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Shaili Chauhan


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Portfolio Dalhousie University Shaili Chauhan B00616982

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Contents Ferocious 03 - 04

Portrait of Channing Tatum

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Tomorrowland 07 - 08

Self Portrait: Inside Out

09 - 10

Case Study: Anatomy 11 - 12 Case Study: Roots 13 - 14 Light 15 - 16

Character, Letters, Words

17 - 18

Light & Shadow Study

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Gesture Drawing 21 - 22 Rijksmuseum: Perspective 23 - 24 Inwood Hill Park: 25 - 26 Arts & Culture Centre page 02

Ferocious The inspiration for this piece comes from the Disney princesses. Their portrayal is always an innocent and naive female figure. My manipulation sheds a different light to this character; this iconic female figure is now portrayed as strong and ferocious. page 03

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Janurary 2011, Etching, 8” x 11”

Portrait of Channing Tatum The desire to capture what something looks like in reality is the inspiration for this drawing. This was made possible through shading techniques. page 05

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March 2011, Pencil, 24” x 36”


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This canvas hangs in Woburn Collegiate Institute and is a subject of artistic inspiration for students. The mural is inspired by the Salvador Dali’s surrealistic Butterfly Sails. My two group members and I thought a recreation and manipulation of Dali’s work can inspire young minds as it creates an element of surprise and juxtaposition. This then generate philosophical thoughts and ideas, as all surreal art does.

June 2011, Arcrylic Paint, 60” x 84”

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Self Portrait: Inside Out This self portrait is inspired by positive and negative space. I created a plaster of my face and then decided to paint the inside of it. I inverted the way in which light falls on the plaster by painting the dark areas with light and the light areas with dark. As a result, I fool the viewer into thinking the face is emerging from the plaster.

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March 2012, Plaster & Acrylic Paint, 8 1/2” x 6” x 5 1/2”

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Case Study: Anatomy The form of the human body is one of the most challenging and inspiring subjects for me to draw. I challenged myself to capture human form through these drawing exercises. page 11

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August 2012, Pencil, 8” x 11”

Case Study: Roots The organic structure and form of a tree is similar to that of the human body. It was important for me to portray its form on paper. page 13

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February 2013, Pencil, 8” x 11”

Light Light is what provides a space with form and a sense of atmosphere. Inspired by this, I conducted an experiment on how this container structure has molded itself on other surfaces through light and shadows.

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March 2013, Cardboard, 15” x 13”

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Character, Letters, Words A class in school taught me that typography has meaning, represents the mood and adds personality to the given text. Using typography the letter “B� is symbolic for birds. Typography is also a self-portrait through letters and it uses hierarchy to convey a story.

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April 2013, Digital Art, 8” x 11” page 18

Light & Shadow Study Light and shadow make up form and it is this element that I want to capture through my still life works.

October 2013, Pencil, 22� x 30�

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October 2013,Wash, 19” x 28”

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Gesture Drawings I experimented with gesture drawing in school and what I discovered was that these drawings capture the essence of a person. I successfully captured energy and movement of a person on paper and hence, captured their essence.

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November 2013, Conte, 22” x 30”

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Rijksmuseum: Perspective In an exercise to push my skills in drawing perspective through simple geometry, I drew the Rijksmuseum.

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February 2014, Pencil, 8” x 11” page 24

Inwood Hill Park: Arts & Culture Centre This model was inspired by the ways in which I could manipulate paper. My three group members and I decided that slits in paper can conjoin serveral pieces as one. Through this experimentation this geometric, weightless and freestanding structure was formed. What is the use for this structure? It’s weightlessness, and vast volume conducted the idea for open space. page 25

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February 2014, Paper, 11” x 17”

BEDS Application Portfolio 2014

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Admission Portfolio: Dalhousie University  

A compilation of the artworks that best represent variety, experimentation, and quality.