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Replacing the Mach 2 series, the 12 rods launched under the new Agility banner combine versatility and value with the kind of build quality you’d expect from of one of the most trusted names in the angling business SHAKESPEARE AGILITY PELLET WAGGLER ROD RRP £54.99

A two-piece, 12ft rod with a wonderfully crisp action which is perfect for picking up line swiftly when fishing the pellet waggler, even at long range. Very pleasing aesthetics, with the understated matt slimline dark grey blank beautifully dressed with contrasting gloss varnished black and crimson whippings. This classy feeling extends to the quality zirconium oxide guides, the contoured cork and EVA handle and ergonomically designed

screwdown reel seat. It is recommended for use with a maximum 8lb reel line – perfect for summer up-in-the-water bagging sessions – but the forgiving tip section means it will be happy to drop down to a 4lb or 5lb line for when the going gets tough and bites dry up.

The crisp action on the Agility Pellet Waggler picks up line quickly


Three new match rod additions to the Shakespeare line-up, all boasting a progressive action, gorgeous red and black livery and the usual high quality fixtures and fittings. The most traditional of the attractive trio is the 13ft Agility Match, a sleek three-piece offering rated for use with 6lb reel lines which is ideal for all general float work at commercial

fisheries, especially mid to long-range casting where more modern match rods can fall short. It’s also a great tool for running a stick or Avon float down a river when in pursuit of roach, dace and chub.


Going abroad on holiday, or simply want a rod to keep in the boot of the car to take advantage of those impromptu fishing opportunities in the UK? Look no further than this five-piece, 13ft little gem, which weighs just 187g, is supremely well-balanced and retains all the sublime playing action of its more traditional counterparts with not the slightest hint of a flat spot. Like the other models in the range, it comes with a quality screwdown reel seat, rubber butt cap and cork and EVA ergonomic handle. Supplied in protective oval tube. With five sections the Travel Match is easy to transport

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing’s Dave Woodmansey says: “These rods look, feel and perform well above their price tags.”


The ‘big hitter’ in the Agility Match range is this Power version, rated for 8lb reel lines, and particularly suited for those red-letter days when double-figure carp are the main target. At 13ft, it will cast everything from pellet wagglers to 20g-plus splasher

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The Agility Power Match is ideal for targeting big carp

waggler type floats and will prove more than a match for any big stillwater tench and barbel. It would also be suited to trotting all but the biggest rivers for barbel, as well as being an excellent stick float rod for winter chub. Pure Fishing 2013 • 3


Shakespeare’s new Agility rods have feeder fishing covered too, with the range offering everything from a delicate 9ft wand to a 14ft power feeder AGILITY 12FT FEEDER ROD RRP £59.99

Equally at home dishing it out to silverfish on a river as it would be battering the carp at your local commercial fishery, this superb all-round feeder rod offers a multitude of applications. Although it has a reel line rating of 6lb, it offers enough softness in the tip to make dropping down to lines as light as 3lb – and hooklengths as fine as 0.10mm or 0.12mm – entirely possible. It’s no lightweight in the casting stakes, however, and the slim blank is capable of handling feeders up to

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around 40g and launching them 40-50 yards with ease. Like the rest of the range, it’s finished to a high standard with zirconium oxide guides, a cork/EVA contoured handle, rubber butt cap and quality reel seat. Finally, it comes with three colour-coded quivertips – 2oz glass, and 2oz and 3oz carbon.

AGILITY WAND RRP £59.99-£64.99

Magical little rod, perfect for when the going gets tough and light tackle and fine lines are the order of the day to tempt bites from shy-biting species such as skimmers and F1s, especially in winter. Available in 9ft and 10ft versions, both of which have four super-fine tips which blend seamlessly with the blank. Two-piece construction, of equal length, meaning they are easy to transport made up to your peg.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing’s Dave Woodmansey says: “A great range of rods covering all aspects of commercial feeder and straight lead fishing for novice and pro alike…” AGILITY POWER FEEDER ROD RRP £59.99-£69.99

