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01 May 2017

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Start your Sales with These 10 Gmail Apps

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Sales are the backbone of all business enterprises. Without sales, nothing can be achieved as you need to sell your product for a sustainable business. In an organization, you can have either one salesperson or a team of many. However, off late we have seen a trend wherein companies that invest in proven tools see great results. We believe that Gmail apps which are business oriented can help sales reps on a daily basis. Today, we have taken the effort in putting together a list wherein you can see which apps are good

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List of 10 Sales App for Gmail

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1. Boomerang

or Download them in csv

Mailchimp, HubSpot and SalesForce

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As an entrepreneur trying to maximise your sales, we realise that your inbox might get chaotic during a certain period. Chaotic inboxes are the worst. Trust me, we know it. Boomerang helps you surpass this obstacle in a very easy and convenient way. It allows you to schedule email responses and take messages out of the inbox until you actually Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

need them. It also goes to the extent of reminding you that a response is pending when you do not hear back from an important email. Boomerang now includes an assistant that helps you make your life while using the app a lot more easily. It would do well to note that Boomerang is available for Gmail, Outlook and Android. From a quick overview, Boomerang does the followingHelps you follow up with a sales lead Helps you communicate with people from different time zones Makes your emails a lot more accessible

“Boomerang has truly been a game-changer for me, my career, and our team…It has become essential to our operation and work style.” Natasha Case, Coolhaus For those of you who wish to check the app out, here’s the link

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2. Streak CRM When a sales team is in sync with each other, it performs to the best of its ability. We believe in this attribute of a sales team. Hence, the next app we propose will help you achieve this attribute. Streak CRM helps you stay in absolute sync with the rest of your sales team. It helps you maintain your privacy but at the same time share contacts and track deals from their inbox. The best part of the app is that is it completely free and is completely compatible with Gmail. That being said, it is able to use your personal, business and other accounts simultaneously as per your privacy settings. Their mission is to help you run your entire business from your inbox. Their app is simple to collaborate with while at the same time being multi-purpose based in the cloud. It has a flexible structure and works with other google apps. Here’s the link to the app if we’ve piqued your interest-

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“As one of the most successful investors in Silicon Valley, Chris manages a ton of email. He uses Streak to power his dealflow and fundraising process. Chris keeps his inbox under control with Snooze and Thread Splitting.” Chris Sacca, Founder at Lowercase Capital

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3. Hello Sign Over the last few years, we have seen more and more businesses manage contracts via email. Whether the contract is a letter of offering, a letter of termination or a sales deed, this app is the perfect tool for signing those contracts over the internet. Hello Sign is a paperless approach to document signing, tracking, and management. The best part about it is that it keeps you updated on the signer’s activity and an audit feature embedded in it logs everything. This is a must for all business that shares signed documents or contracts of any kind. However, we found that this could be extremely useful when it comes to boosting your sales as everything is made so much easier here. Whether it be a life insurance policy or a shipment of a particular product, Hello Sign is extremely reliable. A few things to keep in mind are that Hello Sign is: Secure and trust worthy as electronic signatures are legally binding Documents can be moved with ease Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

It can be signed directly from Gmail Common used documents can be saved and reused It is free and has unlimited use

To check out Hello Sign, click on the following link- Hellosign has a huge amount of credibility from Forbe, CNBC, Business Insider, etc. To see their press bundle follow the link to their page and it’s visible to all.

4. Cirrus Insight At AeroLeads, we elaborate on the fact that it is imperative to integrate your salesforce with your inbox. This would help you keep a track of your meetings, emails and all your reminders. Cirrus Insight is one of those apps that helps you do this and much more. The app is available on Gmail, Outlook, iOS and Android. The app through the use of Gmail allows you to do the following: Create and update leads as well as contact accounts from Gmail Track each and every email that is sent by you. This happens through a notification that you receive when an email or a link is opened. Book meetings and plan your schedule through Gmail They have automated sales campaigns with flight plans which is new It allows you to sync anything and everything with Salesforce

“I have used this tool to integrate with my Gmail. Saves me lot of effort in scheduling conference calls as I can add conference details with a click of a button. I can also save my contacts in a jiffy. Very powerful, strongly Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

recommended!” Yogesh Goel, Sales Operations Manager at Sales Solutions For more information about this tool, click on the link mentioned-

5. Scrubly Would you like it if we repeated two of the same apps twice? I highly doubt that you would. Repeating things gets extremely annoying especially when you don’t know it has been repeated unless it’s too late. The act of repetition is not uncommon when it comes to sales as two or more people in your sales team might follow the same sales lead. In order, to curb such mistakes from happening, apps like Scrubly are extremely useful. Scrubly cleans up and updates your data while removing duplicates and synchronizing it with social networks and more. It is compatible with Windows Outlook, Gmail, Mac and Google Apps. Scrubly claims to have cleaned over 293 million contacts since its inception which includes brands such as P&G, Starbucks, etc. In order to see what else the app has to offer, you can click on the link given –

Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

6. Tout App Another app which can be integrated with your Gmail account and at times tends to work better with the integration. Tout App is best known for its templates that can be shared across the organization. On top of the templates, the app has a tool known as Yesware which offers sales professionals numerous valuable features. These features supplement the functions of the salesmen. One feature is the send later option which allows you to hit your recipient’s inbox at the most opportune time. It also consists of features to see if your contact opens your email and allows you to set up reminders to follow up. “Our growth numbers since using ToutApp went from $0 to $10 million in pipeline. And so in terms of measuring productivity gains, it’s huge.” Richard Dufty VP, Worldwide Sales & Strategic Partnerships, AppDirect Tout App is built for an enterprise for three reasons- superior security, easy to develop and trusted partnership. If you want to know whether or not Tout App is built for your enterprise then see what they do at

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7.Gmail Meter Most of us use Gmail off late and this application is absolutely amazing for those Gmail users. This is a free add on which allows you to look at your inbox in the same manner. The only difference in the overview is the slightly different stats. This tool hopes to bring more efficiency in your inbox routine. Gmail Meter basically deals with email statistics and analytics. They send you automated reports on your email usage and they help to visualize your overall email traffic. The app also tracks your average response time and provides details on your most vital communications. The software has been developed and maintained by ShuttleCloud. ShuttleCloud is a software platform that powers consumer email migration solutions for several large enterprises, including Google and Comcast. Gmail Meter has been extremely useful by many people dealing with sales. It has been featured in Mashable, Time and Lifehacker. Gmail Meter is a wonderful app. This is our opinion. In order to form your own opinion, check the app out at Once you have your prospects, you need to get the face time with you clients. That’s the hardest, isn’t it? This is generally accompanied with a back and forth exchange of emails trying to find a time that would be convenient for both parties to meet. aims to eliminate this ordeal and is extremely simple. The app helps you book meetings with one email thereby eliminating the back and forth ordeal. It also eliminates double Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

booking and the best part about it is that it is free. The app has a number of integration such as Cirrus Insight, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, UberConference, ReadyTalk and many more. We suggest you take a peek at this tool for your sales team as setting up meetings is an integral part. Here’s the link: I get a kick out of using because so many of my (even old-school) contacts write me back, excitedly saying, ‘hey that was a really cool tool’ … Thanks for making my life easier AND making me look good :)” Cooper Harris CEO, Klickly

9. Rapportive Rapportive is an app that helps you build your inbox to a whole new level. It consists of a plug-in relationship which helps you see what their contacts like, where they’re based, what they do, and more, right from your inbox. This is built into your email and is completely free of charge. If you are in charge of a sales team, we suggest you get this app. Rapportive really helps you build your rapport with various parties, hence the name rapportive. Whether you’re dealing with buyers, potential customers or any business related party, the app will play as an intermediary. Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

“Gmail gets a slick social CRM tool. You’re going to like this.” Zee, Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web We rate Rapportive highly due to the following reasons: Establish insight into their likes, interests, etc. See what your contact looks like by pulling in a picture of their face from the web Grow your network by connecting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Leave additional notes connected with contacts

If you want a first-hand experience to Rapportive then click on

10. Google Hangouts Webinar software’s are really expensive as you go through the intricacies of one. Why invest in one when you have something like Google Hangouts? All you have to do is download the Hangouts plugin while using Gmail to integrate the two. This way you can make the best of both worlds. On hangouts, collaboration with your fellow sales team members becomes so much easier. You could also record a quick webinar for a customer or invite a sales lead for a one-on-one presentation—directly from your phone or computer. As if that isn’t enticing enough, it’s free! Google Hangouts is by far one of the most useful apps that you can integrate with Gmail. Convert webpages to pdf online w ith PDFmyURL

As Google grows, their integration gets better and better. Hence, getting Google Hangouts would work easily with other Google products (Docs, Sheets, etc.). For your sake, please take a look at this app.

We think these are the most prominent apps that would help boost your sales. However, we might have just touched one end of the spectrum. We hope you learned something by reading our article and had fun doing so. Let us know your views/comments on this.

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Start your Sales with These 10 Gmail Apps  

Here is a list of Gmail apps to improve your sales by finding more leads and improving sales. Convert your inbox into sales machine with the...

Start your Sales with These 10 Gmail Apps  

Here is a list of Gmail apps to improve your sales by finding more leads and improving sales. Convert your inbox into sales machine with the...