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MY LOVE FOR YOU When I lay down at night, I can only think of you. All the good times, being shared between two. When I awake, I burst with joy. To know that I have just slept with the most beautiful person that I have ever saw. I marvel at your goodness, you kindness, your treats. A woman like you will make any man's heart skip a beat. For I am a lucky one, this is true and for sure. If I met you a thousand times over, I could never love you more. By Saadiq Busby

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It seems the world we live in has gone a little mad, so much death and destruction, it could really make you sad. Gun violence, rapes, murder and such, is not for the civilized, the burden is too much. Man does not have to act this way, it is a choice of the mind, and as it is a choice, it can change at any time. The will of the world, is a will to be better. Not a broken will, will there is chesse but no cheddar. Think about it, can we not get a long or are we being forced by others to play the notes of this sad, sad song. Are we destined to destry ourselves, or is there another way, to preserve our health. Collectively and individually, lets fight the virus of injustice, innoculate ourselves will love, and make life better for the kids. Renew our principles, stand for what's right, and the world you desire, will appear over night. By Saadiq Busby

You are the key to my heart, no one can take you away. You are the reason I rise, the reason I cherish each and every day. I could not think of life, without you in my arms, singing, dancing, playing all night long. Cuddling, laughing, making our own personal songs. Girl you are a blessing, a real dream come true. And I thank God everyday, that he allowed me to spend my life with you. By Saadiq Busby

naturally assumed I was a Millionaire like all gringos are, and adjusted his prices accordingly when he I talked his ass down to $90 Lempiras ($4.50 US) from the $200 Lempiras ($10 US). Act like you been th so many Chinese men smoking and filling up the gaming tables while I noticed all Hotel security carry duran Cigar with a guy pointing a sniper rifle. One thing I learned in Central America take care of the d the fine ass women and best restaurants in town. The following morning the maid came to do my room her name was Marina and she was cute and I was journey to Hell.

We made plans to meet of course she had no money so she sent for a Taxi to get me then pick her up an and I was also thinking with my small head and no the the big one. As we got away from the main strip ass I thought I seen it all. Was I ever wrong, the street lights were no longer on and all I saw were gang m all tatted out from their face and neck down. The road now became dirt and the houses were like huts. Th of pussy ! This is a set up for sure you stupid fuck, I whispered in the back seat of the cab. My heart start from the radio . But he seemed calm so I chilled we finally found her house she came out and the gang m with a gang member and I heard her say mi primo (cousin) so as I looked these guys in the eyes and wa Anxiety ? Shit my heart was in my throat, my legs felt like Jelly and once we got to the club I did 5 quick would have given them my right arm fuck the money. I gave them $40 bucks at the end of the night whi

The next afternoon my Phone rings its my buddy Dave from LA who was gonna try and meet me. Yo Ra report that freaked me out the headline read 28 dead in Honduras bus massacre ! What I screamed out, children as young as 5 that were bringing home Christmas gifts , Sixteen of the victims were killed aboa in the nearby city of San Pedro Sula . The motive ? the gang were sending a message to President Ricard erance campaign against gang activity. At his bidding, Congress approved a law in August 2003 that sen gruesome attacks, including the beheading and dismembering of victims, whose bodies have been left in

The Gangs controlled poor neighborhoods, the very one I was in the previous night. Honduras gangs cl cities, where they are known for extorting "protection" money from residents. The next minute I hear lo were shutdown. The country not just the city was on lockdown. What a Merry Christmas this was gonn in my life on traveling to over 100 countries I ever seen war up close as a tourist. The only thing on my dent Maduro got every gang member dead. You see in these countries there is no innocent until proven sympathy to the families of the victims but to make sure every gang member in sight or those with the M

Looking back and seeing the connection of Drugs and Power from the gangs that were used as a Govern me ? was all I said to myself as I boarded the plane a week following the massacre. As we touchdown in God for giving me a free pass that night I went to pick Marina up in her barrio in San Pedro Sula. Now 8 CITY IN THE WORLD. The trip from hell was over but it will always be a story that I can carry on , for son Im from DA SOUTH BRONX, no I say please kid I been to San Pedro Sula. By Rae Rock

