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Annual report 2013

From Pastor Rick

our values &

Wow! 2013 was an amazing year! The highlights were many: record numbers at Easter, “Losing Our Buts” series, The Next Step ministry expansion campaign launch, Mega Sports Camp, Experiencing the Bible Growth Groups, the hire of Pastor Matt Troyer, Women’s Candlelight Dinner, our best financial year yet, progress toward the building expansion, The Great Give-Back, and the impact of our Community Service Projects.

2013 objectives

God has done some amazing things in our area through His church. This annual report shares some specifics on how God used Shalom in 2013. There are a lot numbers in this report but the numbers represent something really important to God and to us: people! These numbers tell a story. It’s the story of how Shalom is making an eternal difference in people’s lives! I hope that you will enjoy this report and rejoice in the Lord’s work!


And it is the Lord’s work. Our Lord said in John 15:5: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. Apart from Me you can do nothing.” Our theme, last year, was that we are “better together.” This year, our theme is that we are “better connected” – connected to Christ! How we need His empowering grace for the challenges ahead!

We will focus on spiritual growth by increasing the number of people partcipating in Growth Groups by 30% and focusing on the 5 Commitments.

I thank God that I get to be the Senior Pastor at Shalom! It is amazing to watch you all in action and to see all that He has accomplished through this amazing church. The best part is, we’re just getting started! Looking forward to 2014!

We will focus on inviting people far from God to our worship experience and in doing so we will increase our Sunday gathering attendance by 15%.



We will generously share the grace of Christ by caring for people in our area through 70 service projects and sharing the gospel so that 50 people say “Yes!” to Christ and 50 people follow Christ in baptism.


Senior Pastor Rick Stapleton

We will pursue facilities expansion to achieve a greater ministry impact and expansion.

staff & elders in 2013

Rick Stapleton

Tami Smithee

Loretta Christensen

Ken Ballard

Bryan Smithee

Kurt Pevestorff

Senior Pastor

Children’s Ministry Director

Office Manager


Elder At Large

Elder At Large

Matt Troyer Pastor of Groups & Outreach

Sue Blacker

Marlene Daak

Ray Wight

Bruce Krueger

Randy Anderson

Office Assistant

Women’s Ministry Director

Finance Dept., Accounts Receivable

Vice Chair


Tammy Lauer Finance Dept., Accounts Payable

Brian Olson

Jennifer Gravelle

Adam Krumrie

Men’s Ministry Director


Pastor of Worship & Youth

Jim Redekopp

Rob Kuenzi


Elder At Large


Amy Chellin


aren Navratil

Amy invited me to Easter. I went and then began looking around at a lot of other churches, but I kept coming back to Shalom because of the love that I felt and the way I saw God glorified. One Sunday, I was sitting in service and it was like a light came on. All of a sudden I understood that I am forgiven and I said “Yes” to Jesus. My friend Janet saw something different in me. I think it is the strength and the peace that God is giving me as I battle cancer. I have my days, but I have the peace of God. The more Janet came to Shalom to support me, the more she began to understand the gospel and it was during the Community Bible Experience that she gave her life to Christ.

shalom mission/Vision

Our mission is to lead religious unbelievers into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Religious unbelievers are people who think they are good with God but really are not. There are many examples of religious unbelievers in the Bible: Saul, Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, Cornelius and more. Our mission grows out of our larger purpose: to “make disciples of all nations,” as Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:18-20. Our strategy is grace immersion. We want to immerse people in God’s grace because a lot of people are either cynical about Christianity and the church or they are confused about what His message is. We immerse the Hutchinson area in the grace of Christ through practical acts of service that show God’s love and through sharing God’s love found in the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

GATHER We will focus on inviting people far from God to our worship experience and in doing so we will increase our Sunday gathering attendance by 15%. The graph below shows Shalom’s attendance fluctuations from month to month throughout 2013. This graph shows us a few trends. 1. We have weeks where we are overflowing in capacity, but due to crowding our numbers drop slightly and 2. The growth has not stopped. We continue to see an increase.





Shalom continues to see a steady increase in worship attendance. 315 people on an average attend worship weekly.




