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Exercise " and Balls Read Month all about

This Month at Playworks…

February 4–8:

Stomp, Chomp, and Read: Scholastic Dino-Mite Book Fair Playworks LINK Event Center

In honor of “I Love to Read Month,” February is full of all Monday, February 4 • 9am-5pm* things reading and books! Reading plays a key role in a child’s education and carries benefits that last a lifetime. Tuesday & Thursday, February 5 & 7 • 9am-7pm Whether it’s for school or for enjoyment, picking up a Wednesday & Friday, February 6 & 8 • 9am-5pm book can help a child develop empathy, improve their *SMSC Employees and Community Members Only vocabulary, and even help with stress relief. All month long, Playworks classrooms will be involved in activities February 15: Storybook Character Day—Dress up as your favorite that celebrate and promote literacy. storybook character! Aside from the classroom, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to incorporate reading and literacy into your child’s routine at home. Consider trying a few of these ideas: •

Read a recipe and then cook it together

Read a bedtime story aloud to your child

Do an alphabet scavenger hunt around the house, finding objects for each letter

Take a field trip to the local library and let your child pick out their own books

February 20:

Read My Shirt Day—Wear a shirt with words!

February is


at Playworks

important dates February 14:

Valentine's Day

February 17:

Playworks Winter Wonderland Party 3-6pm • Atrium

March 1:

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Suggested Reading Stretch

Wallie Exercises

Pedal Power

Yoga Bunny

by Doreen Cronin

by Judy Delton

by Steve Ettinger

by Brian Russo

Barn Dance!

by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Playworks Staff Spotlight:

Amy Braun

How long have you worked at Playworks? 19 years

Describe yourself in one word: Laughter

What is your position at Playworks? Lead Teacher (Pod 6)

Favorite board game: Mexican Train (Dominoes)

Favorite part of working at Playworks: The awesome staff and amazing children

Favorite food: I like food

Favorite children’s books: Mean Soup by Betsy Everitt and The Napping House by Audrey Wood

Favorite color: Yellow, the color of the sun Favorite animal: Pig

Educare Early Learning Classrooms

Exercise and Balls Our bodies are made to move. Young children are in nearly constant motion while they are awake. They wiggle, stretch, bend, jump, run, hop, bounce, climb— you name it. Moving makes children feel capable and confident, releases tension, and builds strong bodies and minds.

movement. They will also learn which types of exercise and common indoor and outdoor activities require the use of balls. Then we will add some science and physics to the mix and investigate the properties of a ball, how balls bounce and roll, and how gravity and friction affect a ball’s movement.

February’s study of exercise and balls will be rooted in children’s desire to move and play. Students will explore types of exercises, observe people while they are exercising, and learn about the mechanics of

Next time you’re playing catch with your child or taking the dog for a walk, encourage them to talk about their body’s movement and the importance of exercise. You might just learn a thing or two!

Highlighted Learning Objective:


At a very young age, children begin to imitate writing and drawing to represent their thoughts and ideas. Help encourage your child’s writing skills by allowing them to communicate and record what they’re thinking. Providing these essential opportunities allows children to express themselves and experiment with different types of communication.

What this looks like: Scribbles lines, circles, or zigzags in rows

Writes segments of letter forms (lines/curves)

Writes letters in unconventional order

Writes all the letters of their own name, although some may not be sequenced correctly

Connecting with Music and Movement

Music has a variety of positive effects on a child’s development, both mentally and physically. Whether it’s memorizing the words to a song or playing the drums on cookware, kids learn from musical experiences. Here are just a few of the ways music plays a role in your child’s development:

• Provide ample time, materials, and space for children to write, including different-size paper, crayons, markers and whiteboards, and other writing supplies. • Include activities that give children reasons to write their names, such as on drawings, letters, or greeting cards. • Model writing with children, and talk about what you are doing as you write.

Focused Experience:

Suggestions for ways to improve writing skills:

d... When your chil nd the ou ar es When your march child... ic is soothed w room to mus , h e n y o ning... u play soft mu your child is lear r sic, to use his/he . your child is learning... large muscles to comfort h imself/herse lf. When your child... holds hands and dances with a friend, your child is learning... about playing with other children.



Reasons Why


Playing tag, riding a bike, walking up and down the stairs, climbing trees, or running to catch the bus—almost any kind of movement counts as exercise. Regular physical activity can help boost self-confidence and even build relationships, but what about the internal benefits? Here’s a look at some of the ways exercise is awesome for your bones, body, and brain.



5 7

Staying in shape keeps your immunity in check, helping you fend off colds and the flu. Improving your flexibility through stretching exercises will allow your muscles and joints to move easier.


Aerobic exercises—like basketball and running—help your body deliver much-needed oxygen to all the cells in your body.


A good workout gets blood and oxygen flowing to your brain, which means you can think better. The more you move, the stronger your lungs and heart will be—which means you can play longer without getting tired!

Exercising can help keep you at a healthy weight.


If you’re fit as a fiddle, chances are you will sleep better at night.


Exercise puts you in a good mood—so you can conquer the day with a smile!



Your reflexes and coordination improve with exercise.

When you move, your muscles and bones get stronger. Source:

Roll -an-Exercise

For a fun workout, gather the whole family for this playful exercise game. All you need is a set of dice!




