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Dialogue Script Narrator: (Phone Rings) I will never forget that call, it was my mum telling me I was moving to London. It was a place full of hope, a place were dreams really come true. Full of beautiful scenery, iconic buildings, that I have never seen before. However, my dream never came true, in fact let me tell you about my nightmare. Person #1: Aye smoke that fam stop being a girl. Person #2: Its only weed bruv Narrator: I gave into the voices around me and before I knew it, I was dealing drugs myself. Person #1: I’ve got that banging cheese for you cuz its bad! Person #3: Fam you’re not balling, you’re broke. Need to get your p’s up! Person #2: It’s all about the scweller Narrator: In these streets I had to make a name for myself I was never gonna fall victim to this system. (Scenes reverse)

Narrator: I will never forget that phone call.

Dialogue Script (Film Trailer)  
Dialogue Script (Film Trailer)  

This is my dialogue script for my film trailer.