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Final Presentation for Class Your final for Creative Writing is a presentation, I know it is odd to have a presentation as a final for a writing class, but it goes along with your Multigenre Project. Your goal is to present on something related to your topic but that you DON’T have included in your Multigenre Project. For example, if my Multigenre Project is Egypt (stole Makenna’s) and my Multigenre Project revolves around archeology stuff related to Ancient Egypt, then my presentation needs to be on the same topic but different. So, in Makenna’s case, she could do a presentation as if she were an Egyptian Princess and talk about the greatnessof her nation and everything they have done. Becauseher Project was all around archeology of Ancient Egypt, her presentation could be on an actual person from Ancient Egypt. Seehow that works? If you need some ideas, pleasecome see me! Just keep in mind that if you do a “show and tell” or present on something that is also discussedin your Project, your grade will suffer for it and you may just get a zero. This is the smallest of your Major Projects but it is still not one to blow off! Rubric is on back of this sheet. Even though you are working no your own, Ms. Johnston is more than happy to help you with any preparation you may need! On the lines below make sure you write down your presentation day AND time! Be prepared to go at any time on your day in casewe have “no shows.” Also, if you decide to not come the day you are supposed to present you may not get to present at all- which would cost you a zero for the class!

My Presentation is on ____________ May ___________ and I am going _______ in the order.


0pts It is obvious that I didn’t care too much about this project and threw it together last minute.

Visual Aid (costumes/pro ps count as visual aids)

0pts I don’t have any visual aids.


10pts I am hard to understand and I rush through my information.


0pts My speech is less than 3:29 minutes

Relevance to Topic and NOT in original project

10pts My presentation is relevant to my topic. I do have it in my original project too.


0pts I have more than 3 errors in my project.


0pts I am dressed like I always am.

15pts It is obvious too that I took a great deal of time to put it together neatly and organized. My presentation itself is pretty standard and kind of boring though.

30pts I presented my topic creatively and uniquely. I didn’t do the standard formal presentation but instead had fun with my topic! It is obvious too that I took a great deal of time to put it together neatly and organized. 10pts 20pts I have some visual aids I have Visual Aids for my but they look rushed and classmatesto enjoy that are are hard to detailed and easy to see/understand. understand. They really add to my presentation! 20pts 30pts I speak clearly and loudly I speak clearly and loudly so my but it is obvious that this classmatescan understand me. is my first time presenting It is obvious that I have it and I get lost a couple practiced this and know what I times. am going to say so I don’t use fillers like umm, uh, or like. 5pts 10pts My speech is between My speech is at least 4:30 in 3:30-4:29 minutes. time. (At 5 minutes Ms. Jwill stop you) 20pts 30pts My presentation is My presentation is relevant to relevant to my topic. I my topic and is NOT something briefly mention it in my I discussat all in my original original project but don’t project. have a full genre around it. 5pts 15pts I have a few errors in my My spelling, grammar, and project but no more than punctuation in any written 3. work and in my speech is all accurate and correct. 8pts 15pts I am dressed a little nicer I am dressed nicely (not my but still in school clothes. typical school attire- similar to (Unripped- dark jeans and the way athletes dress prior to a plain colored shirt) or a game) for a formal only have a partial presentation or in costume as a costume. character.

Total ___________/150pts

Presentation Rubric for Creative Writing  

final presentation rubric for class- presentation dates are May 9-13