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Sometimes cats go blind as they age. This can be a different sort of disorientation to the cat who is born blind. Older cats who find their eyesight decreasing will slowly adapt and use their other senses. If the blindness comes on more suddenly, you may find some fearfulness as the cat adapts to its new limitations. While all cats should be kept indoors for their safety, this is particularly true for a blind cat. If something chases the cat, they may not know where to run to find safety. Even if they do escape, the sudden movement may disorient them to a point that they are unable to find their way home. Blind cats should always be supervised if they wander outside to sit in the sun. A harness is a great way to keep the cat close but still allow it to smell the outside air and enjoy the sounds of birds. Keep the household stable. Don't move the furniture. Blind cats will rely on their memory and their whiskers. However, keeping furniture in the same general places will help keep them from bumping into things unexpectedly. This helps them feel more secure in their environment. It's also helpful to keep litter boxes and food dishes in the same area. Blind cats will find their way to these places by smell. However, all cats hate changes. The stress of changing certain habits is even harder on a blind cat. Avoid lifting your blind cat as much as possible. Lifting can create a sense of disorientation. If you do have to lift the cat, place it back down in a familiar area. As they get older and go blind, it may be harder for a cat to leap up on a favorite sleeping area, like a bed. A set of stairs can be helpful. Watch as your cat learns to negotiate these things. Such props keep the cat safer. As long as they are doing the movement, they will feel more oriented in their space. They will also feel a greater sense of mastery over their handicap. An older blind cat still needs play time for stimulation. Noisy or smelly catnip toys are a great way to keep them active. Cats rely on other senses to a great degree. Although blindness is a handicap, with a minimal amount of effort your blind cat can continue to live out his life safely and happily.

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Tips for Living With a Blind Cat................Check it Out: ==== ====

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