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Shakil Hussain 1007265 Graphic Desgin EGRD 6002


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Ideas p.6-9

Storyboard p.10-13

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Research p.19-29

Experiments p.30-39

Final p.41-42

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Deadline 25th March Final Deadline 27th March FMP project to create a motion graphic, visual effects video using Adobe After Effects CS6. Using the knowledge that I’ve learnt this year into a FMP project. Time limit 45 to 60 seconds Show all the videos i.e. the experiments that I’ve done. Tutorials, I’ve watched on the web. The e-mails, I’ve sent to different designers and there response. Show all the work that has lead to my final video. DON’T LEAVE NOTHING OUT


My 1st was to create a skating and bmx video, because I created one during the summer last year but only knowing only a small amount of editing and effects knowledge. After looking into creating this video I had to look at locations and arrange for people that I knew to meet up and shoot this video. The location was easy enough to find, there are various skate parks in my area but trying to arrange people to meet up and timing was causing a headache, because not everyone was able to make. So I gave up with this

idea, my next idea was to create a dance video like I did last semester work. So I went back and looked at #08 dance. After looking back at that video I was thinking of what to do, looking at different youtube videos I came across and video done by designer called Dimitri Chouvaeff. After looking at this video it made me want to create something like this.

Dance •Location: on top of a car park •Duration: 40-60 seconds max •Dancer: Geordie Logan •Music: Sun Don’t Shine by Sonnentanz

Dimitri Chouvaeff Dance in Motion (After Effects, Motion Design)

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After looking at the video create by Dimitri Chouvaeff, I carried on searching youtube videos and looking at tutorials. I started e-mailing different users, to see if they could give me tips and advice or anything help really to do with my project. I e-mail 5 or 6 users but unfortunatley I didn’t get a reply from any of them, which I expected becuase a few of them are professional desginers so I doubt they had the time and some were just amateurs just like me.

Hi I’m a 3rd year graphic design student, and I have my last project to do for uni which I’m using special effects for. I was wondering if you could possibly give me any tips or advice on how to create special effects. I have created some basic motion graphics before but they are very basic. my personal e-mail is kind regards Shak H

With the e-mail I sent to Dimitri Chouvaeff, I’d thought to change up the e-mail beacuse the last e-mail that I sent out didn’t get me a response.

Hi I am a 3rd year uni student studying graphic design but I’m interested in motion graphics. I have my final major project for uni and I have decided to use motion graphics. The idea for my final major is street dance or a bmx / skating video not sure at this moment. I saw your dance in motion video and was amazed and was wondering if you could be able to give me any tips and advice in how to

produce a piece of work like this. I have produced a basic motion video using type which I would like you to view and give your insight on. watch?vf_or2z1-KgA Hope to hear from you Kind regards Shakil Hussain

I actually got a respones from that e-mail which was.

You really have to clean your workspace and project panel. Rename everything, Use the color labels, Crop your layers (In/Out point) to lighten the timeline etc..

Hi, I’m glad you enjoyed my project :) It’s a great idea you had about your final major. I’m sure it will be appreciated a lot ! I don’t know what kind of tips I may give you. In my opinion, the most important thing to keep in mind is to be very organised.

This kind of project requires a ton of layers very quickly. So, make one effect, clean it, precompose, go to the next one. One by One. If you choose the BMX/Skating project, take a look at these french tutorials. You need to pay to watch them (2euros except one which is free) but the samples can inspire you,

maybe : formations/after-effects/ firegrind-compositinget-creation-de-feu-avecparticular formations/after-effects/ ralentis-slowmotion fr/formations/photoshop/ revelation-encre-aquarelle THen, don’t rush ! Before starting my video, I have been thinking about “what could I do ? What am I able to do ?”. Just think a lot ! I mean, when you take a shower / when you

go to sleep etc..Think! If you attempt to improvise only, you will waste your time. Of course you will get new ideas during the project but it’s important to have some before starting. By the way, I’m used to find the soundtrack first and then I can imagine the effects and the rythm according to the music. It’s pretty much easier. Finally, feel free to use many scripts. They are very helpful and you will save a lot of time. is the best one. You can get a lot of them for free (Indeed, you decide yourself how much you

wanna pay a script ^^ ) I hope this tips will help you a little bit :)

would improve the 3D space integration. Same when you are zooming/ dezooming; your texts have the same size but it’s wrong.

