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Eat on Purpose Identity Though not a non-profit exactly, this start-up venture had a great mission that needed support. The founder, Dr. Aisha Prim, had a desire to change our youth, particularly in minority communities, through proper nutrition. Born out of that desire was Eat on Purpose, which teaches youth and parents how to eat and what to eat. Client: Eat on Purpose

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Cari Brown-DunCan LCSw-C, LiCSw, LCSw PrinCiPaL/CLiniCaL DireCtor

t: 301-565-0720 | f: 301-565-0721 | 817 Silver Spring avenue, Suite 203 Silver Spring, MD 20910

working to strengthen families and communities

817 Silver Spring Avenue, Suite 203 Silver Spring, MD 20910

817 Silver Spring Avenue, Suite 203 Silver Spring, MD 20910 t: 301-565-0720 | f: 301-565-0721

ICA Identity and Stationery Innovative Clinical Associates is a human services and behavioral health consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to children, youth, families, schools, facilities and corporations throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Client: Innovative Clinical Associates

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Two-Color logo

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Brand IdentIty GuIdelInes eBrochure

GRDS 715: Print Studio I | Professor Sarah Adams | Summer 2010 | © Shala W. Graham, 2010

BlaCk/whITe logo Gallery Espresso Brand Identity The Gallery Espresso is a cafe chain featuring gourmet European coffee and tea, native to Savannah, Georgia. The cafe combines a gallery space and performance venue with a coffeehouse. The cafe is eclectic and trendy, with a grassroots, local flair that supports the community’s arts and entertainment industry. The Gallery Espresso needed to create a national brand with local charm, unlike other national chains that are identical in every location. Class: Print Studio I

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Communication Designer

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I am...

I am...    

an event planner a troop leader a soup kitchen server a foster parent

I am...    

an educator a football coach a supportive husband a foster parent

   

a a a a

financial planner business counselor community activist foster parent

Do Something. Foster a Child.

Do Something. Foster a Child.

I am...

Do Something. Foster a Child.

   

a a a a

program manager dance instructor choir member foster parent

Do Something. Foster a Child.

Foster a Child Social Awareness Campaign The social issue I chose to address was the foster care system in the Washington, DC metro area, specifically the need for more African-American foster parents. For the medium, I selected advertisements on the Metro bus and rail system in DC, as it is the primary mode of transportation for working professionals in the metro area. The target audience is middle- to upper-class, African-American, married couples in the DC metro area. Classes: Graphic Design Studio II & Digital Studio I

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Interactive Options to Avoid Foreclosure

Mortgage Programs Are Available to Help

Whether your financial hardship is temporary (short-term) or more permanent (long-term), whether you want to keep your home or you have decided that you are ready to sell or leave, or if you’re not sure what to do, we can help. There are options available to help homeowners just like you, who may be struggling with their mortgage payments and need assistance.


Get a new loan with a lower interest rate or other adjusted terms

Repayment Plan

Pay back your past-due payments over an extended period of time


Temporarily suspend or reduce your mortgage payments for a specific period of time


Modify the terms of your mortgage to make it more affordable


Rent your home and remain in the property as a tenant—available for homeowners whose mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae

Short Sale

Sell your home and pay off all (or a portion) of your mortgage balance—even if you owe more on the home than it’s worth


Transfer the ownership of your property to your mortgage company for release from all (or a portion) of your mortgage loan and payments


STay in youR HoMe

It’s time to get fit… financially! Contact Your Mortgage Company Today.

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Leave youR HoMe

We Want to Help Take action and gain peace of mind and control of your situation. Contact your mortgage company to discuss your options. For more information, visit Know your options and Deed-for-Lease are trademarks of Fannie Mae.

