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t's time to start thinking about back to school gear, but we've done the homework for you but finding the best and most eco-friendly school products that kids will love


Party Hat Backpack €45

Brick Retro Backpack €45

Candy Stripe Backpack €36

Bunny Recycled Backpack €45

Dandelion Backpack €50

Philip Frog Backpack €40

Herta Grey Swan Backpack €44

Thunder Backpack €40

Fits everything and still has room for plenty of style

Crayon Rocks €14

Kitpas Crayon Markers €15

Felt Tip Markers with Eraser €19

My First Glue Stick €3 Watercolors Set €18

Retro Cats Colored Pencils €17

Facilitate the love of art with eco art supplies

Waldorf Super Color Pencils €18

ART SUPPLIES COSMOS Pocket Coloring Games €8


Papar Owl Lunchbox €35

Butterflies Lunchbox €38

Peacock Suitcase €18

King Shark Lunchbag €22

The perfect way to transport food from home to school Heart Lunchbag €22

Space Dieter Monkey Lunchbox €35

Marine Lunch Bag €20

Horse Toddler Lunchbox €21

Pink Swirl Stainless Sport Bottle €23

Round 2 Tier Lunchbox €20

Worry-free non-toxic bottles, snack packs and lunchboxes

Sunny Stainless Bottle €20

Ocean Food Kozy €9

Juju Ladybug Cozy Can €20

Mint Tractor Lunchbox €20

Eggplant Glass Container €18

Apples & Oranges Snack Packs €20


Panda Water Bottle €20 Chatter Snack Packs €20

Rose Elephant Lunchbox €20

Rabbit Bento Box €24

Leaves Water Bottle €16

Rectangle Divided Container €22

Lotta Bike Thermos Bottle €30

Bamboo Kids Spork €4

Ocean Insulated Food Thermos €23

Small Beeswax Wraps €18

Strong Man Suitcase €18

Aqua Kiki Stainless Straw Bottle €21

Sky Nesting Trio €24

Purple Owl Lunchbox €20

Ned Penguin Pencil Case €18


Sunshine Pencil Pouch €13

Heart Pencil Case €12

Jungle Pencil Case €12

The coolest and most practical way to stay organized Black Crochet Pencil Case €17

Orange Buttons Pencil Case €12

Azure Maxi Pouch €18

Walter Whale Pencil Case €18

Back to School mini magazine  

Head back to school the eco way with our top choices for school gear that will make kids and the earth happy.

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