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My Grandfather’s Life My Grandfather is a super man. He is called Mohammed Issam. He was born in Palestine on the 10th of October. His father was called Anis, who was a kind farmer. My grandfather has 5 sisters and 3 brothers. When my grandfather was young, he studied in Yasouf School. He took English, Maths, Science and Arabic. He was always among the top 3 in his class . As everyone know in old days, they didn’t have mobiles or Ipads to play with, but they used to play old games like hide and seek or the slide and swing.They also used to build castles from sand. Later in his life, he studied in Salfeet School and then he got married to my grandmother when he was 23 years old, then went to live in Kuwait to work there in a petrol company. He got his first child when he was 24 years old. When my father was born, he was 26 years old. My grandfather used to participate in swimming competitions and he always won the 1st place. Then they moved to live in the UAE and had his own company in Al Ain. Finally I was born and he was so happy. 5 years later, he got sick and in 2012 he died at the age of 66. That’s all about my grandfather’s life. His advice to me was to work harder and be the 1st in class and have a nice life full of happiness.

Done By: Shahd Ramiz Class: 6G4

My Grandfather's Life  
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