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Electromagnetic Spectrum

What is Electromagnetic Spectrum Electromagnetic spectrum is the complete spectrum of all forms of “light “. It consists of 1)Prism

2)Newton Disc

3)Gamma Rays


5)UV - Rays

6)Visible Light

7)Infrared Rays


9)Radio Waves

10)Total internal Reflection

Prism Prism is used to observe splitting up of white light into a Spectrum. Result: In this Image, White light splits and a spectrum appears on the board.

Newton Disc It is used to understand that white light is a combination of the seven colors in a rainbow. Result The Disc appears to be white in color when it is rotated.

Gamma Rays Gamma-rays have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy than any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum.

X-Rays X -Rays have lower energy and greater wavelengths than Gamma rays, and scientists usually refer to x-rays in terms of their energy rather than their wavelength. Result: It is used to take an x-ray of parts of the body.

UV Rays UV Rays used to observe the effects of long exposure to UV radiations. Result: UV rays create a tanning effect on the skin and can also cause skin cancer in some situations.

Visible Light It is used to observe Visible spectrum. Result: We see an image when we take a photo because the visible light rays capture the image.

Infrared Rays Infrared rays used to see the practical use of IR radiation. Result When we operate the remote, the IR rays from the remote turn on the TV.

Microwaves To observe the practical use of Microwaves Result The food in the bowl gets heated because of the movement of Microwaves in the Oven.

Radiowaves Radio Waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Result The phone rings because the cellphone signals are transmitted from the cellphone tower to the cell phone in the form of Radiowaves.

Total Internal Reflection To observe Total Internal Reflection Result The Total Internal Reflection of the light beam occurs when the angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle.

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Electromagnetic spectrum  
Electromagnetic spectrum