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APRIL 2017

APRIL is Child Abuse Prevention Month


Apple Oat Bites

CRAFT Fuzzy Easter Eggs

Welcome to PW’s Playhouse Join us in raising awareness during Child Abuse Prevention Month. Read up on tips and facts about identifying child abuse. Take the time to sit down with your child to talk openly about their feelings and experiences. Then get crafty with your little one with our DIY fuzzy eggs craft and fuel up with our Apple Oat Bites!


April 22


APRIL 16: Easter (Playworks closed)

e're celebrat ing on April 21 w ith CENTER-WID E PLANTING ! Don't forget your seed packet at the front desk!

APRIL 21: Earth Day Celebration APRIL 24-28: Week of the Young Child (NAEYC) APRIL 27: Summer Camp Open House (5-7pm)



These little eggs make a fun addition to Easter egg hunting!

Stuff the eggs with a special treat, or hide them as is.

They can also be used for a variety of entertaining games or as home decor. Be sure to supervise your child when using a sewing needle, or assist them with this step.

ls: a i ter a M

Colorful pieces of felt

Using cutting shears, cut out two egg shapes from the felt for each egg. Sew around the edges to combine the two eggs. Contrastingcolored thread

Hand sewing needle or sewing machine

Cutting shears

Cotton or treats to stuff the egg with

Option 1: When egg is sewn ž the way, stuff with cotton, then finish sewing it shut. Option 2: Sew the egg up empty. Cut a slit into the front side of the egg, and stuff with a treat for your little one to find on their Easter egg hunt!


You can save a child from abuse “It takes a village to raise a child”—a phrase that is equally true in identifying child abuse. Signs of child abuse are not always obvious, and sometimes it takes a stranger to take notice and speak up. Clues can vary depending on the individual child and the type of abuse the child is facing. Some signs are more obvious, such as having bruises, being fearful of going home, or being scared of a caregiver. But other signs are not as intuitively recognized. Here are a few less-obvious traits commonly displayed by children experiencing abuse: • Consistently bad hygiene • Wears ill-fitting or inappropriate clothing (i.e. long-sleeved shirts on hot days) • Frequently late or missing school • Trouble walking or sitting • Cruel to animals • Flinches at sudden movements • Displays knowledge/interest in sexual behavior • Excessively anxious about doing something wrong • Behaves either inappropriately infantile (e.g. thumb-sucking) or too much like an adult (e.g. taking care of other children)

Raise awareness. Stop31child March – Wearabuse. a blue-ribbon bracelet*


Wear a blue ribbon bracelet*

As a general rule of thumb, any unusual or uncharacteristic behaviors of a child can be a cause for concern. For example, if a child is normally outgoing, but suddenly becomes withdrawn; or if a child is normally shy, and is now behaving aggressively, this can be a red flag. Just being in tune to a child is one of the biggest keys in identifying child abuse.

Truth in Numbers 5 children die every day from child abuse

EVERY CHILD deserves health and happiness

1 in 20 children are physically abused

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused


Wear a sticker* to raise awareness of child abuse prevention

APRIL 7 Join forces with Playworks during April 7 – Wear blue Wear blue National Child Abuse Prevention Month APRIL 28 April 14 – Grab a blue pinwheel* Grab to-go breakfast in the lobbies of Playworks or APRIL 14 April 21 – Wear a sticker* the LINK Event Center Grab a blue pinwheel* April 28 – Grab to-go breakfast in the lobbies of Playworks or the LINK Event Center

Together, we can change that.


April 2017




summer camp 2017



treme Summer camp

summer camp 2017


Valued UP TO $2,652

Restrictions apply. Visit for more information.


April 27

Register Today!

5-7pm | Playworks LINK Classrooms

952.445.PLAY (7529) | 2200 Trail of Dreams • Prior Lake

Makes 15 balls Ingredients • 2 cups rolled oats • 1 apple, sliced • 1 cup almond butter • 2 tablespoons hemp hearts • 2 tablespoons chia seeds • 2 teaspoons cinnamon • 2 tablespoons maple syrup (optional)

Directions Combine all ingredients in food processor. If mixture looks wet, add more oats. If it’s not sweet enough, add maple syrup to taste. Roll mixture into balls and drop onto a lined baking sheet. Set in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes.


Farmer for a 24Day June 11am - 12:30pm

Register online! 2041 140th St. NW • Prior Lake E NT E R P R I SE S OWNE D A ND OP E R AT E D B Y T HE SHA KOP E E M DE WA KA NTO N S I O UX C O M M UN I TY

2200 Trail of Dreams, Prior Lake, MN | 952.445.PLAY (7529) | PW’s Playhouse is a publication of Playworks |

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