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Sizzling Summer Guide

We've got some serious summer lovin' on these fantastic items that will keep summer going even after the sun sets. PLAY OUTDOORS

Haptic Lab Kites When a windy day arrives this summer, welcome it with open arms - that are holding onto these stellar kites from Haptic Lab! Featuring the most amazing designs, shapes and patterns, these kites will light up the sky when the kids get them flying.


Plan Toys The average summer toys are made from toxic materials and in unethical factories. Thankfully we have Plan Toys in store to make summer fun and ethical again with their fantastic line that includes classic outdoor games like petanque, croquete and golf.


Project Jelly Quintessential summer shoes but with an eco twist: these classic Jelly Shoes are recyclable and 20% of all proceeds go to various UK children's charities. Available in a rainbow of colors, it will be hard to choose from these delicious names like Raspberry Mint and Clementine!


Spielstabil Be beach ready with your handy shovel, bucket and sand molds that are 100% non-toxic and made in Germany! Built to last for years, these Spielstabil beach toys are also conveniently packaged for easy transport and for a variety of all ages to enjoy. RECYCLED FUN

Kitpas Chalk One of the best parts of warm weather in the city is drawing with friends on the pavement. Whether you live in a city or in the suburbs, these chalks from Kitpas are vibrant and bring drawings to life. Best of all - they're dustless (so great if you play indoors too) and made from recycled scallop shells.


Cam Cam All the baby essentials in one place, the new organic collection from Cam Cam is here and as breathtaking as ever. Gentle colors blend seamlessly with the products they have created that have your baby and sense of aesthetics at heart.

Dolphin Whistle Plan Toys €5 Crab Frisbee Coq en Pate €9

Sea Tattoos Wee Gallery €8


creatures Go under the sea to find the real treasure in our ocean-friendly selection

Ocean Life Floor Puzzle Petit Collage €23

Shark MIBO Rucksack Coq en Pate €15

Walter Whale Musicbox Esthex €36


Wooden Shark Toy Holztiger €12 My First Story (Fish) Deuz €30

Bleak Jumping Rope Eperfa €18

Magnetic Fish Puzzle Set Eperfa €45

Make Your Own Mermaid Doll Seedling €16

Micro Animals Memory Game Londji €9 King Shark Lunch Bag Fluf €22

Nina Mermaid Boramiri €98

Ocean Dominos Londji €19

SUMMER TRENDS Ocean Kaleidoscope Londji €12 Ocean Tattoos Londji €7

My Big Blue Puzzle Londji €25

Nigel Shark Lunchbox Beatrix NY €35

Design Your Own Magnetic Fishing Kit Seedling €24

Jellyfish Tee Monkind €32

Ocean Magnets Londji €8

Freddy Fish Poster Esthex €10

Ocean Labyrinth Game Londji €9

SUMMER TRENDS Let’s Make Mini Mermaids Kit Seedling €13

Whale Frisbee Coq en Pate €9 Mermaid Puzzle Tin Petit Collage €24

Mermaid Tales Coloring Book Petit Collage €10

Wooden Dolphin Toy Holztiger €12

Fishing Game Kit Red Toolbox €12

Gesine the Jellyfish Teeny Tini €55

Ocean Animals Memory Game Londji €20

Shark Pool Tee Winter Water Factory €36

Fresh squeeze When life gives you lemons, limes or oranges: you pick some juicy eco treats


Kids Mix 1 Tattoo Set Tattly €15

Orange Rabbit DipPlate JJ Rabbit €13

Orange Billy Bear Cushion Ferm Living €36

Miffy on Turtle Poster KEK Amsterdam €22

Neon Orange Insulated Food Thermos U-Konserve €23

Peach Hella Dress Le Petit Germain €45

ORANGES: the color of happiness, with a shot of vitamin goodness

Apples & Oranges Snack Packs (2 pack) Fluf €20

Thomas Tiger Pull Toy Franck & Fischer €38

SUMMER TRENDS Marcel & The Sun Book Hato €15

LEMONS: sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, but always full of flavor

Yellow Clown Figure Lucie Kaas €35

Sunny Stainless Bottle Blafre €20

Citrus Leaf Toy Basket Deuz €30

Yellow Superhero Cape & Mask Numero 74 €50

Golden Elvis Duck Oli & Carol €12

Citroen Piki Kids Basket Olli Ella €36

Citroen Robelin Dress Le Petit Germain â‚Ź35


Oatmeal & Green Stripe Pyjamas Sleepy Doe €55

Afro Green Secret Sticky Notes Midori €5

Slide Terry Romper Bobo Choses €49

Build-it Collage Birdhouse Kit The Little Experience €20 Green Kuruma Car Kiko €23

Cactus Banner Guimo €25

LIMES: an exotic twist perfect for everyday life.

Emerald Sailing Ship Kite Haptic Lab €60

Dogs Puzzle Londji €25

Camping Discover the best the outdoors has to offer with our trusty selection of eco camping goodies

SUMMER TRENDS Egg Petanque Eperfa €36

Meadow Ring Toss Plan Toys €32 Anorak Magazine: Woodlands Anorak Magazine €9

Design Your Own Box Kite Seedling €26

Camp Bear Onesie Sapling €23


Perfect over a campfire •2  graham crackers (or mildly sweet square crackers) •1  small piece of chocolate to fit within crackers •1  large marshmallow Over a campfire, roast 1 marshmallow on a stick until it's very soft on the inside. Put the piece of chocolate on one of the crackers and then the warmed marshmallow. Place the other cracker on top, and squeeze so that the chocolate begins to melt. It is deliciously messy!

Camp Out Stationary Eeboo €12

Camping Swaddle Tiny Cottons €20

Breeze Wooden Zoom Camera Fanny & Alexander €52

Green Binoculars Navir €20

Red Sailing Boat Grimms €28

SUMMER TRENDS Heritage Film Camera Fanny & Alexander €72

Camping Blanket Tiny Cottons €40

Rose Wooden Zoom Camera Fanny & Alexander €52

Natural Sailing Boat Grimms €28

Red Bird Pencil Sass & Belle €4

Woods Rug Bobo Choses €295

Stacking Tree Plan Toys €22

Great Adventure Kit Seedling €45

Camp Bear Romper Sapling €29

Teal Wooden Zoom Camera Fanny & Alexander €52

Red Binoculars Navir €20

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