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Welcome to PW’s Playhouse The holidays are over and the New Year is upon us! As we dive into 2018, it’s a great time to look back on the many ways we’ve succeeded and grown in the last year. This January, we will explore the importance of exercise and movement in our lives. While learning about exercise and movement in the classroom, preschool students will begin to understand how their bodies work and why moving is important. This group will also be studying balls, including how balls are used in exercise and how science and physics relate to the properties of a ball. Playworks infants and toddlers will be introduced to art and creative experiences this month. Through these lessons, children will learn about the different uses and effects of art materials. Exposing children to art at an early age helps them develop stronger hand–eye coordination and creativity. The staff at Playworks would like to wish you a wonderful 2018!

Important Dates Jan 1:

Playworks Closed

Jan 9:

Playworks’ 23rd Anniversary

Jan 29-31:

“I Love to Read Month” Kickoff

Suggested Reading A Ball for Daisy By Chris Raschka

I am an Artist By Marta Altés

Lines That Wiggle Run and Hike, Play and Bike: By Candace Whitman What is Physical Activity? I Ain’t Gonna By Brian P. Cleary Paint No More! By Karen Beaumont Play Ball with Me! By Lynn Reiser

Educare holiday concert video available online! To view the concert online, log in to the Playworks Families page and select the Playworks Holiday Concert video in the Gallery.

Playworks Staff Spotlight: Aaron Norberg How long have you worked at Playworks?

Favorite part of working at Playworks?

Favorite board game:

Risk Favorite food: What is your position at Favorite children’s book: Jambalaya Mike Mulligan and His Playworks? Steam Shovel by Virginia Favorite color: Customer Care/ Transportation Manager Lee Burton Green Describe your personality Favorite animal: in one word: Shark Fun 15 years

Every day is different

Educare Early Learning Classrooms

Exercise, Sports, and Balls

A child’s body is made to move. Young children are in constant motion when they’re awake, and older children spend much of their time running, playing, and competing in sports. Moving makes children feel capable and confident, relieves stress, and builds strong bodies and minds. During the month of January, Playworks students will study exercise, movement, and balls. The study of exercise will incorporate children’s desire to move. Many types of exercises will be explored, and students will observe people while they exercise and learn about the mechanics of their movement. Students will also learn about the connection between exercise and healthy bodies and minds. Many different exercises include the use of balls. Kids love to throw, catch, kick, and roll them. During the month

of January, Playworks students will learn how balls are used in exercise, and they will explore common indoor and outdoor activities that use balls. The children will also learn how science and physics apply to the properties of a ball, including how balls bounce, roll, and move, and how gravity and friction applies to their movement. Staying active is very important for a child’s physical and emotional development. When studying movement, exercise, and balls, your child will find enjoyment in knowing more about their bodies and the world around them. Next time you’re headed to the gym or running on a treadmill, talk to your child about why you’re doing it, and why it’s important!


INDOOR & OUTDOOR Ways to Exercise

Healthy habits develop at a young age and often carry over into adulthood, and nourishing foods and plenty of exercise are great for a growing body and mind. The new year is a perfect time to make changes with your children that can benefit them down the line. This month’s preschool creative curriculum focuses on exercise and movement, so have fun and explore some of these great ways to get active, both indoors and out in the snow.

Indoor There’s so much fun to be had indoors! You can still get all the exercise you need from the comfort of your own home. These indoor activities can keep you and your kiddos active this winter: • Have a dance party in your living room • See how long you can jump rope • Try air punches and ninja kicks to fight off an imaginary supervillain • Enjoy all that the Playworks Atrium has to offer • Have a pillow fight • Play hide-and-seek • Do yoga

Outdoor Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you should go without Vitamin D. Bundle up and get out and play this winter. Try some of these fun winter activities to help your child get the exercise they need: • Build a snow fort together • Go sledding (wear bike helmets for added safety) • Have a snowball fight • Make snow angels and snowmen • Buy a child-sized shovel and shovel snow together According to the Mayo Clinic, children should receive at least an hour a day of physical exercise that ranges from moderate to vigorous aerobic activity.

