘Business Information Technology’ course at Bournemouth 5) She was at the centre of the iconic “Survive / Survival” story….”can anyone suggest a word….? Anyone? Anyone?” You probably had to be there (not that I was) 6) Tamzin spent time in her early twenties living in Venice Beach, Californ-I-A 7) They are two of the kindest, most caring, considerate, wonderful people I know and they are both fantastic mums 8) Tamzin has 2 chocolate Labradors – Woody and Dilly 9) Micki has 2 tattoos 10) Tamzin is extremely green-

fingered – impressive vegetable beds, bountiful crops and even on occasions a stall out the front selling the surplus 11) To save taking off her wellies, she has admitted to often weeing in the garden (perhaps the secret of bountiful crops!?) 12) She has just started keeping chickens 13) Tamzin's mince pies are legendary 14) As all responsible caravan owners are, Tamzin is a member of ‘The Camping and Caravanning Club’ 15) We took horse-riding lessons together at an early age with Mrs Hawkes – but Tamzin’s steed Polly regularly unseated her which I think rather put her off the whole business 16) Tamzin can sail a boat 17) You don’t get many 'Tamzins' – I always thought it was a Cornish name, but having looked it up several websites say it means ‘twin’ 18) On that note, we’re on the same wavelength. We studied A Level English Literature and Business Studies together at Brockenhurst College and turned up wearing the She has admitted to often weeing in the garden same clothes 14

on several occasions – not realising the other even owned the same item of clothing – spooky! 19) Tamzin & Micki also went to school together in Lymington for a short time (Tamzin left to go to an independent school, to wear bottle green) 20) Andrew proposed to Tamzin in Dublin 21) I was bridesmaid at both their weddings – one in gold, one in teal 22) Tamzin & Andrew just celebrated their 13 year wedding anniversary

   

         

Tamzin's mince pies are legendary

23) Tamzin’s middle name is Susan 24) Micki is actually Karen 25)...oooh, editor’s disappeared! 26) At school Micki once rewrote the lyrics to Transvision Vamp’s ‘Revolution Baby’ song for us to sing….it started, “I wear pale pink lipstick, got my hair in a plait. I’m so confused and my legs are quite fat….”

“Friendship," said Christopher Robin, "is a very comforting thing to have.”

    

Gardening is suddenly good. As is Schubert. The prospect of dancing in public is terrifying. You hiss when mobile phones go off at an exhibition. You buy more chart CDs than ever (in an attempt to hang on in there) but still go home and slap on Prince's Sign o' the Times. You are more inclined to tell people to shut up. You worry about rudeness, graffiti, the newspaper arriving late, the decline of public services and the possible truth in libido jibes. When your boss asks you when you can do some urgent task, you feel more free to say: "How about never? Is never good for you?" You think younger people who wear hooded sweatshirts with the hood up look stupid and sinister. You cross the street to avoid them. You go to the pub less often due to the belated realisation that it's rubbish You argue with the television. You always win. Reading is the new staring into space. You increasingly find cryptic crossword puzzles diverting entertainment. You're temperamentally incapable of using the following phrases: "Oh. My. God"; "And I'm like ..."; "And she's all ..."; "Whatever". But, oddly, not "Well, duh." You're temperamentally incapable of doing high fives or other showy handshakes. You find solace in birdsong. You think nothing of spending £8 on a bottle of wine. You write letters of complaint to Currys, Ikea, Norwich Union etc, while not expecting or receiving anything approaching a reply, civil or otherwise. It's hardly ever quiet enough.

"Forty" is the only nu

mber (in the Englis h language) that ha s its letters in alphabeti cal order


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