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Cognos Online Training Business Intelligence platforms have made the lives of their users simple, efficient and worry-fre e. Cognos has just made it simpler and more effic ient. Reports and Information are made available with just a few strokes.

Cognos Online Training The fast-changing world of business encourag es those in business intelligence to improve their programs and platforms as often as they can. IB M made sure that the Cognos updates never fall behind. Is the newest version better than Cogno s 8? Surely it is. Several of its new innovations ar e created to ensure that everyday business life is made easier and more cost-efficient.

Cognos Online Training Cognos 8 was released on October 2010 and is an immensely improved version of performance management and platform of business intelligen ce. What makes it better? Here are some of the f eatures that need to be considered

Cognos Online Training

Cognos Online Training Active Report & Statistics Objects, Interface that is maintained easily, Statistics made easy, M anaging of Events, Ensuring Better Performance, Easy Upgrades, and Mobile- on the Go All the Ti me

Cognos Online Training Options for data presentation have greatly be en modified and more choices are provided. Rep ort authors now create accounts and reports tha t meet the analytical needs of the people who ne eds & uses such accounts. Most users wants to r ead reports which are made by others and do not bother about what the platform they use.

Cognos Online Training There are few users who have more specific ne eds and need more specialized platform. Cognos 10 caters these needs with the help of its Busines s Insight Advances. Efficiency is the name of the game with IBM Cognos Statistics. Statistical pro cesses are easily managed. Fundamental statistic al tests are available, making it easy for users to v erify assumptions and conclusions of the report.

Cognos Online Training More choices are made available thus allowin g more control on the events created. Performan ce enhancements make sure that querying and c ube building time is shortened. The Dynamic Qu ery Model allows an 80% faster response time fo r all queries. This is made possible with a good c aching system and a good technique for routing t echniques which would direct queries to the app ropriate system may it be to a particular OLAP c ube, a cache or relational source.

Cognos Online Training

Cognos Online Training • Charts are easily modified. Users can promptly and actively change any data on the charts. • Any information or data needed can be access ed easily ensuring easy sorting, and analysis of needed data. • A prepared report can be used as many times as needed. Any report can be edited several ti mes to fit the needs of end-users.

Cognos Online Training With the IBM Cognos Lifecycle Manager, upgrading to the new Cognos 10 is made simple and fast. Based on Boeing's report, upgrading from the 8th version to the 1 0th took only about 6 days. Since mobile functionality i s fast becoming the trend these days, Cognos made sure that their new business intelligence platform is compati ble with all the brand products like iphones, ipads, blac kberry’s and other phones which are powered by Wind ows. For most users, this is a non-negotiable requireme nt.

Cognos Online Training • IBM Cognos BI Online Training by Professiona l experts@ Shalomitschool. Shalomitschool is a n IT software training institute which is offeri ng its services from past 6 years. Out trainers a re having a real time experience of more than 8 years and they are working professionals. • For free demo sessions contact us at INDIA: 9 8850222027 USA: 2103904819.

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Shalomitschool is an IT software training institute which is offering its services from past 6 years. Out trainers are having a real time ex...