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Born Entrepreneur-What this article is about might interest you; it’s simple, as well as complicated. It is a true story of myself, my rise and fall as a never-say-never entrepreneur on my way to financial freedom. I should say that it has been tedious to meet my aspirations due to errors from my personal thoughts and mistakes which is naturally humane of me. But then, over and over again, I find myself ever trying to break the jinx as all I ever wanted is yet far from the grip. But my belief is, Impossible is Nothing! You will agree with me that making it isn’t a day’s job, and even though I am not quite there yet, but living the dream at the helm of my comfort zone. What I am going to share on this platform, is 100% real story of my life, now one might wonder why do I have to read your life story? Well, you don't! But wouldn't it be fair to share with my audience where this all began and how & where my journey of entrepreneurship is going? So.....Who am I? I am a diehard personality; I am a son, husband, father, a born entrepreneur, A salesman, factory worker, paper boy, Dj, Photographer, and Videographer. Landscaper, franchise owner, traveler and currently full-time customer service agent, and building my fortune from home on part-time bases once and for all, so I won’t have to do it again. "The Rich people in the World build businesses while everyone else searches for work ." Blessed with a beautiful family and a sound health that most people often dream of, my life has been an incredible journey, and the credit goes to my Dad, who has since inception been my role model. I have learned a lot from him in the aspects of building a business or planning for the future thereby keeping raining days in mind. His doctrines have helped me all my life, and I can proudly say that since the age of 12, I have been independent and never experience any financial meltdown. It is no surprise that I built my very first business in 1985 at the age of 12 from my pocket money (.25) per day, not like Current President of U.S he received $200 million from his father. Anyways! How it all started ? My entrepreneurial journey started off at my early age, and this may have driven me to save up my pocket money for


four days, went to a wholesaler and bought candies. I sold them to my siblings and made a profit. I repeated this self-trained entrepreneurial process of buying and selling and in a month, I accounted for about 100 rupees and kept the business for six months. I was so excited; I decided to tell my Dad about it and on his first glance at me from his cushion chair, he said: "Son you're going to be successful in life if you keep up with this mentality of being a boss and not a worker." These words since have been inscribed on the walls of my heart, and I had promised myself to make it irrespective of the obstacles. It didn’t get any easier as the uncertainties in Pakistan drove my family to Canada with the hope of a new and better life when I was barely 17. Upon arrival, I quickly resort to a high school to continue my education and to help my dad out. I went in search for a job which I didn’t get in quick time due to the 1991 recession that struck Canada, but after a while, I got a job at a factory making binders for sports fans to collect their favorites game players cards... What's to come in the next article? I tried much more ways as I aim at attaining that financial freedom I have always wanted. I had it all, and then I lost it all, all these experiences I am willing to share with you. Although, I will like to say that I am recuperating pretty well after a huge hit down the road which I guess is related to my die-hard nature which has prompted me all over and over again and as I sit to share this story… I hope you can follow my lead and learn from my mistakes and just maybe help you make the right turns. Subscribe to receive a true-life story of a Born Entrepreneur, as I share with you, my flaws and how I have been able to humpback in line and began an exciting journey yet again to reach my total financial freedom. Thought Of The Day: "Success Is a Progressive Realization Of a Worthy ideal" Earl Nightingale.


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What this article is about might interest you; it’s simple, as well as complicated. It is a true story of myself, my rise and fall as a neve...

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