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Webinar on Podcasting and RSS Writing Mark Miyashita Shaina Johnston Arielle Goldhammer

Mark  Social Studies Teacher

at Castle View High School  Head Boy’s Lacrosse Coach, Asst. Football Coach  Recently married (Theresa)  2 Dogs Molson(Malamute) and Nikka(Keeshond)

Arielle  Loves dogs  Likes to travel and was

most recently in Seattle  Works as a Consultant to LexisNexis

Picture of Arielle with Big Ron at a local McDonalds.

Shaina  English Teacher at

Overland High School  Assistant Director for Theater  Loves dogs   Likes to Travel, been all over US, Europe, Canada, and Mexico and would like to go next to Australia! Picture taken in Disneyland at the end of October. Far left is Devin (boyfriend), Jack Sparrow (coolest pirate!), and far right is Shaina

Why Podcast?  Questions to Ponder:  Who listens to Podcasts?  What are they about?  Why do people create them?

Why Podcast?  Questions for Participants:  How many of you have made a Podcast?  Listened to a Podcast?  Know what a Podcast is?

Dark Ages Technology  Once upon a time people used these odd recording

devices known as “tapes” and “videos”  Then they advanced to “CDs” and “DVDs”  Communicating with others proved tedious and expensive  Mass produce audio  No pictures or videos

Podcasting Changed all that  Podcasts allow us to:  Record audio waves  Record videos  Record pictures with the audio

Podcasting Changed all that ď‚— Most important ď‚— We can send it out to the world almost instantly ď‚— (or as long as it takes your computer to record it and upload it)

How is this helpful?  Educational  Post lectures online that students can download to their Ipods, MP3 players, DS, or PSPs

How is this helpful? ď‚— Work Related ď‚— Post meeting notes, proposals, or discussions

How is this helpful?  Fun  Post pictures from a trip with the audio explaining them so family in California can enjoy your stories  Family videos

How do I make a Podcast  Making the Podcast is easy  You need a microphone plugged into your computer

(video is optional) and a recording device  Generic recording devices work fine but Garage Band

(Mac) is great if you have it  For today, you should have downloaded the program from

IMPORTANT  Make sure whatever program you use saves the file as

an MP3 or an MP4 (for videos)  Otherwise you will make a fabulous recording that you cannot upload 

What to say  Record a brief 10-15 second rambling of words…we

recommend the following:  “I am so smart…S-M-R-T….I mean S-M-A-R-T!!!!”

 For the sake of our discussion today, lets keep it

simple…  Lets do a photo explanation

First thing  Find a photo on your computer, one that is easily

accessible  Must be JPEG formatted  If you want you can copy it to the desktop for now to

make it easier to find

nd 2


 Find your “Mypodcast Recorder”  This is the program we asked you to upload prior to this discussion  Open the program  Make sure to mute the webinar first!  It will open a new recording for you  Go ahead and give a quick 30 second talk about your picture  We will give you 5 minutes to do this before we move on  Make sure to save it as something on your desktop so you can find it but don’t publish it yet

rd 3


 Open a new Browser window  Type in this address: “”  Login using:  Password is:  Just a note: this website is free so you can make your

own account later if you wish

Once Logged In  Click the link that says “Upload”  Fill out the form with your information  Make sure to include your picture at the bottom  Click “Publish” at the bottom of the screen  This might take a couple seconds depending on the

length of your audio and your picture size

Now What? ď‚— Once the page reloads, you should see your podcast

sitting there ď‚— You should also see several others from the class as well

You did it!  It’s that easy, you made a Podcast!

RSS Script  The RSS script is the way the computer uploads your

audio onto the web  If you would like, you can actually learn the lingo and

upload it yourself to your own website  Most people let the internet do that for them

Quick Review  Record using Mypodcast Recorder  Upload file and image online  Complete Podcast

Any Questions?

Survey  Please complete the following survey at your

convenience: 


Feedback  Please follow the below links to provide us with

Feedback  Change  Keep  Like  Didn’t

 Addresses:  Arielle:  Mark:  Shaina:

Podcast and RSS Group Webinar  

PowerPoint that we used along side our Webinar on Podcasting.

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