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My moza


My grandmother was born in 1950 in alain.her full name is moza sultan aldarmaki. she have one brother and she is the only girl.

My grand mother was married when she was 14 years old she birthed 14 children but 4 are dead 10 are still alive their names are: Saeed,Sultan,Ahmad,Hazza,Abdullaziz,Saif,Fatima,Mariam, Aisha, Shamma.

In the time of my grand mother the only chalange was that the girls would not go to school but my grand mother went to quran schools until now she is going their in the morning.

my grandmother moza always like to be beautiful she loves to were gold so in her birthday I bought her this gift it was from me and my mother aisha but in my birthday she bought me this gift i thanked her a lot and she thanked me a lot.

This are some pictures of things they did,wear and eat:

By:Shaikha Abdulla Alkaabi

grand parent  
grand parent