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Types of Energy Resources

Energy An energy resource is something that can produce heat, move objects or produce electricity. Energy Resources are of two types : - Renewable Energy. - Non- Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy Resources Renewable energy sources are the one which don’t run out - which can be renewed. Some of the Renewable Energy Resources. - Solar energy - Wind and wave energy - Biomass Fuels - Water Power - Geothermal Energy - Sun’s Energy Sources

Non-Renewable Energy Resources Non- renewable energy uses up the resources that we cannot recreate. Some of the Non- Renewable Energy Resources. - Fossil Fuels. - Nuclear Fuels.

Energy Resources Most of our energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun. We use energy from the sun in many different ways - for example, for producing electricity. - Coal - Natural gas - Oil - Nuclear power - Hydroelectricity - Biomass and refuse

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Types of energy resources