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Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction(EMI) EMI is the process of generating an electromagnetic force or voltage across an electrical conductor due to its dynamic interaction with a magnetic field. Lets we discuss about - Principle of EMI - A.C. Generator - Transformer

Principle of EMI The process of generating electricity from motion is called electromagnetic induction. Faraday’s Law of EMI The electromotive force generated due to electromagnetic induction is called induced e.m.f

Fleming’s Right Hand Rule Thumb - Pointed in the direction of motion of the conductor. First Finger - Pointed in the direction of the magnetic field(north to south) Second finger - Represents the direction of the induced or generated current.

A.C.Generator An A.C.Generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In a generator, an induced emf is produced by rotating a coil in a magnetic field.

Transformer A Transformer is a device that changes a high alternating voltage at low current to a low alternating voltage at high current or vice versa.

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Electromagnetic induction  
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