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How to generate free traffic from a traffic exchange A traffic exchange is website where you view other people's websites and in return two to five people will view your website. When you are viewing another persons website you will have watch their page for five or ten seconds, until a timer runs out. When the timer runs out you will be rewarded with a credit. Credits are used to determine how many people see your website or blog. The more websites you view the more credits you will get. The more credits you get the more traffic you will receive. If you do not feel like waiting to get credits, you have the option of buying credits. A very popular traffic exchange is called traffic splash. This website is very popular and fairly easy to use.

Using a traffic exchange to market your website or blog is a very powerful and effective way to generate traffic to your site.

The key here is to know to effectively draw in the people that view your site. This is not a very hard task to complete.

The first thing you could do is to set up a separate page that describes your blog, product, or service and ask the viewer for their email. If the viewer is interested in your site they will give you their email, for the simple fact that it is quick and they do not have to waste much time on your site. By doing this you will eventually grow a huge list of emails. You can then market your blog or website to the people on your list. I only recommend you send out no more than four to five emails a week. You also should also include your web URL at the top and bottom of the emails you send out.

This is a great way to get lots of traffic to your website, but if you use this method of marketing to generate web traffic, make sure that the websites you are using have a human verification system. This is when your visitors have to confirm they are human by putting in a code or clicking an image. Most traffic exchange sites

have them while some do not. The site that do not have it, are the sites you should avoid. The verification system lets you know that your visitors are real people and not robots. The traffic exchange is a very powerful traffic generation method, but it takes time unless you chose to buy credits.

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How to get traffic from a Traffic Exchange  

This short article will show you how you can effectively use a traffic exchange to generate traffic to your website or blog

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