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February 2018


1000 East Maple Street

SUNDAY SCHOOL Sunday School meets at 10:10AM on Sunday

PRESCHOOL Preschool is Monday- Friday from 8:45AM-11:45AM.

YOUTH GROUP Middle School meets at 10:10 AM

Harrisburg SD 57032


Registrations is open for the 2018-2019 school year!

High school meets at 6PM on Sundays

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The Women of Shalom invite you to participate

A Year of Missions

Noisy Sunday: Food Drive: Mission Project: Noisy Sunday: Food Drive: Mission Project: Noisy Sunday: Food Drive: Mission Project: Noisy Sunday: Food Drive: Mission Project: Noisy Sunday: Food Drive: Mission Project: Noisy Sunday: Food Drive: Mission Project:

February Kids Against Hunger Program Canned Tomato Products Serve at Kids Against Hungerdate TBD March Bishop Dudley House Soup & Crackers Serve at Bishop Dudley House April Shalom Floor Cleaning Canned Meats (NO tuna) Church on the Street May Vacation Bible School Hamburger &/or Tuna Helper/Boxed meals of any kind St Frances House June LWR Mosquito Netting Canned Stew, SpaghettiO’s, Ravioli Furniture Mission July Harrisburg Backpack Program Women’sHygiene Items/ Laundry detergent Gym shoes for school

Shalom Lutheran • 1000 E Maple

August Harrisburg Community Library Women’s Hygiene Items/ Laundry detergent September Noisy Sunday: Lunch is Served Food Drive: Cereal Mission Project: Lunch is Served October Noisy Sunday: Food for The Banquet Food Drive: Pasta Sauce & Noodles Mission Project: Serve at The Banquet on October November Noisy Sunday: Purchase fleece for blanket project Food Drive: Peanut Butter & Jelly Mission Project: VA Hospital patient project December Noisy Sunday: LWR Quilt Campaign Food Drive: Paper Products Mission Project: Assemble blankets for Project Linus January Noisy Sunday: Kids Against Hunger Program Food Drive: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo Mission Project: New children’s books for the Ronald McDonald House Noisy Sunday: Food Drive:

• Harrisburg SD 57032 • 605-767-5382

February 2018

Harrisburg Moms Harrisburg Mom’s is a faith based circle of moms embracing the journey of motherhood. They meet the second Monday each month from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the Fireside Room. Mothers of newborns thru school age children are welcome and invited to participate.

Harrisburg Area Food Pantry: The Harrisburg Area Food Pantry is located at 203 Prairie Street in Harrisburg. The store is open every Tuesday from 4-7pm and the first and third Thursdays every month from 10 am to Noon.

Contact: Sheila Coleman Harrisburg Food Pantry Coordinator Harrisburg United Methodist Church 605-929-0599

The women’s group has a permanent collection basket that will encompass items for the VA, Guatemala Medical Mission group, and Food Pantry. Items needed are small shampoo and lotion, stamps, playing cards, greeting cards, hard candy, small nail clippers, gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart etc, washcloths, nonwhitening toothpaste, tooth brushes, and chapstick, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Basket is in the gathering area.

If you are hospitalized and would like Pastor Trisha to visit you or to pray for you during worship, please call the office and let her know which hospital you are in and give your permission for public prayer. Pastor’s phone number is 605-610-6920. Church office phone number is 605-767-5382. Would you like a visit? Did you know that Shalom now has a visit ministry? We have 2-3 faithful, wonderful volunteers that are forging new ideas and helpful caring to our church family. If you know of someone who would benefit from a visit, phone call, card or support of some type; please let Lanelle know (214-2104 or

Stewardship Committee News:


If you have questions about Simply Giving, (electronic transfer), or giving to the mission of the church, please contact any of the Stewardship Ministry Team members.