WaysHome National Foreclosure Prevention Campaign WaysHome is the consumer outreach campaign of Know Your Options by Fannie Mae. Several materials were developed to support the national outreach, including information sheets, emails, direct mailers, banners, kiosks or other materials to support their event booths and meet-and-great events. Client: Fannie Mae

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Communication Designer

Brand Building • SEO TipS • FuncTiOnal OFFicE SpacE

the early years of entrpreneurship


62 FunctIonal spaces

Home offices that make you want to go to work by Janet Louis

mEEting thE cliEnt

How to sell your company, talk money and close the deal

30 seo tips

42 Brand Building

68 perfect clients

Make Google your friend. by Shala Graham

It’s never to early to start. by Mark Bartley

Attracting the perfect client is easier than you think! by Adam Ducker

15 Meeting the client Refine your elevator pitch to make the best first impression by Carrie Wilson

53 hire right Rules for expanding your business right by Frances Munoz

27 You verses theM Develop a clear strategy to stand out amongth your competitors by Jerry Godwin

58 Marketing on a Budget We’ll show you what works best for young businesses. by Jacqueline Richmond

34 entrepreneur profile Gayle Cruise: From Microsoft to Fashion Designer by Patrick McLaughlin

60 do not enter How to set boundaries for your home office by Charon Reed

38 Balance For work, life and cashflow by Carlos Scott

68 5 rules for success as an entrepreneur Rules that are not meant to be broken by business owners by Yolanda Carway


deceMBer 2009 | 7

departments 10 editor’s coluMn 12 contriButors 25 ask venture 46 MoneY Matters 72 tech review

15 cover story

From microsoFt ExEc to Fashion DEsignEr

Article copy from

EntrEprEnEur profilE

Entrepreneur Profile

BalancE Work, Life and Cashflow December 2009 | $3.99

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from microsoft to fashion DEsignEr

Marketing executive Gayle Cruise returns to her passion after leaving Corporate America. by. Patrick McLaughlin

A Massachusetts native, Gayle Cruise attended a summer program at Parsons the New School for Design, in New York City, before heading to Florida in 1981 to study marketing and branding at Florida A & M University. After graduating, she moved to Cincinnati, OH to work for Procter and Gamble (P&G). Gayle left

34 | Venture

P&G as a brand manager and returned to her Massachusetts roots to attended Harvard Business School in Cambridge, where she honed her marketing skills. After receiving her MBA, she worked for two additional blue-chip companies. In New York, she worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

“Being creative, working with my hands is second nature.”

December 2009 | 35

Venture Magazine Identity and Layout Design This fictitious magazine, Venture Magazine, is for start-up and young businesses. The target audience includes new, American-based business owners, a mix of those still in the planning stages up to approximately 5 years of running business full-time. The ideal subscriber is running their business full-time and committed to seeing it succeed, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance for themselves and any employees. Class: Graphic Design Studio I

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Broken Down

EmpirE StatE of mind Grew


in a


that is famous as a

place of movie scenes

Noise is always loud

There are sirens all around And the streets are mean

if i could make it here

i could make it anywhere

that’S what thEy Say Seeing my face in lights


or my name in marquees found down


Even if it ain’t all it seems,

I got a pocketful of


I’m from New York,

concrete jungle

where dreams are made of

There’s nothing you can’t do

Now you’re in New York Big lights will inspire you these streets will make you feel brand new

ladies work so hard Hear it for New York, New York, New York

on the avenue, there ain’t never a curfew

Such a melting pot on the corner selling rock

PrEAchErS PrAy To God

hail a gypsy cab takes me down from harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge Someone sleeps tonight with a hunger for more than from an empty fridge

I’m going to make it by any means

I GoT A PockETful of drEAmS

New York Baby, I’m from

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

THere’s NoTHINg You caN’T do

Now you’re in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Broken Down

EmpirE StatE of mind

Big lights will inspire you

Hear it for New York, New York, New York one hand in the air for the big city

street lights, big dreams, all looking pretty

No PlAcE IN ThE world ThAT cAN comPArEd Put your lighters in the air Everybody say yeah, yeah yeaah

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of

There’s nothing you can’t do Now you’re in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

