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Know more about Light Reflection & Refraction

Reflection Reflection is a change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wave into the medium from which it originated. Law of reflection : It states that the angle of incidence(i) is equal to the angle of reflection(r), when a ray of light is reflected by a surface. Angle of incidence=angle of reflection

Refraction Refraction is a change in direction of propagation of wave due to a change in its transmission medium Refractive Index The ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to its velocity in a specified medium. Refractive index,n= speed of light in vacuum/speed of light in the material

Snell’s Law Snell’s law states that the ratio of the sines of the angles of incidence(i) and refraction(r) of a wave are constant when it passes between two given media. It is represented as, n=sin i/sin r

Total Internal Reflection Total Internal reflection happens when the angle of incidence of the ray exceeds the critical angle.

Lens A lens is a piece of glass or transparent material with curved sides for concentrating or dispersing the light rays. There are two main types of lenses. Convex Lens. Concave Lens.

Ray Diagram A lens forms a real image using ray diagram. Magnifying glasses: The Magnifying glass is a converging lens with the object closer than the principal focus. It produces a magnified, virtual image. Magnification = image size/object size

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Light reflection & refraction  
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