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Shailee Rindani


Shailee Rindani

Product Design Student, MITID, Pune. (+91) 982 37 57 387 DOB: 21/12/1990


Seeking a 5-6 month internship, in a diverse setting where design is linked with business and environment.



2009 - Higher Secondary Education at S.N.Kansagra School, Rajkot, ISC Board. (English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Art)

December 2011 (3 weeks)

2013 - Currently studying Product Design( Sem 8) at MIT Institue of Design, Pune.

July 2012 (6 weeks)

Platypus Designs Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad. [Cow dung planters, Form studies, Prototyping.] Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Mumbai. [R & D dept., Refrigerator handles, Manufacturing methods, Form exploration, People skills.]



- Ability to observe, visualize, analyze and ideate. - Creating prototypes with various materials and processes - Managing events and organizing it for our college festival, QUASAR. - 3D modelling, Digital rendering, Sketching and Ideation.

- Travelling all around the world. I have had the privilege to have witnessed some of the most beautiful countries in the world. - Portrait photography - Egyptology - National level skating participant - Working in a team - Developing new and exciting products LANGUAGES

Hindi, Gujarati, English


Green Design Sanitary Napkin concept

Design for Special Needs Dealing with open defecation

Side Slide Techno- Aesthetic Detailing Toaster + Griller

Auto-Rickshaw Meter Display and Control systems

Test-tube holder Simple Design Process

Form Semantics Re-designing a household gas lighter

Form Semantics Design language

Nature and Form Inspiration from nature

Smart Socket Energy saving, wall-mounted electrical outlets

Green Design USAGE

Cotton string acts as packaging.

Wings are reused per cycle. Used portion is peeled off, rolled up and disposed.

Cotton layer that is shredded and compressed, capable of soaking and channelizing the flow of blood, also interlocking fibers prevent from overflowing.

Cross-linked woven cotton or bamboo fibres, thin and fine, thus are soft to feel for the sensitive skin.

Perforated cotton embedded with polyacrylate gel that absorbs all the blood.

Proposed material: natural wax coated paper/fabric to make it leak-proof. Heat sealed with the top most layer. The idea is enhanced by providing cotton strings, enabling the user to wrap it up tightly and dispose. Thus, eliminating the packaging plastic too. [Mock-up made from different layers mimicking the actual function.]

View detailed process on:

2010 Annual Sales Comparison chart

Why sanitary pads? Tampons and cups are a greener option, but majority of women in India and other Third World countries value their virginity a lot. Teenage girls would not prefer tampons over pads as it would ruin their chance of marriage.


of Indian women resort to using ashes, newspapers, dried leaves and even husk during their period. Trying to create a lower cost sanitary pad that also targets women from urban scenario.

Proposed concept

Separating usable layers and re-arranging them for a better and a greener output, not compromising with the function.

Being a Fast Moving Consumer Good, its use is inevitable, making it increasingly difficult to replace.


46,75,320cm of landfill space is taken up by one woman during her menstruating life.

Including the outer packaging.

Disposal of used sanitary napkins is

either incineration, flushing out in the sea or landfilling.

Reduction in area and plastic content (per pad):


Cottage industry in a rural setup creates many

employment avenues as the materials are easily available. Sustainable livelihood for rural women.

partially biodegradable layers

non-biodegradable plastics







Design for Special Needs

When 40% school going girls drop out at puberty due to lack of basic toilet facility, it calls for serious human and design intervention. How can we improve sanitation and be�er manage human waste in low-income communities? Issues Open defecation and its ill effects are known to all, but the facts are overlooked.

Exposed human excreta washed into ground water system, puts human comsumption of water at risk with diarrhoea, cholera, e coli etc.

Possibilities A biodigester is a centre for biological activity that decomposes faecal matter with the help of bacterial colonies. Provides business opportunities as the manufacturing, assembling and installing requires management and labour. Canopy should be economical (within given budget). Stackability, an important factor considering the number of remote places these disassembled toilets need to travel. Ergonomics and user psychology playing a huge role in the acceptance of this design intervention.

Corrugated metal sheet roofing, inclined for rain water harvesting and protection. 7 ft x 7ft L clips, for fastening. Lets foul smell and hot air escape.

provides stability,

Door and hinges respectively

saves material.

Corrugated metal sheet side walls bent in a certain fashion.

Fasteners that hold the walls sturdy

Stamped air vents that ensure no foul smell remains Indian style ceramic toilet pot (3)

Cement base that holds the assembly firmly to the ground

Cost incured 6000/- approx

Less or no water requirement

On-site assembly

Space available for adding accesories

This concept increases the usable space, thus providing a scope for accesorizing the toilet with storage space under a wash basin etc.

How a bio-digester works? Specifications are as per the requirements of the sponsor. The proposed model of the digester is meant for use by a single family comprising of 4-6 users, each with its own disgest ing system.


Anaerobic process No foul smell

Pathogens inactivated Low maintenance

Collateral benefits 1m3 capacity

Can be connected to existing toilets

Outlet into tank

PVC pipes Textured walls that houses bacterial colonies By- products: CH4 and water

Partition walls also with microbial consortium (3) Fiber reinforced plastic(FRP), non-porous side walls. Thickness= 8mm Multi-chambered tank

View detailed process on:

Smart Socket

Accidently leaving the charger plugged-in wont be seen on the electrical bill anymore! This conceptual electrical outlet ensures the circuit is cut o as soon as the transmi�ing pin is detached from the main body.