We Wish You Well


At Playworks, every classroom is outfitted with a “We Wish You Well” board. These boards include photos of each of the children who are not at Playworks on a given day. During morning meetings, each classroom takes time to recognize these children and wish them well. Wishing absent students well is a great way for children to support one another and calm themselves. To wish each other well, students participate in either a song or a series of actions:


Children put their hands over their heart Take a deep breath in Pause and picture something precious in their minds Breathe out and open their arms to send those loving thoughts to the people they are wishing well


s e c n e i r e p x e

“WE WISH YOU WELL” SONG (Sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”)

We wish you well, We wish you well, All through the day today, We wish you well.

Arts and crafts mean much more to a child’s development than just playtime. Children learn a number of real-world lessons through art. Check out the list below to see how common creative activities can help your child learn!



Covers paper with paint Pokes a hole in playdough Tears paper for a collage Uses glue successfully

About cause and effect How objects can be used Hand–eye coordination To problem-solve



Kids love to draw and play with paint. This activity, based off of Eric Carle’s The Mixed-Up Chameleon, offers children a fun way to learn about colors and how they mix. Hang your finished product in the window as a colorful sun catcher!


Zip-lock bag Permanent marker Paint



Draw a chameleon on your zip-lock bag using a permanent marker.

Open the bag and carefully add globs of different-colored paints.

Seal the bag shut and mix the colors by pushing on the paint globs in the bag.

Watch as the chameleon changes colors and the colors begin to blend.

2. 3. 4.

Kick off

"I LOVE TO READ MONTH" with Playworks!

Join Playworks for a Scholastic Book Fair from January 29-31 in the Playworks LINK Event Center. Remember to check out the classroom wish list, which includes books that parents can purchase for their child’s classroom. Monday, January 29 9am-7pm • Doughnuts and Story time Tuesday, January 30 9am-7pm • Crafts and Activities Wednesday, January 31 9am-5pm • Story time with a Special Person (grandparent, parent, etc.) • Cookies and Refreshments from 10am-Noon

Family-Friendly SMSC


Start your day off right with this delightful take on our popular Mazopiya YUM-me bowls

January 9 Playworks’ 23rd Anniversary

Playworks (2200 Trail of Dreams, Prior Lake) Come celebrate Playworks’ 23rd birthday with us! Bring your family and enjoy Family Play, schedule a Group Trip, or host your child’s birthday party in the Atrium. You’ll never run out of fun things to do at Playworks, where fun and excitement have reigned supreme for 23 years.

January 29-31 “I Love to Read Month” Kickoff

Jan. 29 & 30 • 9am-7pm | Jan. 31 • 9am-5pm Playworks LINK Event Center (2200 Trail of Dreams, Prior Lake) Kick off “I Love to Read Month” with Playworks! Enjoy doughnuts and story time on Monday, crafts and activities on Tuesday, and story time with a special person (grandparent, parent, etc.) and cookies on Wednesday.

February 10 Kids in the Kitchen

9-10am & 11am-Noon Mazopiya (2571 Credit Union Drive, Prior Lake) The best way to get your child excited about eating healthy foods is to have them help out in the kitche n! This fun, handson class will focus on cooking up some delicious and healthy kid-approved dishes that your child will love. To register, visit Ages 6+

Breakfast YUM-me Bowls

bison | chicken | beans wi t h

potatoes | eggs | jack cheese green onions | tomatoes | cilantro smoky maple drizzle

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Initiation Fee Offer Valid January 2 - January 16 Monthly membership fees apply

Free T-shirt with individual memberships. Two free T-shirts with couple or family memberships. Limited quantity and sizes. While supplies last.

952.445.9400 | 2100 Trail of Dreams • Prior Lake


Kid-Friendly Energy Balls These healthy little balls of energy will help you and your kiddos fuel up for a full day of activities. Have fun mixing up the ingredients and rolling them into bite-size balls that are perfect, tasty snacks.


1 cup quick-cooking oats 1 cup coconut flakes ½ cup milled flaxseed ½ cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

½ cup peanut butter ⅓ cup honey 1 teaspoon vanilla

Directions: 1. Combine all dry ingredients

in a bowl and mix well.

everything sticks together. Feel free to use your hands to make sure all ingredients are mixed evenly.

2. Add all wet ingredients and stir until

3. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. 4. Roll into bite-size balls. 5. Store in an airtight container.


feb 10

Ages 6+ 9-10am & 11am-Noon

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Playworks PW's Playhouse January 2018  
Playworks PW's Playhouse January 2018