BIg lIgHTs wIll INspIre You

hEar it for nEw york Empire State of Mind Experimental Booklet In this project, I wanted to create a piece that would make a nice keepsake for fans of the song “Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down” by Alicia Keys that communicated ideas around New York’s concrete jungle of dreams, big lights of inspiration and being unstoppable. It needed to be an in-your-face approach to New York that had high-contrast in both color and texture, but still inspiring and exciting. Class: Typography Studio I

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Priced Out

Workforce Household Profile

Metro Area Household Composition

Assistant Professor at Georgetown University (Single-Income Household)

Persistence of the Workforce Housing Gap in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area

DISTRIBUTION OF HOUSEHOLDS BY HOUSEHOLD SIZE A deeper analysis of the characteristics of

age, this trend likely will only slightly alter the

Vital Statistics:

workforce households in Washington, D.C., reveals

overall distribution of household sizes. Though

Household Type: Single Parent, Two Children

more about this group’s specific housing needs.

average household size is trending downward,

An average of 40 percent of the metro area’s

larger households will continue to make up a

WASHINGTON, Household Composition in the D.C. MSA Washington, D.C., Metro Area

Profession: Assistant Professor

2009 Annual Household Income: $74,000

2009 Affordable Home Price Range: $250,000–$280,000

workforce households are made up of three or more

notable portion of future growth. Households of this

Required Downpayment: $25,000–$28,000

people. This finding is significant, because larger

size are conventionally thought of as a traditional

Percent of AMI for Three-Person Household: 81%

households require homes with more bedrooms,

40% couple with one or more children, yet many of these

which typically are more expensive, often limiting

households are a single parent with two or more

their housing options to fringe locations.

children, multigenerational households such as a

This university professor can afford to purchase a home priced between $250,000 and $280,000. Home values have appreciated considerably from 2000 to 2009, severely


29% 40%

1-Person Households 1-Person Households

indicated by the black star on the maps below.

Although recent demographic trends point toward

of roommates and others sharing a home for

an increasing number of smaller households as

preference or cost reasons.

3 or More Person Households


echo boomers enter their 20s and baby boomers

Locations with Affordable Median Home Values for Profiled Family 2000 and 2009

Terwilliger Center for Workforce Housing


2-Person Households


30% Sources: RCLCO, U.S. Census 2007 PUMA data.

Less than 60%–80% of 80%–100% of 100%–120% of More than 120% SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey PUMA Data, 2007; RCLCO 60% AMI AMI AMI AMI of AMI



Priced Out

Estimated Number of Households Distribution of Households












} 23%


Source: RCLCO, Claritas, U.S. Census 2007 PUMA Data

or 466,683 of the households in the Washington, D.C., metro area are in the 60 to 100 percent AMI income range. 9


Sources: Claritas, RCLCO.

Rapid growth in housing values outpaced income growth between 2000 and 2005, limiting affordability and workforce housing options throughout the metro area. Recent housing market fluctuations have helped restore this balance on the periphery of the metro area, although a jobs/ housing imbalance persists near major employment cores.

Less than $50,000 $50,000 – $100,000 $100,000 – $150,000 $150,000+





Less than $150,000


Steady Growth in Household Income Does Not Keep Pace with Rapid Housing Value Appreciation in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area



Place of Employment

→ View the Report

2-Person Households

3+-Person Households

couple with an older parent or parents, or groups

limiting this professor’s housing choices within close proximity of his workplace, as

$150,000 – $300,000 $300,000 – $450,000 $450,000+



Priced Out: DC Report Design Upon completing research, RCLCO called on needed help producing a report for the Terwilliger Center of the Urban Land Institute addressing the need for workforce housing in the Washington, DC metro area. I aided the team in the refinement of data, charts and maps, as well as designed the 30 page report. Client: RCLCO

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer


histoRy of south shoRe Lake tahoe

Introduction and Summary


Address Deferred Reinvestment in South Shore Lake Tahoe


History of South Shore Lake Tahoe


New and Compelling Bed Base


Resort Attributes Considered Extremely/Very Desirable


Expanded and Un-Rivaled Recreational Amenity Platform


Sophisticated and Expanded Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Options


