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Toronto Condo Market Toronto condos represents around 51% of the sales while detached homes represents around 26% of the sales. Now the questions arises “What is the reason for the rising popularity of condos?� Well there are a lot of reasons and a number of them has much to do with the affordability and then of course, are the modern way of life for the young persons as they lead quite busy lifestyles and possibly don't have any time for all the safeguarding issues that a home needs. Condominiums offer a great sense of security and community. What are people getting when they are preferring Toronto renting services? The premier option remains one bedroom and dens and this option clearly rules by a considerable margin. Investors specifically like them since they can usually rent the unit as a two bedroom resolution which would appeal significantly to the students. The second most admired choice is the onebedroom unit, obviously followed by the esteemed two bedroom units. The most interesting part of condo renting services Toronto is that there is a petite demand for studios in relation to a far superior demand for resourceful junior one-bedrooms. All developments are mandated by the city to offer 10% of their units in a three bedroom unit form. Presently, there is not an enormous demand for these three bedroom units but perhaps over the years, as the affordability becomes a considerable issue, families will certainly turn up to 3 bedroom units as a realistic choice. There are some sturdy market fundamentals for 2013 as we have 237 novel high-rise builds under construction which symbolizes 60,713 novel units. Another astonishing statistic to consider is that as of December 31, 2012, around 88% of all those units were already sold. If the housing requires to keep pace with the incessant population growth, then housing supply is surely not keeping pace with this present growth. As per an estimate, there were around 120,000 newcomers in 2012 relating it to the population of a city like Fredericton, N.B. Although the static is not precisely accurate; but the immigration into Toronto is declining since the immigration policies are tightening up and changing. However, a lot of foreign students are continuously coming to this city for different studies. The government mandates have to do with strengthening promotion which will be upright and not urban slump. Empty-nesters will also be magnetizing toward the condominiums and retirees will also demand gravitate to one level living.

Toronto Condo Market  

Condos will turn out to be the first and only reasonable units for the first-time buyer. Toronto condos are undeniably the best place to spe...

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