2012 2013


Shalom has a handful of Sundays that we call “Big Days”. These days are big because they provide opportunities for us to reach out to a larger number of people in our community to hear the gospel and be changed in a BIG WAY. In 2013 we saw God at work during the Big Days. For example, five people professed faith in Jesus for the first time at Easter Sunday. That’s five lives changed for eternity!

2012 2013

FIRST TIME GUEST SURVEY First Noticed: The friendliness Liked Best: How upbeat the music and sermon was. The testimonials, baptisms ... just everything!!! Overall Impression: Amazing!!!! How can we pray: Pray that I keep coming. That I begin believing and trusting in God. That my husband will come with me and see how amazing church could be for him!

* the above is one of many surveys we received throughout the year.

Each Sunday guests have the opportunity to let us know they came to a service for the first or second time.


People said “YES!” to Jesus at MEGA Sports Camp & MEGA Sunday.

There are guests on average attending worship on any given Sunday.

grow We will focus on spiritual growth by increasing the number of people partcipating in Growth Groups by 30% and focusing on the 5 Commitments. In 2013 we focused on the Growth Groups, but there are also many other ministries under the GROW objective. For example:

Young at heart, moms connect, awana, [sos] students of shalom, children’s sunday school, financial peace university women’s outdoor adventure, etc...


“I helped lead a Community Bible Experience with new believers and some who are still on their journey to faith. It brought me joy when I saw them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Beforehand, I didn’t feel confident to lead, but knew God wanted me to. So through much prayer, I trusted His Spirit to work through me and anticipated what He promised He’d do. The words just came.

Early believers met regularly in groups to pray and fellowship. During these times, they discussed the Bible and encouraged each other. Through Shalom’s Growth Groups, we grow in our relationship with God and with one another. group In October of 2013 Matt Troyer was hired saw as Pastor of Groups and Outreach to help grow our groups so that we can better grow together in Christ.

Some ladies noticed how often the Holy Spirit is mentioned in our reading. We talked about how the Holy Spirit lives in believers and supplies all we need for fruitful living and Godly lives. Many came to understand these truths for the first time.

Kathy Eggimann

Community Bible Experience Wow, God used the Community Bible Experience to impact a lot of lives. There were over 21 individual groups meeting all over Hutchinson, one in Cedar Mills and a couple in the Silver Lake and Glencoe areas. We heard of people opening a Bible for the first time and a few that heard and responded Yes! to the gospel.

40% increase in Growth Group participation from 2012

Caring through 70 service projects and Gospel sharing so that 50 people say “Yes!” to Jesus and 50 people follow Christ in Baptism


November 1st the congregation received back $10,000, an average Sunday offering, distributed in envelopes containing random amounts of money . The purpose of this was to empower the people of Shalom to “immerse our area in the grace of Christ” by using this money to bless the people in our community in any way they imagined. 59 Give Back projects were reported.

70 people said “Yes!” to Jesus

The 2013 goal was to see at least 50 people to respond to the gospel this year and say “Yes” to Jesus. The Lord had other plans and we saw 70 people say “Yes” to Jesus !

29 Baptisms followed Christ in baptism

One girls youth group made over 50 quilts and delivered them to children in the Headstart program.


Two seperate Community Bible Experience Growth Groups teamed up with Crow River Habitat for Humanity on two different weekends to help build a home in the Hutchinson area for a single mom and her two young girls. Because of their help, this family was able to move in and have a home for Christmas.

Women’s Growth Group

More Give Back

Give Back Story

Shalom family, you really immersed the area in the grace of Christ through your Give Back projects. Below is a list of more projects that took place. There is not room to mention them all. Thanksgiving baskets, gas cards, Wal-Mart blessing - the youth paid for random people’s groceries at the check-out on two seperate days, breakfast for the entire faculty at the Hutch Middle School, gifts to Alliance for Victims of Domestic Abuse, Tires for a single mom, teddy bears to children in the hospital, school lunch for students in struggling families and more. You reached out to your neighbors, your co-workers and friends. You helped break down barriers and the church office continues to receive thank you cards from Give Back recipients.