Revitalized and Right-Sized Gaming Offering


Convention Infrastructure


Closing Thoughts


Lake Tahoe’s modern history began in the 1850s, when a silver

Shortly thereafter, Harrah’s introduced the first major showroom

These pioneering settlers scattered around Lake Tahoe creating the

The showroom was a 750-seat state-of-the-art facility attracting

strike known as the Comstock Lode attracted miners in droves. pattern of development that informs Lake Tahoe’s local economy. The vibrant mining economy created a very affluent population locally, and services and attractions to spend that wealth soon fol-

for live performances in 1959, named “The South Shore Room.” the top acts including Wayne Newton, Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Cosby, and Frank Sinatra.

lowed. The area quickly emerged as a vacation destination from

The 1960 Winter Olympic Games held at Squaw Valley celebrated

and around Lake Tahoe. Residents of the rapidly growing Cali-

expanded its international brand to include being a premier ski

the subsequent development of a dominant tourism economy in fornia cities were drawn by the luxury resort offerings and stun-

ning landscape of Lake Tahoe, and by 1900, Tahoe was the premier West Coast resort and second-home destination.

Organized gambling and skiing were first introduced to the region

in the mid-1900s, providing an additional spark to the growing region and its current tourism-dom-

Lake Tahoe’s ascendancy as a world-class resort destination, and destination. Area entrepreneurs and champions of Lake Tahoe continued to invest and improve the region through the next two

decades, and the resort hotel core in Stateline continued to grow with Harvey’s expanding and enhancing their facilities as new entrants penetrated the market. Notably, the Sahara Tahoe, presently known as the Horizon Casino Resort, was built in 1965.

inated economy. These industries would form

Harrah’s built a flagship state-of-the-art property in 1972 which

Lake Tahoe tourism, effectively

ented hotel, and the Park Tahoe currently known as the Montbleu

the foundation for the future trajectory of

transforming the region from a

summer destination into a four-

season destination supporting a

resident employment base.

Among the first large resort hotels

earned North America’s first Five-Diamond rating for a casino-ori-

Casino & Spa was completed in 1978. The South Shore resort and

tourism economy was flourishing, and the proverbial “rising tide” was lifting all elements of the regional tourism economy. Full-time population in South Shore increased fivefold between 1960 and 1980 from 10,000 to 50,000.

introduced to the region was the

Beginning in the early 1980s, reinvestment in the region’s tourism

vey’s Lake Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada.

the regional tourist accommodation base stopped. Unfortunately,

property presently known as Har-

Originally referred to as Harvey’s Wag-

on Wheel Saloon and Gambling Hall, the property was opened in 1944 with

limited gaming facilities, a small din-

infrastructure slowed, and the process of enhancing and refreshing

this corresponded to a period of rapid growth in the gaming and winter recreation industries elsewhere, accompanied by fevered reinvestment and modernization of the resort hotel experience.

ing area, and a gas station. Harrah’s was

Over the course of the last two decades, South Shore ceded its role

1950s, buying several local clubs followed by

destinations that have reinvented and kept the visitor experience

the next significant market entrant in the

an expansion of Harvey’s, which included an

11-story hotel addition. South Shore Lake Tahoe was flourishing.

among the most glamorous and exciting gaming venues to other exciting. South Shore deteriorated from a national vacation des-

tination to a day-tripper destination overly dependent on gaming, and unappealing to non-gamers. Most recently, the South Shore

hotels have even had trouble competing with newer and more



sophistiCated and expanded shopping, dining, and enteRtainment options

→ View the Report

Browsing in interesting stores, compelling and contemporary res-

Restaurants are a key component of the resort retail mix, and plan-

tions are also integral elements in the contemporary vacation ex-

periences at a variety of price points. Most large format hotels

taurant options, and varied and contemporary entertainment opperience, and woefully under-presented in South Shore. While

the casino hotels – those in Lake Tahoe in particular – were early

pioneers in integrating these activities into the guest experience, the offerings pale in comparison to peer resort markets.

