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14 Nov 2017

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Future of Social Media Lead Generation

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Lead generation is a constantly changing process and evolves with time. There is no denying this. Being able to predict what’s next is somewhat of a sci-fi concept but still we, always try to and there are now technologies in place to do so also. Prediction is, of course, different from seeing into the future. While the processes in the marketing industry vary and evolve, let’s have a look at what the process of social media lead generation has in store for us in the future. Social media lead generation is no easy task, neither is it rocket science. For someone in the industry, the next information is invaluable. Over the past 5-10 years, social media has played a pivotal role in businesses. Is there any reason for interest for marketing people to turn to social media for their businesses? A big YES. Save web pages as PDF w ith PDFmyURL

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Well, the future of social media lead generation is not crystal clear but the factors on which it depends are being used today upon which it is heavily dependent.

1. New Channels: In 2012, the Social Media engine had three big gears: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The goal was only to spread your outreach and engage with the communities here by gaining enough subscribers, followers, and likes. But now there are several other places as the industries are always changing and the lead generation field is constantly evolving.

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Today these sites are important factors in getting prospects. AeroLeads has implemented the methodology in sourcing prospects from the social media platforms to boost your lead generation efforts. Now several other platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest are existing to name a few. Now the average social media marketer needs to leverage these sites to drive the crowd to their own sites for conversions and the lead generation process is done on these itself. The average social media marketing professional now needs to be skilled in the areas of ads, creating videos among several. The strategy today is to make these sites into tools for conversion.

2. Videos: The Instagram community was the first one to be total media based i.e., almost all pictures. The huge success made the way for the rest to follow a path. Because of the media based success strategy, all other started turning to it also and that it seems, is the future. In today’s age, we have super-fast networks in the palm of our hands and they may even get smaller, who knows what form technology will take! But, the focus here is that video content attracts more leads than any other form of content now and that is the future.

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Stories(24-hour visible snaps, videos ) are now famous on all social platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp among other Save web pages as PDF w ith PDFmyURL

possible platforms. These platforms churn out something or the other based on media essentially. The latest fad is also to start using live presence to engage your community and increase followers. On these social media platforms, it is all about gaining followers for possible conversions.

3. Mobile platforms: Our mobile phone is the latest invention all-rounder in the current era of technology. It is essentially a device packing computer like power and the phones are only progressing into further innovative stages and power wise evolving constantly because of the cutthroat competition. The same cutthroat competition is present in the field of social media marketing and lead generation. Quite literally everything is done on phone nowadays as people have the on-the-go attitude and it is more comfortable and accessible everywhere. As a result, 80% of the internet traffic on social media comes from mobile devices.

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This is a bit hard for B2B marketers to understand as the conventional methods go against this. Facebook has just introduced the Lead Ads feature and they can become your prime strategy for social media marketing. Although this is true somewhat that doesn’t mean that B2B marketing can’t use mobile marketing for lead generation.

4. Social media advertising: Now that the significance of ads and media content has been mentioned, it is not the only factor that will drive your social media lead generation. Ads are not outdated or obsolete and are just as important for better outreach to a wide audience. If you effectively use these ads for your campaigns to amplify inbound media strategy, it will prove worth it and every bit as advantageous. Ads are the main path to your social media lead generation Save web pages as PDF w ith PDFmyURL

today and are bound to remain the same. This will pay you back your investment manifold as diverting people to your is not as effective as well social media advertising. Facebook and LinkedIn have rolled out great lead generation efforts for their mobile users and the future lies here in your phone in the palm of your hand itself.

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Here instead of just marketing techniques, we’re going to literally tell you about what’s in store for the future: Artificial Intelligence. Automation efforts are happening via various tools for social media lead generation but is that going to be enough for the future? Maybe. The major marketing area that has attached itself to Artificial Intelligence is the domain of social Save web pages as PDF w ith PDFmyURL

media lead generation.

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in showing you what ads to show when to show and whom to show. It’s not just about the cookies. The true potential of Artificial Intelligence is being used by Facebook and other Fortune 500 companies that are driving traffic and leads to their platforms using the process of AI-based social media ads. Several companies have tried to outdo the Facebook AI but as of now have fallen back to let Facebook manage the area till they’re ready for such a futuristic concept to be implemented. The technology that will possibly replace humans in several sectors is Save web pages as PDF w ith PDFmyURL

Artificial Intelligence. These platforms listed above show true potential to generate leads in the future using social media as the platforms.

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Future of Social Media Lead Generation - AeroLeads  
Future of Social Media Lead Generation - AeroLeads  

Lead generation is a constantly changing process and evolves with time. There is no denying this. Being able to predict what’s next is somew...