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PARTNERSHIP PROSPOSAL Submitted by: Shahad Mohammed Alzaki John Henry Ciro Jaramillo. Project Managers – “The Colors of Bahrain” AIESEC in Bahrain +973 33519175

What will be your contribution towards the international image of the Kingdom of Bahrain?

AIESEC in Bahrain welcomes your involvement in one of its initiatives – „The Colors of Bahrain Project‟ which aims to improve the country´s international image and enhance the cultural awareness of the young Bahrainis. By choosing to interact with AIESEC, you are demonstrating a valuable commitment to young people and improving the capacity of our society.

Our Organization AIESEC, the world‟s largest not-for-profit, non-political student-run organization, is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. With presence in 110 countries AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities (around 10000 yearly), international internships (annually around 12000) and participation in a global learning environment.

What will be your contribution towards the cultural awareness of the youth of Bahrain?

AIESEC in Bahrain 5 years of experience 2 Local chapters 100 Members from 9 universities 100+ exchanges with: USA, Switzerland, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

30 members from UoB Local Chapter Skheer

Board of Directors 10 High profile members

National Directorate Local Chapter Manama 70 members from 8 Universities

4 Directors 3 Project managers


Project Vision “Place a positive idea of Bahrain in people´s minds at a national and international level”

Project Mission “We aim to enhance people´s perception of Bahrain at an international level by upgrading its image on the internet and locally by outstanding its traditional culture”.

Relevance to Society The Spring of Culture is a festival that presents Bahrain's interest in cultural development, but also has an education, a family, a talent and a community agenda. It also brings to light Bahrain' most talented youngsters and introduces them to the most renowned performers of the festival who share the common vision of promoting cultural understanding to every world citizen.

Internally Externally “EBD Annual Report 2010�


Project Focus Areas Overcoming stereotyping

• In the western world unfortunately there´s still a current stereotyping about the countries of the Middle East due in a great extent to the lack of appropriate cultural knowledge of the different realities. • There is a great endeavor ahead to improve Bahrain´s international image and the world´s perception of the country. The proof of this are the online Bahrain videos shown by the top video-sharing websites in the internet

Increase of Cultural Awareness

• Globalization has created a more homogenous world - level culture. This has happened in detriment of local cultures of many countries. It is time for the young to take action and preserve the inherited culture each one belongs to. • A project engaging embassies, assisted by a group of foreign interns, involving a global audience as the target, and using the international web as a platform, would serve to increase the international involvement of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Opportunities offered by foreign countries

Reinforcement of the International Image of Bahrain

Enhancement of international involvement

• There are educational opportunities offered by different countries and students are not aware of their existence, so It is key the support of spaces for Bahrainis to know how to take advantage of the oppurtunities offered outside

• 2030´s Bahrain Economic vision states how Bahrain will step ahead from regional pioneer to a global contender. Any effort intended to improve the international image of the kingdom would be fruitful for the attainment of this vision.

Contribution to the Bahrain 2030´s vision.

“We at AIESEC in Bahrain, being a self sufficient non-profit youth organization, look to partner with corporate firms to accomplish our societal duties and objectives. With the professionalism and willingness we have gathered in our experiences, your commitment to partnering with us will reap effective outcomes”.

How would it Work? Society

We will be hosting 6 interns from different countries with diverse backgrounds in order to carry out:


Your organization can contribute to us in the following ways: o Financial support o In kinds o Providing Business Visas o Logistics o Venue for event

The land of the two seas

Be Bahraini Competition

• The land of the two seas is a video designed under the documentary concept, targeting to show all the good and positive aspects the Kingdom of Bahrain has as a country to reflect to the international internet audience.

• Be Bahraini Competition is a concept designed to involve Bahraini universities to compete for which can best reflect the Bahraini traditional culture. • The competition will be judged by representatives of embassies .

Bahra-in-ternational Cultural Event • Embassies will have their own stand in the event presenting their country culture, offering educational, artistic, or any other kind of opportunities available in their countries for Bahraini students. • Deliver training to the locals on a topic of their choice.


We intend to...

TERNATIONAL - Bring together local and international ideas about how to best reflect Bahrain to the outside world in a documentary story . - Use existing AIESEC network present in 110 countries to position a well branded image of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the internet.

- Target the project towards an international audience.

- Involve Bahraini students into the recogntion and understanding of their own culture.

- Involve the partaking of diplomatic bodies in Bahraini cultural events

- Induce Bahrainis to comprehend other countries´ culture.

- Sharpen student´s international skills through trainings conducted by foreigners.

- Boost in the young a sense of Belonging towards Bahrain using culture as a means.

- Increase international opportunity awareness .

- Apply a competitive approach to estimulate pro-culture creativity.

- Foster the participation of internationals in the realization of projects with impacts in the Bahraini society.

as a Sponsor as the Your Investment Your Investment vSponsor


Package Benefits Platinum Gold Company speech - International Cultural Competition event + Informative stand to distribute company information/items + during event Company name-logo in embassies promotional materials + + Company name-logo in universities promotional posters and + + materials Company name-logo in event promotional fliers + + Company name-logo in handles for people attending to the + + event Company name-logo in event Facebook Twitter campaign + + Company name-logo on the event bannerâ€&#x;s + + Company name-logo on event rollups + + Company name-logo in the press releases + + Company name-logo in AIESEC newsletter + + Company link and logo on our website + + Package Prices (BD): 7000 5000

Boost the international image of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the most watched website for videos in the world, through a documentary showing the good and positive aspects of the country?

Increase the awareness among the young Bahraini students of their own culture through an unprecedented Universities` competition?

Have in one space a cluster of Universities showing in creative ways the Bahraini culture in front of international representatives of many countries?

Have a space with embassies promoting international educational and cultural opportunities for Bahraini University students here in the Kingdom?

Main Benefits:



+ + + + + 3000

Interaction with talented youth: Access a top talent pool, with leadership training, international skills, and great potential of impacting your organization in the near future. International Branding: Position your company in an international event here in Bahrain with diplomatic bodies

Would you like to ???

Main Benefits:

Your Investment as a Sponsor


Package Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Company name-logo on video online + international promotional campaign Company products/offices/information + shown in the documentary video Company name-logo on T-Shirts in the + + documentary video Company name-logo in the documentary + + video credits Company promotional materials shown in + + + public spaces during filming Company name-logo in the press releases + + + Company name-logo in AIESEC newsletter + + + Company link and logo on our website + + + Package Prices (BD): 5000 3500 2000

Company Positioning: Appear in a documentary about to become a popular international icon for Bahrain on the internet thanks to AIESEC network present in 110 countries

Corporate Social Responsibility: Impact the Bahraini society by joining an endeavor to show internationally the good aspects of Bahrain, in a moment of need

Testimonials “PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recognizes that the youth are the future leaders of the world and part of our responsibility as a global firm is to help them to develop through supporting such a great organization. The Gulf Talent Conference was a real success and subject covered touch based on a very important topic in the current conditions.” Ahmed El Badawi, Senior Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers, Qatar

“We rely on AIESEC to bring great talent to our organization, that is, to a company that does business just about everywhere in the world. Our leaders benefit from the insight AIESEC Interns bring to taking programs we run in certain countries to other parts of the world.” Martin Bean, General Manager of Education Strategy Microsoft

“Manpower was delighted to take part in the AIESEC MENA Symposium and conduct the keynote address. The principles and ideals of AIESEC are so closely aligned with Manpower's commitment to developing youth for positions of leadership in the future ". Scott Latham, Regional Director Professional Services Manpower, Middle East

colors of bahrain  

to enhance the image of bahrain we made this project and to promot our amazing island.

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