The depth of need to have new and compelling shopping oppor-

tunities is demonstrated by the recent success of the new shopping

district at the base of the Heavenly Valley gondola. These stores are experiencing extremely high occupancy rates and achieve very

high rents. Retailers report very strong performance, and pre-leasing for the now stalled Chateau project was very successful. These

stores also point to the possibility of a physical transformation that

ning for new properties should allow for a diversity of dining ex-

now include several different dining options and rely on non-guest patronage in large measure. The days of the low cost buffet are gone for good.

The role of entertainment cannot be overstated, as it plays a critical role in driving visitation at all times of the year. This is not just a

casino hotel phenomenon, but a key emerging element of vacation behavior. One should look to Aspen -- where there is varied

and robust entertainment, cultural, and arts programming -- as the

only traditional mountain resort market that has succeeded in attracting a year-round visitation pattern and resident base.

is possible along Route 50.

Government and resort owners must all partner in developing a

The success of these new stores also points to a unique potential

ues and options. Venues should range from the large format stage

differentiating element of South Shore. Most mountain resort mar-

kets with dramatically reduced traffic outside the winter months

cannot support a diversified array of unique retailers. Even tony Vail Village offers mostly tee shirt shops and service retail, with a scattering of restaurants. New retail should be included along

the Route 50 frontage of the large resort properties, animating the street and encouraging pedestrian activity.

coordinated and mutually reinforcing array of entertainment venshows to smaller black box spaces appropriate for intimate per-

formance, outdoor venues, spaces appropriate for conversion for

indoor sporting events, etc. Two dimensions are critical. Each

property should offer complementary and distinct spaces, since the entire region will be the beneficiary of enhanced visitation, and spaces should be as flexible as possible to serve the most potential

markets. Critical in this is providing facilities that can serve as

auxiliary space for conventions and meetings, as will be discussed further below.

Government and resort owners must all partner in developing a coordinated and mutually reinforcing array of entertainment venues and options.

Reinvention of South Lake Tahoe report After researching and analyzing the opportunities for transforming the South


Lake Tahoe area into a prime resort and vacation hot spot, RCLCO needed a report designed to present to their client to encourage them to invest in redevelopment of that area. Client: RCLCO

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

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Yvette Ross ExECutivE DirECtOr

P 202.722.0459 | F 202.280.1105 PO Box 40852, Washington, DC 20016

Matching talented students with |

exceptional educational opportunity

PO Box 40852, Washington, DC 20016

PO Box 40852, Washington, DC 20016 | P 202.722.0459 | F 202.280.1105 |

Project Match Identity and Website Project Match is a nonprofit that matches minority students in the Washington, DC area with boarding schools. They were in desperate need of a new brand identity and website that would increase the professional perception of the organization into increase student and donor interest. Class: The Role of Graphic Design in Social Awareness

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

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Playa Grande Website Playa Grande was intended to be a luxury, high-end resort in the ChiriquĂ­ Province of Panama, for which I designed a joint venture brochure in 2007. This website takes that approach that the resort has been developed and is available for tourists, retirees, secondhome buyers, honeymooners and families to plan and book their next home or vacation. Class: Graphic Design Studio II

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Dizzy Animated Type This animation, just under 14 sections, tells the story of two children playing happily together. Class: Typography Studio II

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Psalm 139 Animated Narrative Somehow, using type, color and motion, I needed to communicate the indescribable feeling of being perfectly loved and protected, as described in Psalm 139. With that understanding, I selected the humanist Hypatia Sans Pro typeface because it is warm and legible, while hinting towards history with an expansive type family. The type was paired with a color palette of purple, gray, dark brown, and a soft blue-green. Class: Typography Studio II

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

Memoir of a Geisha Movie Title Inspired by the art of a geisha and key events in the story of the movie, I created a new movie title to introduce this romantic drama. Class: Typography Studio II

Shala W. Graham

Communication Designer

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