Couples Connect Give Back Story

We were able to connect with a family who relocated here following the spring tornadoes in Oklahoma. We gave winter clothes, quick recipes, groceries and a hot meal. We also had the opportunity to bring their family to Runnings for winter boots. We gave her ticktets to the Candlelight Dinner and we were able to take her Christmas shopping for her two boys. She continued to say how wonderful it was to have people caring for her in a time of need.

In service projects we have done in the past, we have sometimes been left wishing we could have done more. This time, it was amazing to be able to really blast someone with the love of Christ! It was also neat to be able to give to a “real person”.

We prepared 48 meals and purchased 16-$5 Wal-Mart gift cards and delivered them to the 7Hi Budget Motel in Hutchinson. There are many construction workers and extended stay guests at this motel and they were all very grateful for the meal. There were 8 meals left over so we gave them to the clerks at several gas stations and another motel.

FINANCES 2013 & 2014 Budgets 2013 FISCAL YE AR BUDGE T AND AC T UAL SPENDING Administration E xpense Adult Ministries Expense, Outreach Building & Grounds, Ministry Expansion Children’s Ministries Church Planting Men’s Ministries Expense Music & Worship Expenses Transporation Ministry Exp Women’s Ministries Expense World Outreach Expense Youth Ministry Expense Human Resources Expense TOTAL

Actual for 2013 Budgeted for 2013 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

42,128 36,983 134,040 11,990 26,000 1 , 1 0 0 10 ,7 5 8 706 9,757 58,964 18,837 249,9 4 1 576,1 1 8

2014 PROPOSED BUDGE T Administration Adult Ministries Building & Grounds Ministr y E xpansion Children’s Ministries Men’s Ministries Music & Worship Outreach Women’s Ministries World Outreach Youth Ministr y Human Resources

$ 36,090.00 $ 26,075.00 $ 48,933.48 $ 7 2,000.00 $ 15,4 1 2 . 7 0 $ 1,000.00 $ 8,1 5 0 . 0 0 $ 8,500.00 $ 9,5 7 5 . 0 0 $ 67,7 5 0 . 0 8 $ 17,4 0 0 . 0 4 $ 302,1 1 4 . 3 2


$ 613,0 0 0 . 6 2

Annual Growth This year we saw an increase in giving towards the General Fund and Benevolence. Because of that we were able to increase support to our missionaries, the community, our savings account and more.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

41,435 36,1 7 0 82,000 12,240 26,600 1,000 9,000 2,500 10,1 7 5 61,950 11,000 263,076 557,1 4 6


Above is the percentage of increase in giving from 2012 to 2013.

Account Balances As of December 31, 2013

As of December 31, 2012

As of December 31, 2011

General Checking Balance

$ 17,113

$ 10,121

$ 6,626

Benevolence Balance

$ 4,810

$ 1,544


Saving Balance

$ 118,799

$ 121,958

$ 61,435

The Next Step Savings

$ 180,023




$ 24,433

$ 24,433




$ 24,433

* Interest from the CD’s was used to provide scholarships for children and teens to attend Trout Lake Camp who would not otherwise be able to go.

The Expand Objective was voted on and approved at the 2013 Annual Meeting. In 2013 we pursued facilities expansion to achieve ministry expansion.


The Next Step is Shalom’s three year ministry expansion campaign. The purpose is to enable the people of Shalom to expand our ministry impact and create space for ministry that is currently at or over capacity. The goal of The Next Step campaign is for Shalom to passionately and lavishly invest financial resources, time, talent and prayers to effectively immerse the Hutchinson area in the grace of Christ to reach Religious Unbelievers. The campaign was kicked off May 5, 2013 with a celebration banquet. An invitation was given to join the campaign and to be a part of the exciting work that God is doing at Shalom. The invitation to join is still open if you have not done that yet. You can pick up a Committment Card at the Information Center.


WHY WE JOINED THE NEXT STEP CAMPAIGN We are passionate about Shalom because of the abundant love people have for one another. We express our love through serving in various ministries at Shalom. Serving Wednesday nights is a blessing and a challenge because Shalom is bursting at the seams with children and youth. Yet, The Next Step expansion campaign helped crystallize the fact that a building is simply a tool, a place to bring people where they can know Christ and nurture a growing relationship. We’ve been impacted by the notion that “as you come to him, a Living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood” (1 Peter 2:4-5).