The blank may be slim but the Agility Feeder casts big weights long distances

Stepped up three-piece version of the Agility Feeder which is available in 12ft, 13ft and 14ft. Boasts a powerful, yet progressive action, which is fairly forgiving to begin with, but has ample reserves deep down to land any commercial carp that swims! The rod will happily cope with 10lb reel lines and cast maximum loads up to a hefty 4oz, so it could easily turn its hand to fishing big rivers with large groundbait feeders in the autumn and winter. Slightly larger diameter zirconium oxide guides enable shockleaders and heavier mainlines to be used when bigger than average fish are being targeted. Comes with three interchangeable push-in tips. Pure Fishing 2013 • 5



A range of rods and reels aimed at the modern specimen angler which combine sensitivity with hidden reserves of power and value for money AGILITY 12FT BARBEL ROD RRP £64.99

Through-actioned two-piece ‘Avon’ style rod which will stop hardfighting barbel in their tracks in all but the heaviest of floods. Comes with two top sections. One is a quiver ideal for when extra sensitivity is needed in low water conditions or even when targeting shy-biting chub, while the standard Avon top can be


A real all-rounder of a rod which has a test curve of 2lb. Has numerous applications, from simple legering for tench, carp or bream, to floodwater barbel work and even a bit of floater fishing in high summer for hard-fighting carp. Great combination of power and

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The Agility Barbel has quiver and Avon tops

The Agility range of coarse match-sized reels boast a raft of high-spec features. They come in float-sized 35 or feeder-sized 40 models both with the option of front (FD) or rear drag (RD) to suit your style of fishing. Despite their sleek appearance, these reels are proper saltwater-resistant workhorses, with stainless steel bearings and hardware to ensure many years of reliable service. With a matt black body finish and anodised aluminium spools, they also have hardwearing drags and heavy-duty bail arm wire, a lightweight graphic body, anti-twist titanium coated line roller. Both models come with a spare aluminium deep capacity spool, single and double handle options and a comfortable EVA handle grip. TECH SPEC: ❚ Shallow spool capacity: 100m/ 0.17mm/3lb (35FD/RD): 100m/0.21mm/4lb (40FD/RD) Deep spool: 85m/0.30mm/10lb (35FD): 140m/0.40mm/15lb (40FD) ❚ Bearings: 6+1 ❚ Ratio: 5.2:1

used for either straight lead/feeder fishing, or even for running large Avon floats down big rivers. Has a recommended reel line rating of 10lb.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing’s Dave Woodmansey says: forgiveness at the tip “Whether you’re after reduce the likelihood of hook-pulls, and comes with all the barbel, chub, tench usual high quality Shakespeare fittings and fixtures. A great bit of a kit at a great or bream – the Agility price. range has the answer.” Visit us at The Specimen is a great all-rounder

THE LEGEND RETURNS The Sigma brand – a legendary marque in UK angling history – has been given a facelift and relaunched. Offering amazing quality at modest prices, it’s already proving hugely popular with anglers of all abilities SIGMA FRONT DRAG AND REAR DRAG REELS RRP £25.99-£27.99

For many years in match fishing’s heyday, Shakespeare Sigma was synonymous with high quality kit used by all the biggest names in the sport. For 2013 the company has wisely rejuvenated the brand, replacing the outgoing Mach 1 range in the process. The new six-strong stable of reels includes three front drag models in

different sizes, and the same in rear-drag, all of which feature aluminium spools, extra thick bail arm wire and a spare deep capacity spool. The 30 and 40 sizes also have aluminium double handles. Finished in a gorgeous gunmetal grey, they have five silky smooth bearings and would be a welcome addition to any match angler’s box. TECH SPEC: ❚ Shallow spool capacity: 100m/0.17mm/3lb (30 & 35FD/RD): 100m/0.21mm/4lb (40FD/RD) ❚ Deep spool: 100m/0.25mm/8lb (30FD): 85m/0.30mm/10lb (35FD): 140/0.40mm/15lb (40FD) ❚ Bearings: 4+1 ❚ Ratio: 5.2:1

The six new Sigma front and rear drag reels ooze class in every respect


Whether you’re a match angler fishing heavy Method feeders, a specimen angler targeting tench and bream, a predator angler after big pike and zander, or an out-and-out carper, freespool reels are a must and this brand new Sigma FS model offers exceptional value for money. Solidly built and visually very pleasing with a gunsmoke livery, the reels come with aluminium spools (and a spare deep capacity spool), a heavy bail arm wire, double handles and a beefy retrieve ratio of 5.0:1,

