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Top Benefits of Knowledge Management for Your Company In the contemporary global scenario, where internet dominates all market spheres and mass dissemination of knowledge and information catering lives all across the globe, it is becoming tough for small scale as well as large scale companies and enterprises to ignore, what we call, knowledge management. In today’s world, managed review work-flow is the most important tool which is believed to facilitate success to any enterprise or individual. In fact, it is even believed that knowledge alone can be the deciding factor, as to which company shall flourish in the years to come and which may lag behind in this crazy global market race. The quantum of knowledge and information that every enterprise acquires in a single day is incomprehensible. The famous ‘Going Concern Principle’ says that while people may come and go, it is the organisation which keeps running and functioning. Knowledge is one of the most important assets of any organisation and in today’s world, it is most essential to preserve all assets of the company. Since the people in the organisation may come and go, it is vital to develop a channel or platform where the knowledge and information acquired by the organisation’s people can be maintained and preserved for years to come and utilised to the benefit of the organisation. This process is referred to as knowledge management. Key Reasons for Importance of Knowledge Management 1. Effective Decision Making: One major cause of managerial failure, which is often cited in several managerial studies, is the lack of efficient decision making. And this lag is more often due to lack of information on a particular subject or situation. It is very essential for managers, at all levels, to analyse a given situation with proper understanding before taking a final call on it. A common platform, where all people of an organisation, come together and contribute their knowledge and experiences certainly helps in better understanding and analysing of situations. One can learn from this common pool of knowledge and take better and informed managerial decisions. Such knowledge sessions, internal seminars, inter team meetings, online discussion forums etc., can be organised to help the members of the organisation become better managers. 2. Improvises on the Academics and Learning Base of Members: One significant tool to the development of any organisation is a strong academic foundation of its managers and their subordinates. This can be done if regular learning sessions are encouraged by the team heads. This is not only essential for channelizing information at one place but also for keeping updated with the current events and happenings in the world which have an impact on your organisation. This can be done by organising lectures within office premises and inviting learned academicians or by encouraging research sessions within the team members. Recently, many organisations encourage weekly presentations by all subordinates on current events and happenings, where all members of the team or organisation participate and express their opinions. Such a round of academics not only encourages research but also better interaction amongst team members, who are given an opportunity of learning from each other’s ideas as well. 3. Encourages Innovation and Cultural Change: A combined exercise of the before mentioned two points facilitates an enhanced interaction amongst not only team members but amongst all members of the entire organisation, big or small. An ultimate result of this is nothing but

creation of a large platform rich of information, knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas bubbling of change and reforms. In other words, the end result of such an effective knowledge management is nothing but pure innovation which leads the organisation towards unknown realities and success. What is most encouraging is that this organisational success is achieved solely and wholly due to pure innovation and exchange of ideas amongst the members.

In view of above, it is reiterated that, in the contemporary global scenario as well as in the coming years, the sole factor which will determine the success or failure of an organisation is its capability and ability of knowledge management. It would be each organisation’s prerogative to not only create, but also preserve and sustain its knowledge pool, while also ensuring its dissemination. Hence, make sure that you do not lag behind. It is very important to find a reputed knowledge management company to avail these benefits. Before hiring the knowledge management company, keep their credentials, experience, technological advancement, services in mind.

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In the contemporary global scenario, where internet dominates all market spheres and mass dissemination of knowledge and information caterin...