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Production of Sound Waves.

Sounds Sounds are vibrations that travel through a material, produced by a vibrating source. It broadly classified as - Sound Production. - Sound Characteristics.

Production of Sound Different musical instruments produce different sounds. The types of musical instruments are: - String instruments - Wind instruments - Percussion Instruments Sound has following benefits: 1)Measuring sound 2)Seeing sound

Measuring Speed of Sound Sound travels fastest in solids due to the close packing of the particles in the solid state. Speed of sound in air : 330m/s Speed of sound in water : 1400m/s Speed of sound in steel : 500m/s

Seeing Sound Take a plastic bowl and stretch a cling film tightly over it. This causes vibrations and makes the salt to move rapidly in all directions

Sound Characteristics Sounds is a longitudinal wave of pressure that travels through compressible medias, which can be solid, liquid, gaseous or made of plasma. Loudness - It defines the production of sound of high volume and intensity Pitch - The quality of sound is governed by the rate of vibrations producing it.

Uses of Ultrasound 1.Ultrasonic Cleaning 2.Quality control 2.Prenatal scanning 4.Ultrasonic welding 5.Ultrasonic disintegration 6.Weapons

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Production of sound waves  
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