It was Christmas break and I was planning on my journey to get back to Central America, for I had my travels in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaraqua , and Guatemala. My final country to cross off the list was Honduras so on DECEMBER, 2004 I arrived at Miami International Airport at the TACA Airline counter to begin the journey to what became voted today in 2013 " THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY" in the World San Pedro Sula Honduras. San Pedro Sula is the second largest city with 1.2 million people, after the capital Tegucigalpa and It is considered the industrial center of Honduras. With average temperatures in the mid 70's during Christmas it was perfect getaway weather. The flight was packed as all the large contingent of Hondurans living in South Florida were heading to their homeland to visit for the Holidays. I was going for one week and wanted to get back home to spend New Years in Miami. As I arrived at the airport the cab driver knowing I wasn't a native gave me the ( Rich Gringo Syndrome) heard my fluent Spanish and saw I came from Miami he thought I was automatically a Cubano. Eventually here before or they will take you for a ride. As I checked into the Princess Hilton Hotel and Casino I noticed ying Sniper Rifles ( Remington Model 700) and nothing in life is better when asking for a light for my Hondudes with the sniper rifles with a little regalo ($20) and they will watch your back and hook you up with all

s horny , we flirted and kept everything quiet as she slipped me her number. That was the beginning of my

nd go for dinner , dancing and drinks. I was happy because I met a local who was going to show me the ropes we started entering some shady looking barrios. Now coming from The South Bronx no hood can scare my members and although I heard of the Mara 13 gangs never new I be meeting them up close. There they were They patrol all the corners with their handguns, all I could think of was this is it Im dead fuck over a piece ted to race for sure, I wasn't coming out alive and the cab driver shut down the blaring Daddy Yankee music members were around she brought her sister with her of course why not feed the whole family. She spoke as just hoping they didn't blow me away. By her saying I was family they led up and went back up the street. k shots of whiskey to calm my nerves. I got lucky and knew it so I spoiled her and her sister to drinks, shit I ich is a lot in a country where the average person makes $150 a month and put them in the cab.

ay put on the TV im like why ? he was like im glad your ok call me later. All over CNN International was a , the story was nothing I read or saw in the states , for The gang had hijacked a school bus of 50 women and ard the bus while 12 others, including two children and 10 women, died after being taken to a public hospital rdo Maduro who they had already killed his son and wanted more power but Maduro had waged a zero-tolntences gang members to up to 12 years in prison. Gangs have responded with n public places.

laim more than 100,000 members and control poor neighborhoods in major oudspeakers in the street and Military Tanks everywhere , for all the airports na be. For the next few days all I heard was gunfire , and this was the first time mind was to take shelter in the hotel and had to wait the week out as Presin guilty and Maduro flew in from the capital of Tegucigalpa not just to offer his MARA 13 Tattoos were killed.

nment overthrow. They were ruthless and killed their own people. Why not Miami I went to baggage claim laid my head to rest on one leg and thanked 8 years later that same city has now been named THE MOST DANGEROUS r now when we people say be careful in that neighborhood I don't say please

Mayor Bloomberg’s soda smackdown follows his attacks on salt, sugar, trans fat, smoking and even baby formula. Ok so when is enough enough? I remember when the mayor first banned smoking in clus, no one said anything. Then the band on smoking in parks, no one said anything. After that it was a ban on flavored energy drinks and flavored cigars. Now people are becoming alarmed. We spoke about this issue step by step, but we were a lone voice in an emty forrest, but now look. The question has never been about if certain bans were good or not; but the fact that Bloomberg rolls out of bed and decrees laws is not a flattering picture. Now I'm not telling anyone what to do, but you better start to pay attention, before laws start to drop like records; with no promotions and no fanfare. by Lucky ShakesSpear

What could be the real reason the Pope quit? Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, is because of a network of influential gay prelates who were being blackmailed by gay outsiders. The Pope learned of this when he had 3 Cardinals look into the Vatican Leaks to journalist. The nearly 300 page report from the Cardinals came back with eveidence of blackmail. La Repubblica added that members of one faction were “united by sexual orientation.” “Some prelates are ‘externally influenced’ — we would say blackmailed — by laity who are linked by bonds of a ‘worldly nature,’ ” the paper said. One of the three cardinals who investigated Vati-leaks, Julian Herranz, hinted at the findings. Beinng that Pope Benedict XVI's stance against gay rights, it would be very ironic for his legacy to end over a gay scandal. by Saadiq Busby