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making very short work of winding in those rigs from range. Three models are available, with the smallest of the trio capable of housing more than 200 yards of 10lb line, while the largest will comfortably accommodate 300 yards of 15lb mono. TECH SPEC: ❚ Capacity: 210m/0.25mm/8lb (30FS): 185m/0.36mm/12lb (40FS): 275m/0.36mm/12lb (60FS) ❚ Bearings: 4+1 ❚ Ratio: 5.0:1/5.1:1 Pure Fishing 2013 • 7

A ROD FOR ALL SEASONS It’s not just match anglers who are benefitting from the revamped Sigma brand – specimen fishing fans have been well catered for with the launch of a super new range aimed at the all-rounder – Sigma Specialist rods SIGMA SPECIALIST RODS RRP £29.99-£34.99

These are superb all-round specialist rods which have enough grunt to deal with heavy leads or feeders, while also retaining enough feel in the tip to prevent hook-pulls at close range. Available in three lengths, the 10ft version is rated for use with an 8lb reel line and could turn its hand to just about any task, from small stream barbel fishing on summer evenings, to floatfishing big baits for monster perch, to stalking carp down the edge. The 11ft model is recommended for use with 10lb line and could easily manage all the tasks of its little brother, while also making a good tool for targeting big bream and tench. The 12-footer enables baits to be fished further out, thanks to its extra casting power, and is recommended for use with 12lb mainline. All three rods feature a screwthread in the tip ring to enable the use of ‘old school’ swingtips or quivers, as well as sporting titanium oxide guides, DPS reel seats, hook-keepers and laminate cork/EVA handles.

The Sigma Specialist rods come in 10ft, 11ft and 12ft, and have a wide number of possible uses for big fish fans

All three Specialist rods have titanium oxide guides and even have a screw thread for the attachment of swingtips

Sturdy, comfortable and reliable handles and reel seats are always a must and the Specialist delivers on both

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MAGIC WAND WEAVES ITS SPELL Four new rods for the modern match angler, headed by a fresh incarnation of one of the all-time greats, the iconic Sigma Wand SIGMA WAND RRP £39.99

Way back in 1983 when the original Sigma Wand was launched, it rapidly became a ‘must-have’ tool for the discerning match angler and one of the best-selling rods of all time. Thirty years on, a 21st Century version of the Wand has now been launched, boasting all of the best attributes of the original but with improvements made possible by technological advancements. Despite its humble price tag, this 10ft, two-piece, lightweight little cracker comes with a range of quality fittings, including single leg guides and a shaped screw down reel seat. The Wand’s real area of expertise is its unparalleled sensitivity, and with three ultra-fine push-in quivertips – handily stored inside the handle – the shyest of bites are readily magnified.


sizes from 8ft to 11ft to reflect the trend in the modern commercial fishing scene towards shorter leger rods. Generously-sized titanium oxide reel guides aid the easy passage of reel lines in the 4lb-6lb category, and the powerful, progressive action enables fully-loaded feeders to be punched out easily. Ideal for all commercial fishery duties, as well as bomb work on canals and light chubbing on rivers.


Visually stunning 12ft, three-piece rod built on a lightweight and slimline blank. With a progressive action, it’s ideal for all commercial float work, or running a stick down a river when targeting roach and chub. High build quality includes a DPS reel seat

and a laminate cork/EVA handle. Nice to see a hook-keeper on a match rod.


Built on incredibly slim and lightweight blanks, the 10ft is rated for use with 4lb reel line in tight pegs. The 11ft version (6lb line) is better-suited to commercial waggler work.

RRP £34.99-£42.99

A range of feeder rods available in four Pure Fishing 2013 • 9

NEW READY-MADE RIGS MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU Pole fishing the commercials is one of the most popular tactics and here’s a range of ready rigs designed specifically for the job


HAKESPEARE has released a new range of ready-tied pole rigs aimed at the commercial pool pleasure angler. Developed in conjunction with the crack Shakespeare Superteam match squad, there are five float patterns in the Mach XT Pole Rig range. These rigs cover the most popular and effective pole float carp pool tactics. Each rig is professionally hand tied using quality components and the range covers both carp and silverfish species. All the floats are tied to 0.16mm (5lb) rig line with a 20cm (8in) 4lb hooklength tied to strong, barbless, spade-end hooks. The ready-to-use rigs can be bought individually priced £1.75 apiece, or in a ‘Session Pack’ holding three of the same pattern of float for £4.75.