2013 Events, Teams & Ministries Children AWANA Program Sunday School MEGA Sports Camp Nursery Release Time Youth [SOS] Sunday School [SOS] Wednesday Gathering & Growth Groups Free Lunch for the high school Youth Retreats at Trout Lake Camp Youth Mission Trip Women LIFT [Ladies in fellowship together] Moms Connect Cabin Fever Coffee & Summer picnics Candlelight Dinner Outdoor Adventures Fall Reatreat at Trout Lake Camp Secret Sister Program Men Guns & Fire Event Game Night Fall Retreat at Trout Lake Camp Summer Softball Team Growth Groups Couple’s Connect Sunday School GG Women’s Discipleship Young At Heart [for 55 or better] Adult Financial Peace University Gluten Free Support Group Griefshare Hospitality Team Maintenance Team Meals Ministry Parent Summit Serving Groups Sunday Seven Minute Team Local Outreach County Fair Common Cup & Mcleod Emergency Food Shelf Floats & Fireworks School Supply Drive Water Carnival Parade World Outreach Team [see the kiosk in the commons for a complete list of the missionaries currently supported]

Faith Taylor I had a great first year of youth group at Shalom. My favorite thing was going to the Fall Retreat at Trout Lake. The speaker inspired me to ask Jesus into my heart. I now feel closer to God and think more before I do things. I liked learning about Jesus’s command to love everyone, including our enemies. I have made new friends and everyone is so nice at Shalom. I look forward to another amazing year.

It has been a big year for many ministries, but the Lord really wowed us by moving in the hearts of 16 women at the Candlelight Dinner to say “Yes” to Jesus . Other women’s events saw an increase in the number of new women from the community in attendance.

We were Amazed My name is Amanda Sundblad. My husband David and I have four children, three boys and one girl. We recently moved to Hutchinson, in March 2013. God led us to Shalom. We needed a church that could accommodate our family’s needs. We came from a good church and it had a children’s ministry, but it lacked a few things that we needed to grow as a family. Our oldest son Dylan has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (also known as Aspergers Syndrome) and because of this and his behaviors, we struggled to keep Dylan in church, Sunday School & Awana. This was very discouraging and very hard to deal with. Because of this we ended up helping & serving in the Nursery and Sunday School almost every Sunday. We rarely heard a sermon. We asked and prayed that someone in our church body would be willing to help Dylan one on one so he could be in church, and do church activities. We felt misunderstood, but kept praying and trusting the Lord that He would provide us with a place where we all felt accepted and could grow spiritually. We were amazed when we came to Shalom. Everyone seemed so caring, and we truly feel accepted here. Our children rarely cry and love going to church, Sunday school, and AWANA. When it comes to Dylan

“what can I do to help him?”

and his ASD people reached out, to ask We are so thankful to hear those words. What a difference that makes, and because of that difference something happened. Dylan made the decision to accept Christ at MEGA Sports Camp this past summer! David and I are getting fed spiritually too and we actually get to sit and worship with the church body! We know personally, that the leaders and helpers in the Children’s Ministries are a vital part of a church. Thank you for making a difference in our lives and helping us grow spiritually. It’s wonderful to feel accepted & worship the Lord with you. We love our new church family.

2014 objectives We’ve set these 2014 objectives because they spur us on to pray persistently, work diligently, and plan aggressively. We’re a church on a mission and every number represents a life transformed by Jesus Christ. We’ve seen God work in 2013 but we believe the best is yet to come. So let’s together pursue the “greater things” that God has in store for us in 2014!





To expand our gathering to 360 average attendance so that more people can connect with God. That is a 15% increase from 2013.

To expand our Growth Groups to 240 adults who are growing in relationship with God and with others; focusing on the 5 Commitments

To lead 75 people to say “Yes” to Jesus and for 50 people to follow in baptism.

To expand The Next Step campaign commitments to $1,000,000.

1215 Roberts Rd. SW Hutchinson, MN 55350 320.587.2668

We are Shalom. We immerse the Hutchinson area in the grace of Christ to break down barriers of cyncism and confusion in people’s lives.

Shalom Baptist Church Annual Report 2013  
Shalom Baptist Church Annual Report 2013  

Shalom Baptist Church Hutchinson, MN