Too much



no scope for storage after use



not intuitive between sockets and switches

Ignorance, not switching off the electric supply. Vampire power/stand-by voltage

Dirty fingerprints on switches

Push-in plug

Socket slides into the frame

Power ON

A sensor cuts the current when output is removed, contact points repel as no electric current passes through, socket

Power OFF

POPS OUT with the plug, saving electricity.

View detailed process on:

Simple Design Process Everyone faced the teacher’s scolding for damaging test tubes in the lab! Demonstrated below, I have tried to achieve a simple solution to this unknown problem. Issues Problem of the test tubes getting DISLODGED due to various reasons may result in either spilling or breaking.

MESSY surroundings due to spillage. STAINING and DISCOLOURATION. LESS VISIBILITY of the reagents, as they slide inside the grooves. Reagents cannot be compared with ease.




Design Attributes

Visiblilty Horizontal


Clear comparisons

Easy manufacturability


Proposed concept

Mockotype, made out of thermocol with an acrylic putty layer, was tested and documented.

Auto-ricksaw Meter Issues Proper FARE INDICATION.

Cheating in broad daylight. TAMPERED meters, sets-in a feeling of INSECURITY. The current display sports wrong information. Unnecessary graphics distracts the eye. Not properly visible at NIGHT. Complicated CALCULATIONS, that you just cannot leave it upto the driver.

HELPLINE NUMBERS not diplayed appropriately. Ignites

rude behavior, with unwanted verbal conflicts.

Language barrier.


Tamper proof

Design Attributes


clear indication




simple, straight-forward

less interaction between the driver and passenger

feeling of


reliability , due to the technology upgrade


Optimum utilization of available space

Display and control go hand in hand, they communicate necessary information and in return initiate the required functions. With appropriate design intervention the problem known with rickshaw meters in India is tackled here.

Fare indication Distance travelled Total time lapsed

Linear marquee that rises up with every currency unit change. Important information display

Indicator for hired status

Side Slide

Technical and Aesthetic design project- Here I have tried to establish essentials in toasting with the process of grilling bread, making it multifunctional. These being the two most common and quick operations in an Indian household. Who

Why To make care of.

quick meals, hassle-free. Free from too many wires to take

Aiming to save energy, Saving

money, effort and time.

space available in today’s homes.


Space conscious owners, and those who like less clutter over the kitchen counter. Any hostelite/ bachelor who would wish to be sufficiently equipped to ensure no starvation.


Prototyping and Testing


Toasts Grills

Variety of foods

Daily use features





Cost effective

Sleek, classy


Grill plate explorations


Lever slides the toasted bread out right onto the plate.

Heating rods, running parallel to the toasting shelf.


Grill plate Lever controls the grill plate, can be locked into position while not in use

Knob for achieving various temperatures for different food items Rhino model, Keyshot render



Form explorations, inspiration from various sources Models, Material exploration, Mock-ups, Prototypes Digital renders, Concept sketching, Photography, Illustrations

Nature and Form

Taking inspiration from nature, with not only the form but for color, texture, materials and also functions to build products, is what this course was about.

Giant Anteater


Vermilingua, known for eating ants.

Inspirational animal

Introvert (attribute)

Abstract 2D form

3D forms

T- Spline model, KeyShot render

Product exploration

Form Semantics

The objective of this exercise was to adapt the design language for well-known brands, thus it can describe choices for design aspects such as materials, color schemes, layouts, pa�erns, textures etc.

Reflecting non-physical a�ributes into physical, tangible forms. Thus here we are trying to establish a relation between the descriptive word and the various possibilities of forms that arise from it.

Futuristic -

feels like power in your hands?

Playful/ Fun

Sunny side-up on a rod! Fun conceptfor a gas lighter! Model made for heat formed HIPS.

Masculine Feminine Bulky -

Mechanical -

Carved MDF attached with rod

MDF piece with a stainless steel rod

Traditional -

rubber wood model made using lathe, heat formed HIPS piece as the button.

rubber wood on lathe

rubber wood on lathe, spray painted with metallic automotive paint

Material explorations include Mild Steel, HIPS, PVC, Thermocol, Siporex, Rubber wood, MDF, papers, and many more.

Ideation and conceptualizing through digital rendering, Wacom renders, and sketching with pencils, charcoal, soft pastels etc.

I feel nature is a huge work of art in itself, and by capturing it in its raw form can not only inspire, but delight me.


Thanks for taking the time to review this portfolio! I currently seek Entry Level Industrial Designer position.

Please feel free to contact me with any job oers, suggestions or questions.

Shailee Rindani

(+91) 982 37 57 387

Currently working on

Coffee Packaging Re-packaging and Branding for Aveon Cafe

Wubble Ironing for a cause

Product Design Portfolio 2013  

Hi! This is a compilation of 4 years of Product Design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I seek entry level Product/Industrial designer posi...

Product Design Portfolio 2013  

Hi! This is a compilation of 4 years of Product Design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I seek entry level Product/Industrial designer posi...