In Queens yesterday, a 43-year-old man was tied up and fatally shot in the head before his body was burned in his second-floor apartment in Queens. Police said the man was tied with electrical tape to his bed. Residents are shocked, because they describe the victum as a very nice guy. Residents who knew the victim also said he was a “quiet, nice man” and said they were afraid a killer could be walking among them. “[The victim] doesn’t cause any trouble,” said Phagoo Kritimati, 40, who works in a nearby deli. “Now, we’re a little worried.” by Julie Reisman

Cops busted Carmine Aska for throwing a 9 year old off the roof. Police say that Aska draged the kid up to the roof of the five-story builoding, then threw him off. Barely alive after being tossed from the roof of a fivestory building, a 9-year-old bravely named his teen assailant — who was then busted on an attempted murder charge, cops said. Casmine Aska, 17, was expected to be arraigned in Bronx Criminal Court last night for his alleged attack on Freddy Martin. Freddy, who remained on life support yesterday, cried for his mother after his body smashed into the sidewalk on Nelson Avenue at about 8:30 p.m. Friday. With the growing disdain for human life, how can we bring crimes like this to a hault. It is one thing to have a beef with another teenager, but what could a 9 year old possibly do to deserve this. Guns or no guns, the violence has to stop. by Saadiq Busby

Not only has Greek Philosophy been proven to benefit mankind, but now anciet Greek diets are about to save mankind. Scientists are now confirming that using Olive Oil based mediteraian diets, you can reduce heart attacks and strokes by 30%. A classic Mediterranean diet high in extra-virgin olive oil, fish, nuts and even wine can slash your risk of a heart attack or stroke by up to a whopping 30 percent. The sensational findings stunned even the researchers, who said they stopped the study early because the data was already so overwhelmingly clear. And they promptly adopted the diet regime themselves.Not a bad idea. Participants on the Mediterranean diet ingested at least four tablespoons of the oil or a fistful of almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts daily. Researchers provided the oil and nuts for free. I guess a nut a day, will keep the doctor away! by. Lucky ShakesSpear

Tamora Lee accessories is all about providing hot eco friendly accessories that are both chic and fashionable. Most of the accessories are eco friendly and are made from recycled materials. Tamora Lee loves catering to that accessory lover in you. We carry a wide range of accessories made from leather, metal, crystal, silver, brass,denim, feathers, wood, steel, silver, semi-precious stones and other non traditional materials. In most of our description you wil learn about historical info on the natural stones , its history, healing abilities and their use throughout many cultures.

Tamora Lee ensure that every single gemstone is mined, cut, and finished in a social y and environmentally responsible manner making sure to adhere to strict labor and environmental standards. Our carefully chosen suppliers follow established business practices and can demonstrate a complete chain of custody for their gemstones.

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Music today has changed all over the world. As an Artist, Producer, even Composer, getting your product into music industries has become very difficult. It seems that many people all around the globe turn to YouTube as their MAIN SOURCE to launch their product. What if there were strategies that can help these unsigned artists get to the top? Recently there was an article published on Digital Cowboy about Ten Keys to Success in music. Dave Kusek, the author stated, “With this new year comes the promise of digital music, the power of the entrepreneur and the tools to connect with an audience and deliver the goods”. I believe that these ten steps can help anyone be a great artist it’s just up to them to want to make that happen. These ten keys are: 1. Living a life in music is a privilege. Earn it. 2. No one is in charge of your muse but you. Be happy and positive. 3. Practice, practice, practice – then go for it. Over prepare. 4. If you suck, you will never make it. Find a way to be great. 5. Learn how to breathe and keep your focus. Stay calm. 6. Don’t take yourself too seriously, no one else does. Have fun. 7. No matter how difficult things get, move forward. Don’t give up. 8. Find a way to make money. Start small and grow. Avoid being in debt. 9. Be unique and true to your vision. Say something. 10. Work and play with people you like every day. Collaborate Often. If you are someone who is in love with music one thing I can say is don’t lose all hope this business may be very hard to get in but it doesn’t mean that you should give up. If you would like to get more insight on each of these strategies the hyperlink for the sight is below.

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We arte a lifestyle magazine dedicated to: music, fashion, & film .

ShakesSpearDark Magazine March Issue  

We arte a lifestyle magazine dedicated to: music, fashion, & film .