1. Split up into teams of two players. 2. Each player rolls a die. Match the corresponding number on the die to the exercise shown on the right. 3. Each player completes that exercise five times. Example: A player rolls a five, so they must complete five pushups.



4. Each team takes turns rolling the dice and completing their exercises. 5. Repeat until all players are tuckered out!

Leg Raises



I love you ritual

One, Two,Three, Four, Five

Take a short break from reading this month and try this Conscious Discipline activity to help cultivate a connection between you and your child.

One, two, three, four, five, I caught a fish alive. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, I let him go again. As you say the first two lines, dab pudding or frosting on the ends of the child’s fingers. When you say the last two lines, do not put additional pudding or frosting on fingers; just touch each finger on the child’s other hand.

Why did you let him go? Because he bit my finger so. Which one did he bite? The little one on the right. Say this verse while holding the child’s hand with pudding on the fingers. When you come to the last line, have the child lick the pudding off that finger. Continue repeating the last two lines until all the fingers are clean.

Cleanup: This is probably the most important part of the game. Help wash your child’s hands with a washcloth. Take time to nurture and care for your child and massage their hands. This sends the message “I will care for you” to your child. Do not rush through this wonderful moment.


MicrophoneCupcakes Steal the show with these yummy music-themed treats.

ingredients: □□ 1 box store-bought cupcake mix

□□ 1 16-ounce tub of vanilla frosting

□□ 12 jumbo wafer cones

□□ Black sugar sprinkles



Bake cupcakes as directed on the packaging. Meanwhile, spread frosting on the inside of each wafer cone.


When the cupcakes are cool, place one inside each wafer cone.


Frost the tops of the cupcakes. Gently roll the cupcakes in the black sugar to cover. Sing (or eat!) your heart out!


Lending Library

To spark a love of reading in children at an early age, the Lending Library serves as a place for Playworks families to borrow a variety of books to read at home with their child and extend learning beyond the school day. High-quality fiction and nonfiction books may be borrowed and returned to support the development of early literacy skills. If you have any questions, please see your child’s teacher.

Family-Friendly EVENTS


TA K E B A K E -N-

PIZ Z A $ 6



T A K E- B A K E N-

PIZZA Sdcs #1 | 952.445.5520 | 15035 mystic lake dr, Prior lake, mn

february 4-8

Scholastic dino-mite book fair

Playworks LINK Event Center (2200 Trail of Dreams, Prior Lake) Celebrate “I Love to Read Month” with Playworks during the first week of February at the Scholastic Dino-Mite Book Fair! Enjoy doughnuts and story time on Tuesday, Special Person Day and refreshments on Friday, and crafts and activities all throughout the week. Stomp, chomp, and read your way to the Playworks LINK Event Center between February 4-8! Book fair hours can be found on page 2.

A swim program designed to build confidence in the water

february 17


playworks winter wonderland party

3-6pm | Playworks Atrium (2200 Trail of Dreams, Prior Lake) Mark your calendar for the Playworks Winter Wonderland Party on February 17 and bring the kids down for an afternoon of snow-themed fun. From 3-6pm, the Playworks Atrium will be transformed into a scene of wintry magic, with activities ranging from slide relays and a snowball toss to “pin the carrot on the snowman” and making snow and snowflakes. Standard Atrium rates apply, and children ages 4-12 may be dropped off.

february 23

extreme horse skijoring

1-4pm | $10 (Free for children under 12) Canterbury Park (1100 Canterbury Road, Shakopee) Check out Extreme Horse Skijoring for a unique, fun, and thrilling family activity on February 23! This winter sport features a skier being pulled behind a horse while they dodge obstacles on the racetrack. Competitors can reach speeds as fast as 40 miles per hour as they maneuver through gates and other hurdles.

spring SESSION march 26–june 1

Kids Ages 3-17 | Adults | Special Needs Ages 3+ Please see spring registration book for full listing of class options. register online at or at the front desk.

952.445.9400 • 2100 Trail of Dreams, Prior Lake, MN

& r o v F laenience Conv Dine-in or take-out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner salads | entrées | dips | meats | cheeses | paninis

THAT’S THE DELI AT MAZOPIYA 952.233.9140 • 2571 credit union Drive, prior lake, MN


CORNER FUN Bookmarks

Attention bookworms! In honor of “I Love to Read Month,” try this simple craft to make your very own corner-page bookmark.

Materials: □□ Lightweight construction paper in assorted colors

□□ Scissors □□ Stickers or other embellishments (optional)

□□ Ruler

□□ Glue (optional)



Cut a 6×6 square out of lightweight construction paper. Fold the paper in half, corner to corner.


Open the triangle and fold the center of the top flap to the bottom.


Fold one end of the triangle up to the top of the triangle. Repeat on the other side.


Tuck the right corner into the middle “pocket” flap. Repeat with the left corner.


Rotate the bookmark so the “pocket” is at the top. Using construction paper, stickers, or other embellishments, create a character for your bookmark. Cut out eyes, hair, and teeth… get creative!

• Arcade • Cupcakes • Fun!


Host your next birthday party at Playworks! If you’re looking for an exciting place to host your child’s party, look no further than the Playworks Atrium. Our birthday package will make your child’s day unforgettable.

BOOK TODAY! 952.445.PLAY (7529) • 2200 trail of dreams, PRIOR LAKE, MN

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