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The artist Name: 1Frances Lobo Genre: R’n’B Age:23 Hometown: London city

The artists target audience Age: 15-25 Gender: female Location: The U.K Ethnicity: Asian Hobbies And Interests: Shopping, make up, romantic movies Current Media Consumptions: Lurayn hill, tweet, next top model, R’n’b


I have chosen these types of clothing because they go with the edgy and unique feel to the music video. The piecing of clothing such as the dresses colour jackets plus shows go with the effect of the video being black and white. The scarf and gloves also represent winter time as it will be cold when we are filming and the look of the video should also cross over with the winter look. The winter theme of the days getting dark early will also go well with the story line as it is very dark and emotional song , this is why i have chosen clothes such as this to go with it. I think these pieces of clothing also are very plain with nothing much eye catchy and sting about them which would cross over in the video showing her a lonely character who sits in the background with no one to talk to.


These are some examples of the kind of typography my artist would have for her logo . I believe that Amanda is a very edgy artist but a natural one at the same time so these would fit perfectly with her personality. All these images show her name as i believe this is they type of 'Logo' she would have. The first one shows a rough looking logo giving it a very rough and edgy look , the second one is a more fairy tale/ Alice in wonderland look which goes well with Amanda's 'Natural and innocent girl' look. The third has a retro look which would would have some sort of colour to it to make it look more attractive. I have chosen all these in black and white because i think its a more strip down colour which would represent her as an artist.

Mise en sene

These are some of the Mis en sene that i would have in my music video. The first column show the types of lighting i would want in my music video , the main idea would be having it dark and gloomy as he first image shows street lights being only the main light source , the second image also shows a girl with car headlights being the main source of light at the back and maybe a light stand at the front to make her face glow a bit more.The second column show the different types of sets in which the music video might be shot at, the first example is a basement/abandoned looking area with a window which is shinning light out this would maybe be the place where the lady is feeling alone , the third and fourth show the streets where the girl runs away to, the second image shows the somebody on the street alone and looking down so the body language also helps create the imagery of being alone with no one to talk to. The third collum shows the acting in which the girl s crying this is a very emotional facial expression , the second one also shows someone crying and the third image shows someone alone in a room with her legs close to her body feeling alone and wanting to curl up in a ball , these also need to cross over with the set and lighting to create the effect

Sample of imagery

Artist identity  

artrist identity

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