We are  currently  recrui6ng  for  one   open  posi6on  in  the  Health  Ministry   Team,  if  you  would  like  to  join  us-­‐-­‐ please  let  Lanelle  know

Martial Arts Mr Doug Blomker host a Martial arts class twice a week in the fellowship hall. Please contact him if interested in participating. He can be reached at 605-940-9480

Shalom Lutheran • 1000 E Maple

Prayer Shawl/ Blanket Tying Ministry: Meets on the fist Tuesday of each month in the Fireside room at 7PM. All are welcome.

• Harrisburg SD 57032 • 605-767-5382

February 2018

Healthy cooking  class   February  24 Class  will  be  10am-­‐12  pm.   Cost  is  25$  per  person.  We   will  meet  at  Fareway  at  10   am  and  will  have  Alyssa  ,  a   licensed  Nutritionist  from   Live  well  Sioux  falls  (see   their  info  at   walk  through/  tour  with   emphasis  on  healthy   choices  and  label  reading.   Then,  go  to  Fellowship  hall   kitchen  to  prepare  2  meals   that  can  be  taken  home   with  you(choices   available).  Grocery   shopping  will  be  done  for   you  ahead  of  time!    At  the   end,  you  will  receive  a  10$   gift  card  to  Hy-­‐vee,   Fareway,  Sunshine  or   Walmart.  (So,  really   overall  cost  is  15$/ person).     You  will  also  receive  a  gift   bag  along  with  the  meals   you  leave  with  that  day. Date:  02/24/2018  (Sat.)   Time:  10:00am  -­‐  12:00pm Location:  Fairway  foods   and  Shalom  Lutheran

January Health Tip of the month Heart Healthy  6ps:  

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in South Dakota (2016 Vital Stats Report). Heart disease and cerebrovascular disease (stroke) are major causes of disability.   Heart disease – also called cardiovascular disease or coronary heart disease – is a simple term used to describe several problems related to plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries, or atherosclerosis. As the plaque builds up, the arteries narrow, making it more difficult for blood to flow and creating a risk for heart attack or stroke. Other types of heart disease include heart failure, an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and heart valve problems. Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke • Become more physically active • Improve diet (lower salt and fat) • Maintain a healthy weight • Be tobacco free Risk Factors for Heart Disease • High cholesterol • High blood pressure • Diabetes • Cigarette smoking • Physical inactivity • Poor diet • Alcohol abuse • Overweight and obesity

Shalom Lutheran • 1000 E Maple

• Harrisburg SD 57032 • 605-767-5382

February 2018


Sunday school meets from 10:10-11:10 each Sunday after worship.

Fish Bowl Offering is Children’s Miracle Network We would love to welcome Becky Behl, Dawn Huettl, and Deb Passick, Dustin Groen, Becky Behl, Dawn Huettl, and

Melissa Wenck to our Education Team!!

Melissa Wenck - Education Team *Feb. 4 - 3 year olds-1st grade sing during worship

Terra Hoverson - Director of Educational Ministries

*Feb. 11 - 2nd-5th grades sing during worship

*Feb. 18 - No Sunday School Sunday School Registration If anyone has extra crayons and/or washable markers laying

Sunday School Volunteer

around, Sunday School would love to take them off your hands :)

Shalom Preschool News Due to a family emergency, our preschool director, Shelly Mathis, resigned from her position. The preschool advisory board, along with the help of one of the preschool teachers Miss Karina, has taken over the director duties. The board is currently working on placing an ad to fill the director position. The preschool continues to run as normal, along with seeing some new faces that are helping cover the classrooms. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask any board member. Thank You, Ashley Mayland Tracy Wysong Terra Hoverson What a Fantastic February we have planned! Bee Valentines day Party will be February 13th. Bear, Fish, and Frog classes will have their party on February 14th. There will be No School on February 15-19 This month we will be focusing on Dental Health, Healthy Habits, The Winter Olympics, and of course Valentines day! We are excited to meet some people in our neighborhood at the end of the month as they come in to tell us about what they do in our neighborhoods and let us know where we might see them around town. Our letters for the month are P,Q,R numbers are 16,17, and 18 and the color is Pink. We are starting to learn our last names and address' as well.  Have a Fabulous February! Reminder: Please sign up on Remind to get important reminders from us! Please let us know if you have any troubles with this or need assistance. Shalom Lutheran • 1000 E Maple

