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Final CUT PRO An phenomenal new timeline. Dynamic media organisation that takes the work out of finding clips with breath-taking performance.

What is final Cut Pro? §  Final cut Pro is a software used for editing videos that lets you experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed and precision. §  This software lets you edit video footage from various formats, which makes life more easier for all people filming. §  The magnetic timeline on Final Cut Pro offers an exceptionally fluid , expandable way to edit footage. Assemble shots very simply as clips close up to eliminate unwanted black gaps in the timeline.

How to use Final Cut Pro This icon is to insert any sort of image to your footage

You can click the music icon to insert any sounds to your footage

You can add any sort of text to your editing footage by clicking on the ‘T’

Editing §  When editing you can include various transitions, effects and sounds to clips to ensure that you want your aim of your story to meet its purpose with believe. This is all so useful as there are hundreds off effects to choose from so you can fiddle around with these effects and see what suits your film the way you like it.

Guide on how to use editing software  
Guide on how to use editing software  

This is my guide that i have made on how to use the basics of Final Cut Pro, which is a software to edit videos.