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Building Social Media Networks, E-Branding & Digital Media Marketing

Building Social Media Networks, E-Branding & Digital Media Marketing Commencement of program: 21st September, 2013 Duration: 10 sessions (3 Hours/session) Timing: Saturday 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Venue: Fashion Innovation Lab, 7th Floor, IAM Campus Fee: Rs. 30,000/-

therefore it is important that companies learn how to take advantage of this new media, especially for communication purposes. Social media network sites seem to provide tremendous opportunities for organizations to engage stakeholders in a dialogic communication.

About the Program: Students, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs who are keen on developing better Social Media Networking trends can join this course. Nowadays the Internet and new technologies are playing a powerful role in informing, educating, and connecting people around the world. Through social media platforms (such as blogs, wikis, social network sites, video sharing sites, etc ) companies can spread news and messages quickly and inexpensively compared to traditional media. More than using social media for disseminating information, the power of social media relies in its principles of collaboration, sharing, participation, and empowerment, among others. Social media has changed how enterprises communicate with stakeholders;

THE COURSE CONTENT 1. Basics of Social Media Networking Corporate companies around the globe are embracing and adapting Social Media for many different intentions. To start with customer service, marketing, internal communications, public relations or corporate social responsibility, etc. It is now a reality that social media is changing the way stakeholders and companies communicate daily, providing opportunities for collaboration, participation, interactivity, and engagement. Therefore, social media is conceived today in the corporate world as a strategic communication partner, driving new and unique possibilities for organizations to engage stakeholders in conversations. We are

witnesses of a new digital era where consumers are becoming active users rather than passive individuals, changing dramatically how society operates. But these useful technological tools are employed widely and precisely by corporations in order to facilitate and improve communications. This course will aim to discover the usage of different social media platforms. A content analysis performed to the Facebook and Twitter official profiles. 2. Build and manage an effective Facebook Fan Page How to start building an effective Facebook Fan Page? Detailed plan of action and implementation. Cover designs to suite your brand image. Engaging visitors to stay for more time and comeback often.

They are always wired while they travel. There is demand for good quality content for Podcasting and Internet Radio in India and world over. 6. E-Branding Techniques E-Branding is the in-thing in communication industry. It starts with banner advertisements, Online polls to e-debates and sponsored online contests. 7. How to design a Website, Publish an E-zine Learn basics of HTML which will help you develop stunning websites. Will also teach you to make PDF files for better e-zines.

3. Create a Twitter handle It is very important to write well and to the point when you use twitter. And it allows you only 140 characters to communicate. An image can help you to explain more. So use more images to establish your brand image.

8. Digital Media Marketing Different ways of going with Digital Media Marketing. Understand the online community strengths. Plan strategies to launch digital media campaigns. Focus on simple design, elegant design. Use of Google AdSense and AdWords.

4. Develop a YouTube Channel Videos are always interesting. They can help create a sense of life everywhere. With stunning visuals and audio. A great YouTube Channel can enhance your brand image to the maximum levels.

9. Setting up Spreecasts/Google Hangouts How to launch a web seminars on Spreecasts and Google Hangouts.

5. Podcasting & Internet Radio Internet radio stations are attracting the youngsters of the day.

10. New Trends Will conclude the course with a study on the NEW TRENDS in the field of Social Media Networking /Digital Media.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: To help Designers, Exporters, CEOs, PROs of Ministries and PSUs, Corporate Communication Professionals, Hospitality Professionals, Tour Operators, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Artists, Journalists and Students reap the benefits of Social Media Networking, E-Branding and Digital Media Marketing. CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Can become Export House Social Media Experts, Consultants, Social Media Specialists at Corporate Communication departments, PRO’s at Ministries, PSU’s, Public Sector Banks, Private Banks, Social Media Managers at Hotels and Hospitality sectors, Subject Matter Experts at IT firms and Universities, Web Designers, Media Mangers at Publishing Houses and Buying Houses, Brand Mangers, Digital Media Producers, Multimedia Experts…

Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurgaon -122003

To know more logon to Email: Call +91 9650011426 / 88426, +91 124 2708201/02 Fax: 0124 2708213

Building Social Media Networks, E-Branding & Digital Media Marketing  

Courses starting on 21st September, 2013.

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