• Harrisburg SD 57032 • 605-767-5382

February 2018 )''(&



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MS Calendar for January February 2018 11th – Lent (Luke 4:1-13; Philippians 2)

J"77&J%C:& 8*)09''& 2344"5%&6"7%& 8&0+-9''&


=@H%%&IJ"B%K"@&&& 8/0'9''&


63;%B&P>K7& 8+-'9''&

!"#$%%&D"#<7%& 8-*,9,'&



4th – Jonah


6:"4;%<%&=>?$%@& 80--9''& 6"A%BC&D7>:EF#5&GBFA%&& 8.-/9''& L:E%B&G>#":F>#C& 81+)9''&

D>443#F:@&T>AF%&UF5E:& 8)*-9''& MNFC:F#5&O??>3#:&P"7"#?%C& Q&R"B:F?F;"#:&G%;>CF:C& 8/S*/-9''&


14 (Wed)– Ash Wednesday worship th

18th – No MS youth group –

 Fairway  and  HyVee  cards  con0nue  to  be  on  sale.  These  

President’s Day weekend

cards can  be  used  in-­‐store,  online  and  at  the  gas  sta0ons.     Cards  are  available  in  $25,  $50,  and  $100  amounts.  The   youth  receive  5%  back  for  each  card  purchased.    All   proceeds  go  towards  the  Houston  trip.    

21 (Wed) - Lent Worship / Houston st

youth serve meal 25th – TBD   28  (Wed) - Lent Worship / Houston

The High  School  Youth  are  par0cipa0ng  in   mini-­‐parish  du0es  on  the  3rd  Sunday  each   month.    


youth serve meal

HS Calendar for January 11th Meet at 6PM 18th- Mini Parish Duties-Worship at 9AM 25th- Meet at 6PM

Shalom Lutheran • 1000 E Maple

High school  youth  are  busy  planning  Lent   meals  for  February  and  March.    We  have   raised  about  72%  of  the  ELCA  Youth  Gathering   costs  since  this  summer.    Thank  you  for   suppor0ng  the  youth!

• Harrisburg SD 57032 • 605-767-5382

February 2018

Wh a t is on t h e c a l e n d a r : SAVE THE  DATE


February 13- Martial Arts 6:30-8PM ! ! Church Council 7pm February 14-Ash Wednesday Worship 6:30PM February 15-Joy Circle 2PM ! ! Martial Arts 6:30-8PM February 18- Worship 9AM! ! NO Sunday School 10:10 ! ! NO Middle School Youth ! ! High School youth- Mini Parish Duties February 19- Exercise Class February 20- Martial Arts 6:30-8PM February 21- Worship 6:30PM ! ! Meal Prior to worship February 22- Martial Arts 6:30-8PM ! ! Troop #40271 6-7:30 Classroom #7 February 24- Healthy cooking class 10AM-2PM February 25- Worship 9AM ! ! Sunday School/MS Youth10:10AM ! ! HS Youth 6-7PM February 26- Exercise class 7PM ! ! Troop #40294 6:30 Classroom 7 February 27- Martial Arts 6:30-8PM

Pastor Trisha Boese 605-610-6920 Charlene Rose Office Manager Lanelle McAllister, RN Parish Nurse Cameron Hoverson Business Manager Terra Hoverson Christian Education Jean Krueger Middle School Youth Mary Pierson High School Youth

Please check... Please check to see if any of the ‘lost and found’ items are yours!

Has anything changed? Please notify the church office if your address (both postal or email) or telephone changes!

Shalom Lutheran • 1000 E Maple

• Harrisburg SD 57032 • 605-767-5382

January 2018

“Shalom’s mission is to strengthen our Biblical witness by partnership with all ages in worship and fellowship through education, ministry, and outreach to our ever changing community for the purpose of sharing the wondrous gift of God’s grace.”

S H A LO M LUTH ERA N 1000 E Maple St PO BOX 37 Harrisburg SD 57032