-Regarding your basic motion video, let me tell you what I think. Yeah it’s basic but it’s a good start. Too bad you didn’t improve the integration of the texts, let me explain: For instance, there is a lack of tracking. I mean, when the camera is moving, the texts should stay at the same place (in the 3D environment). It

These small details can improve the feeling of “Hell yeah ! these texts are really around the dancer !”

I hope you will understand what i mean because my english is not perfect :) Anyway, i wish you a good luck for your project and maybe you will be able to show me the result or even some Work in progress ;) See you

Plus, your texts on the ground are not properly rotated. The CHOUVAEFF Dimitri perspective is incorrect. Use the lines on the groud to match it. (in your case, you need to rotate a little bit more on the X Axis)


I didn’t really look at that many books for referencing, more like online videos and tutorials. With books I looked a few books like • After Effects 7 by Antony Bolante • Adobe After Effects CS6 Classroom by Adobe Creative Team • The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects by Isaac V. Kerlow • Adobe After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques by Mark Christiansen

the book I used the most Adobe After Effects CS6 Classroom by Adobe Creative Team. I used this to the do the colour correction on my video, because online sources were making it to complicated then what it was supposed to be.

Over the next few spread show the tutorials that I watched starting from a basic on how to create the effect to more advanced. This tutorial shows slow motion How to use Twixtor in After Effects CS6

click image to open url

Tutorial: Super Slow Motion in After Effects CS5 / CS6

click image to open url

This tutorial I used in my 1st semesters work with #08 dance brief. After Effects Tutorial - Basic Typography & Motion Graphics

click image to open url

A more advanced motion graphics with type. Animate Text On A Path Adobe After Effects tutorial

click image to open url

Light Streaks

click image to open url

Light Streaks 2

click image to open url

3D Light Casting

click image to open url

My Experiments

click image to open url

Over the next few spreads, the tutorials that have been shown I’ve taken and created my own experimants from what I’ve learnt and how it works with my video.

Here is the original verison of my video as shot.

click image to open url

The colour corrected video

click image to open url

Slow motion this is a clip which I recorded before my footage and tested out the slow motion effect.

click image to open url

The first motion type shows a basic tutorial on type in motion, which was showned in my first semester work #08 dance. Now I watched the second type motion tutorial and advanced my knowledge to produce this test.

click image to open url

This test took 2 tutorials, because the 1st light streak video was just to show how to create this then the second tutorial help me add the first light streak into real time footage.

click image to open url

The next 3 spreads will show the build of the 3D light casting tutorial done by video copilot. As video copilot show it in one tutorial I broke it into 3 different video showing begining, middle and end.

click image to open url


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Final Video

Here is the final out come. Hope you enjoy it. click the image to open url


I created this video because going back to the first semester work we was given a brief called Research, Development & Positioning. In this brief there was a title called #08 Dance, which I created a dance video using motion graphics which I really enjoyed. So I tought why not carry it on and advance my kown knowledge and create a video that looks good at the same time. The video itself is 1min long so from pervious experiences I’m not trying to create the impossible video, the video shows what I’ve learnt, over this term to produce a video like this.

My time management skills was much better then last years, where i was rushing around at the last minute trying to get everything done. I’m happy with the out come of the video and will caryy on with doing visual effects and motion graphics within videos.


Adobe After Effects CS6 Classroom in a book Xu, Z. 2012. GenAdobe che di yan jiu After Effects CS6. Tai bei shi: Shang qi zi xun.


my final major project