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Hawaii Renewable Energy A Drive To Make Environment Clean When you talk about Hawaii, the picture that comes to mind, is of a serene beach, sun, sand and scenic beauty. Described briefly, it is nothing short of a paradise for holiday goers. However, of late this tourist destination has been the epicenter of some of the latest developments in the field of green energy. The form of energy that can be easily replenished with the help of sources that can be naturally replenished, is called green or renewable energy. So, naturally, the green energy if free of pollution and harmless to the environment around you. Off lately, a major emphasis has been laid by the US government in developing renewable energy in Hawaii. This Hawaii renewable energy project has been spearheaded by the US military. The Pentagon is pumping billions of dollars in several green energy projects. This is good for both the environment as well the Hawaii economy. A large number of companies have jumped onto the green energy Hawaii campaign. A staggering amount of &6.5 billion has already been pumped into this initiative and jobs have been created for over 17% of the Hawaiian population. Various forms of green energy have been invested in, ranging from bio-fuels, to solar energy, to hydro power projects etc. This heavy investment in renewable energy Hawaii campaign calls for a closer analysis of the situation as to how is the entire situation beneficial to both the parties involved. So here is a small list of advantages both Hawaii and the US government look to reap from these multi-billion projects:

1. The US military and Navy will be provided with a much cheaper and cleaner source of fuel through green energy. Also, this will transform military bases for good as their per capita energy consumption will decrease dramatically. 2. This effort will also help the Hawaii state’s mission to attain 70% clean and green fuel by 2032. 3. Relying on foreign countries for the supply of fuels can spell disaster in case of a world emergency. Thus this effort is one step towards making the US self-sufficient when it comes to fuel and energy. 4. There have been drastic climate shifts and changes over the years and the US government has taken notice of that. Switching over to green fuel will help the US government reduce their carbon footprint in the atmosphere. This will also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere which are the major reasons for global warming. 5. Fuel prices have increased tremendously over the years and this is a major concern for countries world over. With the world’s natural reserves quickly depleting, fuel prices are set to sky rocket. Thus having a self-sufficient supply of cheaper fuel is the way to go.

6. The bio-fuel producers in Hawaii are benefitting a great deal because of this. The US Navy has already made investments worth $510 million in such companies. 7. This heavy investment in the renewable energy sector by the US government has led to an increase in the number of jobs in Hawaii. As already mentioned in the article, about 1/5th of the total jobs created in Hawaii last year can be attributed to the green energy industry. 8. The huge emphasis on clean energy has led to an impetus to research & development in this area. An example is the green signal given to several grants from universities in this field. 9. Research has shown that even sugar (sugarcane farms are in abundance in Hawaii) can be used as a form of renewable energy source. Thus, there are numerous benefits for both the Hawaii economy and the US government. It is reasons such as these, and plenty more that has seen the Hawaiian population embrace green energy hawaii with open arms.

Hawaii renewable energy - American Electric is one of the largest contractors in Hawaii state We can take on and successfully comp...

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