MARGIN FLOAT RIG (0.4g) This highly robust little float has been made to shrug off the rigours of big-carp margin action where lesser floats soon get trashed. A large diameter, high viz bullet shaped nose means this float can be easily picked out between waving reed stalks and support big baits like corn and meat. Ideal for swim depths from 2ft to 4ft.

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COMMERCIAL PELLET RIG (0.5g) Designed for fishing hard or soft pellets up-in-the-water or on-the-drop – one of the deadliest commercial carp tactics. It features a dumpy balsa body and a short, thick nylon sight tip.

DIBBER RIG (0.4g) Ideal for the shallowest of margin swims from 18 inches to 3ft deep. The broad, snub sight tip on this float is another one that’s easy to track, even if you have failing eyesight. Extremely rugged construction means it will take loads of punishment without failing while fishing big baits like corn off the bottom.

ALL ROUND FLOAT RIG (0.6g) A good general purpose, ‘all-round’ slim body float for medium-depth swims. The body shape and long, carbon stem make it highly stable in choppy conditions. The float is good for a wide range of baits like corn, pellet and meat. Definitely one for you to carry in your tacklebox.

PASTE RIG (0.5g) The long, thick nylon bristle is designed especially to fish soft paste. The angler uses the paste as part of the weight to cock the float when fishing dead depth. When the paste melts off the hook, the long sight tip rises in the water, alerting you that it’s time to rebait. For medium/ deep swims.

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STANDING THE TEST OF TIME Trusted monofilament reel lines that cover all your float and feeder needs BERKLEY TRILENE XL FLOAT RRP £3.50-£5.99

Based on the original, legendary Berkley Trilene XL (XL stands for extra limp), this remarkable American-made XL Float monofilament is even softer for ultra smooth casting, yet retains the amazing strength that set a world standard. Cutting-edge polymer technology gives this reel line a neutral sink rate, meaning it cuts beneath the surface with minimum effort to avoid the float being dragged unnaturally by wind-tow, yet doesn’t sink deep to hinder a direct strike. That quality combined with its suppleness and ease of laying on a reel spool makes this the perfect choice for fishing the waggler, or even a stick float. Pale weed green in colour the line comes in 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb and 10lb breaking strains in 150-yard spools (RRP £3.50) or 300-yard spools (£5.99).


Setting a hook into the hard mouth of a fish every time when feeder fishing at range calls for an exceptional reel line – and this is it. The unique multi-polymer formula on this mono combines high sensitivity and low stretch so every movement on the bait registers on the quivertip and leaves you in full and direct contact on the strike. Clear-coloured Sensation Feeder is ultra-abrasion resistant and has maximum knot strength for reliability under pressure. Its shiny surface makes casting ultra-smooth and an unrivalled shock impact strength means less crack-offs. The line is available in 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb and 10lb breaking strains to cover all situations from silverfish, lake, commercial pool and river. RRP is £3.50 for a 150-yard spool or £5.99 for 300 yards.

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OVER 30 YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG The biggest selling seatbox in British angling history is an icon of the bankside and continues to perform a sterling job for thousands


VER-CHANGING fashions and technological advancements mean that few things truly stand the test of time in angling. However, with more than three-quarters of a million sold since their launch way back in 1982, the Shakespeare Team Seat boxes firmly buck that trend. A design classic, instantly recognisable and used by match fishing’s elite for decades, the hardwearing, roomy and robust Team Seatbox is still made in the UK and

offers exceptional value for money. A range of bespoke add-ons are available, including extra internal trays (including standard and deep options), float and accessory boxes (including a Continental version), padded cushions and a ‘Sherpa’ padded harness for easy transportation. There’s even a slightly smaller and lighter version of the Team Seatbox called the Beta Box.


Legendary England International Kenny Giles with his ‘Shakey’ box in 1983, a year after it was released

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Welcome to the Shakespeare GEAR GUIDE 2013 for coarse anglers. Featuring NEW products for 2013 from Shakespeare and Berkley.


Welcome to the Shakespeare GEAR GUIDE 2013 for coarse anglers. Featuring NEW products for 2013 from Shakespeare and Berkley.